What is a yoga garden?  This is a great question and for many I hope it might be a beginning of stepping into a greater quest.  This is an inner quest that moves into expression as manifestation in the outer.

It is a journey of unfoldment. It is the creation of a legacy of love.

It is an invitation to many who practice yoga to begin to expand the current idea of yoga beyond the practice of postures for fitness and flexibility. It is the invitation to discover your own acre of diamonds or the pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow.

It is the invitation to sanctuary and the sacred. It is an adventure into the unknowable where you journey into the experience of being KNOWN through and being True to yourself.

This is a new adventure for me. It is an unfolding from within that comes from the daily practice of Yoga Nidra combined with prayer, meditation, and gardening.

This section of the website related to our yoga garden will be the sharing of the adventure of manifestation.

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