What is Inner knowing, but the forgotten part of our educational system. Without learning to access this inner power of knowing you are one of the blind being lead by the blind.

Let’s begin with my definition of Inner Knowing.

Inner knowing is the arising of wisdom and insight. It requires stepping out of intellectual knowledge into a willingness to embrace the power of not knowing and to allow yourself to be known through.

Without access to this inner dimension of KNOWING you will not follow your true North. You will align your life purpose with personal purpose rather than with your soul purpose. In this way you will remain tied to the mask of personality.

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What is Inner Knowing

what is inner knowing

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

Inner KNOWING is the arising of wisdom and insight. It is insider knowing. As shared in the definition above there are three stages of this journey of Inner Knowing.

  • Knowledge
  • Not-Knowing.

The word KNOWING is what I refer to as inner knowing. This is a journey that you are not educated to take because it will set you FREE from the tyranny of the personal self.

Different Kinds of Self Knowledge

ways of inner knowing

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


Research shows that people search on the internet for the phrases

  • What is inner knowing
  • Inner knowing meaning

What they will receive will be a definition of inner knowing in words.  Thus they are given information about these phrases.

They will receive information that is intellectual. It is more information, but it is not transformational. It is not insight, and it is not wisdom. Inner knowing has a quality that cannot be accessed by the intellect and often that is the only level of understanding from which many people operate.

Not Knowing

Here is where the inner KNOWING adventure begins.

Abide in the heart—not knowing—Jean Klien

How often have you been invited to experience “not knowing?”  This is anathema to many people and to those in politics and the media.

This is the tragedy of our age.  It locks you out of your genuine power. This is where to use a Biblical metaphor you are willing to enter the desert. However, the desert is the place you go to have access to the Promised Land (Inner Knowing).

This stage of the 3 step journey into inner knowing is called faith. Do not confuse this with the experience of faith allied to belief, which is more about knowledge and not about insight. This is an experience of falling into the unknown.


This is where you find direction and meaning in life. The personal mind might provide you with information to find meaning and purpose in the 1st Half of Life, but it cannot give you access to the deeper meaning of your existence.

Only access to your inner KNOWING will provide you with true direction. This is direction from the True Self or the Soul. This is an experience of falling in Love with Love.

Inner Body Knowing

inner body knowing

Image by Christine Engelhardt from Pixabay

Inner knowing comes through the body and not away from the body. It is not more personal mind stuff.

The practice of inner body knowing is the practice of inner body awareness. This practice takes you through the three stages of knowledge, not knowing and the awaiting of inner knowing.

This inner knowing is something that you have to allow. It is summed up in the Chinese proverb.

Keep the window open and the singing bird will come.

This is where the journey for inner knowing and inner wisdom begins. It is moving from the noggin to the navel. It is the journey from the head to the heart.  Inner knowing is heart-knowing. It is holistic rather than dualistic.

Inner knowing requires the application of the three ‘S’s’ which are.

  1. Surrender
  2. Silence
  3. Stillness

This is the surrender of the overthinking dualistic personal mind. It is the cultivation of the power of silence. It is the stillness of the body that invites spiritual embodiment.

The premier practice I engage with for the cultivation of inner knowing is the practice of Yoga Nidra. This is for me a premier practice where I get to practice the wisdom teaching.


Be Still and KNOW that I am God –

It is out of the surrender into stillness of the mind that you become the KNOWING of the Divine within. This is the source of all inner knowing which you are then graced to move and have your being within.

What Inner Knowing is NOT.

what is inner knowing

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

Inner knowing is not the voice in your head – the voice of your overthinking personal mind.

Inner knowing is what Wisdom traditions speak of as “The Still Small Voice within.” When people hear this phrase “The Still Small Voice within” their personal intellectual mind immediately focuses on that part of the phrase related to the word “Voice.”

Your inner knowing may come to you as a voice, but in the experience of this writer, that voice is very rare. It has only ever spoken to me twice. One was during the experience of awakening and once to tell me I would marry a woman who I had only just met and not yet spoken to.

There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen – Rumi

The Still Small Voice is a level of awareness. We access it through the stillness of the body. (Yoga Nidra) It is a small voice because it is an energetic vibration. It is a good vibration. It comes as an invitation from your soul.

Don’t expect that this energy will always be welcome. There will be resistance from that part of you that identified with your sense of the personal. The invitation from the Still Small Voice asks you to be authentic. When you explore inner knowing there will be a period of doubt and unknowing. Recognize this as part of the process.

Who Inner Knowing is For

who is inner knowing for

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Inner knowing is given to you for your highest good and the highest good of all. Use inner knowing only in this way.

Inner knowing is a grace. You do not achieve it from the will too personal power (Lower 3rd Chakra) but you receive it through the Will to Love (Higher 3rd Chakra). While inner knowing will benefit you on a personal level, should you allow it to influence you, don’t start with that intention.

Inner knowing will come your way to the degree you surrender to the Will to Love. If you are becoming more loving, compassionate, creative, expansive, and allowing then you can take it you are being directed by the Still Small Voice Within.

If your intention is to use this power of inner knowing for personal aggrandizement, in any way your experience will be one of frustration.

If you want a mantra for the revelation of inner knowing to happen through you, then use this one. (It is the one I use to great effect).

Thy will be done – Matthew 6:10

The higher heart chakra represents your ability to abide within the dimension of inner knowing.

Inner Knowing Video

inner knowing video

Image by stokpic from Pixabay

Having searched for other videos on inner knowing, I found this one that features John. J Prendergast PhD author of In Touch—How to Tune In to the Inner Guidance of Your Body and Trust Yourself.

This is the book I am reading and enjoying very much. This would be the book I recommend for anyone interested in exploring inner knowing through spiritual embodiment.

I absolutely loved this video. This is such a beautiful conversation that I will return to listen to it for inspiration. While it is almost an hour-long it will pay you well to listen to it as it really gives you what I consider a genuine overview of inner knowing.

My sense is that this man KNOWS what he is talking about.

Here is what I consider the best discussion on the internet as regards inner knowing.

John Prendergast Opening to Inner Knowing

Inner Knowing Guided Meditations

inner knowing guided meditation

Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay

I have listened to the top inner knowing guided meditations on YouTube. I recommend that you listen to these guided meditations to see if you feel a connection with any of them.

As for myself, I feel that each of these guided meditations can guide you in ways that move you further away from inner knowing.

I will share with you my reflections on each of these guided meditations and I hope this will prove useful with regard to deepening your understanding of the process of connecting to your inner guidance system.

I will share with you the positives and reservations aspects of each video. When I refer to “reservations” I recognize that this is subjective.

Remember to explore and trust your own feeling about what is being invited. This is not about telling you what you should do. It is giving you more feedback.

Sixth Chakra Meditation: Your Inner Knowing, Wisdom & Intuition – Third Eye | Chakra Challenge

Here is a guided meditation related to the practice of inner knowing. In this video, the instructor refers to the 6th Chakra.


  • Fabulous reviews of this video by many people.
  • Begins with a focus on the breath.
  • Lovely use of imagery.


  • Not everyone will be able to adopt the posture as adopted in this video. I recommend you try lying down in savasana pose. (Yoga Nidra)
  • Many people will not be familiar with the language being used – Ajna chakra – rainbow staircase – third eye centre.
  • There are far to many people practicing third eye-opening who are not grounded in the body.
  • There is no recognition of the sacredness of the space that you are being invited to enter. The third eye-opening is the entry into the dimension of the eternal.
  • Like so many of these meditations, it’s about getting what you want rather than inviting surrender to what is designed to be expressed through you.
  • There is also the idea that you command your reality from this 3rd eye center. (6min 48 seconds) This is more New Age nonsense. Third eye opening is where you allow the Universe to create through you.

It is a personal bugbear of mine but I find far too many people being invited to focus on opening higher chakras who have no idea about what they are doing.

Better to focus on opening the heart chakra and engage with balancing and aligning the lower chakras.

Once that task is accomplished then you allow the higher chakra energies to flow.  This trying to open the third eye is like knocking on the back door of heaven.

Guided Meditation – CONNECT With Your INNER ADVISER (Higher Self) for MANIFESTATION GUIDANCE!

The first thing to mention is that this video has at the time of watching it close to 300k views. This is the other top video that appears in the YouTube search under the term “inner knowing meditation.”

I recommend that you listen to this video and discern whether this feels right for you.


  • Starts of with the very foundation of inner knowing which is trust.


  • Like so many of these videos on YouTube, the intention is about “getting what you want” from the Universe. This, as any wisdom teacher will tell you is spiritual materialism. It is spiritual bypassing.
  • The opening title is ‘Your Youniverse.’ Sorry, but inner knowing is not about Your Universe. It is about you becoming the unique expression of Universal Intention it creates you to be. This ‘Your Youniverse’ approach is where you have the wave dictating to the Ocean.
  • Your inner knowing in this video is called your Inner Advisor. Inner knowing is not advice. Neither is its primary focus manifestation. The primary focus is alignment with Love. From this alignment, all is given.
  • This video is about manifestation goals. This is a focus of the personality. This is not about access to inner knowing that is alignment with your highest good flowing from the soul.

With these reservations, I share the video for your instruction on how NOT to access inner knowing.

Inner Knowing Courses

inner knowing course

Here are some inner knowing courses that I have discovered while researching this article. I have not taken any of these courses so I cannot vouch for their quality.


Deepen your access to inner resources, your personal wisdom that speaks through only you.

Gain a sense of self-reliance and confidence… You will no longer have to look outside yourself for answers.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to get in touch with your deep inner wisdom quickly, on the go — when you’re feeling harried, when you need to make a decision, at your job, in your relationships?


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