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If there were one practice that I would invite you to explore above all other practices the one I would recommend is to develop a deepening relationship to the power of silence.

To encourage you to make a commitment to the foundational spiritual awakening practice, I will outline this invitation as follows:-

The Power of Silence





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Who Should Practice The Power of Silence

who should practice the power of silence

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I think this practice is for most everyone especially those who focus on thought as the primary way of trying to solve problems. This is most of us.

The Power of Silence is the real way to think outside the box.

Most thinking is the re-structuring of the known. It is a practice of juggling information. It is not insight that leads to transformation. It is not NEW thought but regurgitating some form of the old.

Silence is the gateway to the unknown through which you have access to a different kind of KNOWING. This is where you are KNOWN through by universal intelligence. It is inspirationally creative.

This is true creativity. It is the real operation of The Law of Attraction. It is magical beyond belief but it is not phantasy or magical thinking. You enter the Stillness that Speaks through you by way of creativity, joy and enthusiasm.

Silence is the Sabbath of the soul. Therein we rest, and therein we hear everything—Marianne Williamson.

You move outside the box of the conditioned personal mind to invite understanding via the Universal Mind.

Why the Practice of Silence is Dangerous

why silence is dangerous

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Silence is dangerous because it gives you access to a power beyond belief. So you have religious hierarchical organizations teaching that silence allows for the work of the Devil to express through you.

Nothing could be further from the truth. This truth is known by all mystics of all times and traditions. Such a mystic was the German Christian mystic Meister Eckhart (1260-1398) who declared:-

The nearest thing to God is silence—Meister Eckhart

It is out of silence that the Divine speaks through you by way of enthusiasm (meaning “possessed by God”) inspiration (action from being in spirit) and enjoyment (being in joy of your Self).

The major reason that silence is dangerous, especially to established religious hierarchies, is because it gives you REAL authority. This is the real devil for most organized religion.

This is because when you tune into silence, you take your authority directly from the Divine. You no longer have any need of middlemen or women to tell you what you should or should not believe in.

You are on the journey to become a KNOWER.

Silence is dangerous because it sets you free to move from belief into KNOWING. You become a mystic. You are in love with access to the mystery.

You cannot control the mind of a mystic, but you can control the mind of a believer

Within each of us there is a silence—a silence as vast as the universe. We are afraid of it… and we long for it—Inviting Silence—How to Find Inner Stillness and Calm; Gunilla Norris.

Why Silence is Golden

why silence is golden

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The word ‘golden’ is a metaphor for the gold of KNOWING the True Self. There is no greater treasure. It is from the experience of silence that you claim that treasure. From this golden experience you can declare:-

The Secret of Secrets is inside me again—A Land not Mine – Anna Akhmatova

This secret, golden treasure is the ability to FEEL your soul connection. You learn to FEEL the Force that destroys the darkness. In reality, there is no destruction. There is only illumination.

The Master Jesus says it this way:-

What shall it profit a man if he should gain the whole world and lose his soul—Mark 8-36?

The word ‘man’ as used in the above quotation is not gender specific. In fact, the whole approach to spiritual awakening is a feminine journey.

The soul is your energetic connection to Source.

A good analogy to use is to think of the soul as the sunbeam and the Source as the Sun. You are that sunbeam. You are here to shine that light into the world for the highest good of all.

This Sun is the Eternal Sun.

There is a song entitled The Long Time Sun written by Mike Heron of Scottish Hippie Rock Group The Incredible String Band. It is the song that ends Kundalini Yoga classes. Here, it is sung by Snatam Kaur.

The lyrics invite:-

May the Long Time Sun shine upon you. May all Love surround you and the pure light within you guide you on.

This suggests that the Long Time Sun is separate from you. This is not the case.

This has never been the case. This will never be the case. The Long Time Sun doesn’t shine upon you it shines through you as you. You become a radiant expression of Love’s forever becoming.

The Long Time Sun is the eternal and infinite Source of Love.

Access to it is through the gateway of silence. It is the gateway to the paradoxical experience of NO-THING that is EVERYTHING. Light in essence is NO-THING, but it is from Light that it makes all things manifest.

As the wonderful singer songwriter Leonard Cohen declares in his song, If it Be Your Will,  “In our rags of light all dressed to kill.”

And draw us near
And bind us tight
All your children here
In their rags of light

In our rags of light
All dressed to kill
And end this night
If it be your will
If it be your will

From If It Be Your Will
Leonard Cohen

Negative and Positive Silence

negative and positive silence

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Most people feel uncomfortable with silence. We equate it with “nothing happening.” Mystics KNOW that silence is the movement of NO-THING out of which it creates everything. Silence allows for the creation of the forever NEW.

Negative Silence

The silence most people are familiar with is the silence that is the absence of noise—the absence of activity. This is what David Steindl writing in The Way of Silence—Engaging the Sacred in Everyday Life refers to as negative silence.

This is the only silence that most people are familiar with. For most people they equate it with the absence of noise. Notice how in most places you walk into that there is music or talk radio happening in the background.

For those who identify with the world of words, concepts and the overthinking personal mind silence is an experience of emptiness. There is nothing there. This brings up an unconscious reminder of death. Silence becomes akin to a deadly silence.

Why would anyone ever think there is value in entering such a nothing happening kind of state?

Positive Silence

I cannot overstate the power of silence. This is the silence of aloneness that leads to ALL-ONE-NESS. This differs greatly from the silence of loneliness.

Let me list you some positive benefits of the practice of the Power of Silence.

Lets explore these benefits in a little more detail.

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