Living a Yoga Way of Life involves learning key skills in the atrt of living. I am interested in inviting this expansive way of living from a Wester focus rather than strictly Eastern. The focus of this invitation comes through the writers love of mythic storytelling, mystical poety and heart song.

I hope to share with you an A-Z of Yoga Life Skills that will allow you to experience, in the words of the mystic poet Hafiz, “the astonishing light of your own being.

This list of life skills for living a yoga way of life will be updated regularly. In fact there will probably be a second list because there are so many more topics that I could have chosen.

Let me begin with a short menu of sorts. This will allow you to move through this article if you wish to scan it to see if any of it is of interest.

Please note that this is an introductory list of yoga life skills.

The plan is to have each of the letters A-Z linked to an extensive article on the relevant Yoga life skill. In this way you begin to integrate these skills into living a Yoga Way of Life – a life of union and integrity.

Yoga Way of Life Menu

Photo by Linnea Herner from Pexels

What is a Yoga Way of Life? It is a life dedicated to the experience of the unity of the personal with the universal, time with the Timeless and ego with Presence. On the level of the personality this involves integration by way of:-

  • Embodiment rather than Dis-embodiment..
  • Emotional and feeling responsiveness rather than reactivity.
  • Proper use of the Personal Will. (Will to Love)

On the level of the transpersonal it involves:-

  • Alignment with Following the Message of Love.
  • Seeing as the Mystics See.
  • Speaking the truth of who you are.

The bridge between the personal and the transpersonal is the Heart.  The opening of the heart really requires the integration of the personality. Otherwise like Icarus you are likely to fall to earth.

A Life Skill NOT to Practice

Wherever possible I love to share with you a song, a poem or a story that has particular relevance to an aspect of living a Yoga lifestyle. This is because the song can often speak to you in ways that words alone cannot. This kind of sharing is, I think, the unique aspect of this website.

This language of heart song, mythic storytellin and poetry is in the words of Hafiz of Shariz says is:-

Speaking that sweet moon language that every other eye in the world is longing to hear – Hafiz (Second Half of Life Living)

The song is called Icaras and written by Anne Lister.

[bctt tweet=”Never regret thy fall, O Icarus of the fearless flight For the greatest tragedy of them all Is never to feel the burning light.- Oscar Wilde” username=”YogaJourneyfor1″ nofollow=”yes”]

I have chosen to share the song as sung by one of my all time favorite folks singers Nick Jones. Had the privilage of listening to him one night at a folk club in Manchester in the North of England. Really has the voice of an angel and the guitar technique of a Nick Jones which is really unique.

This is a song about a life skill that you are encouraged NOT to develop. This is the common practice of spiritual bypassing Essentially the song is about the spiritual seeker who flys to close to the experience of enlightenment when they haven’t learned the skill of being embodied and feeling their feelings.


Written by Ann Lister

Sung by Martin Simpson

I never wanted to fly high
I was too fond of walking
So when you said you’d touch the sky
I thought it was your way of talking
And then you said you’d build some wings
You’d found out how it could be done
But I was doubtful of everything
I never thought you’d reach the sun
You were so clever with your hands
I’d watch you for hours
With the glue and rubber bands
The feathers and the lace and flowers
And the finished wings glowed so bright
Like some bird of glory
I began to envy you your flight

Like some old hero’s story
You tried to get me to go with you
You tried all ways to dare me
But I looked at the sky so blue
I thought the height would scare me
But I carried your wings for you
Up the path and to the cliff face
Kissed you goodbye and watched your eyes

Introductory Listing of Yoga Life Skills

yoga for life skills listing

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

So let me introduce you to the A-Z listing of Yoga Life skills that I invite you to explore.

Each of these will ultimately have a link to a more expansive article which will include listings of resources with which to further explore the skill or skills that most interest you.

This list was first compiled as off early July 2109 so be aware that it will be expended as from that time on.

A – Awaken to Your True Potential to feel Blessed and to Bless

B – Establish Boundaries for the Boundless to Express through you.

C – Know your Character Type for emotional, psychological, and physical health and wellbeing.

D – Practice Discernment (rather than Judging) for Living an Easier Life.

E – Embody and express the true essence of who you are.

F – Understand the 5 Levels of Faith that take you Beyond Belief.

G – Express the Power of Gratitude for a Real Experience of Prosperity.

H – Take a Vacation to the Land of Your True Heart’s Desire.

I – Discover How to Set an Intention in Yoga for Empowered Living.

J – Commit to Living in the Kingdom of Joy

K – Embrace the 3 Key Levels of Knowing.

L – Discover and express the 7 Levels of Love.

M –Empower Your Relationship to Money

N – Learn the Positive Power of Negative Thinking to Maintain your Health

O –Follow the Journey of Opening to Presenceso

P – Find true Peace of Mind beyond the mind.

Q – Begin the Quest to Find Meaning and Purpose for All Your Life

R – Practice Ritual for Enriching Your Life

S – Integrate the 3 Primary Stages of Life

T –Talk that Sweet Moon Language that every other eye in the world is longing to hear.

U –Unleash Your Energy for Living a Meaningful Life

V –Pick up Your Good Vibration that is Happening through you.

W – Venture into the Journey of Writing to Heal.

X – Discover You as the X-Factor

Y – Live your Y-E-S – Balancing and Aligning Your Energy System

Z – Finding Your Zeal for Living your One Wild and Precious Life

I hope this invitation to learning key skill for a Yoga Way of Life is of interest. As advised before I will be updating this post on a regular basis as from early July 2019 until it has the A-Z listing complete.

It there are any of the above you would really like me to concentrate on for your own interest then simply leave a comment or a question in the comments box below the other related posts.

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