Let me share a synchronicity story that happened today on my 71st birthday.  I love when synchronicity happens.  It’s a feeling be being connected to something larger than the limitation of my personal self.

For me synchronicity is “soul intimation.”

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Synchronicity Story

synchronicity story

When I first returned to Ireland twenty years ago one of the things I loved was seeing the grey heron that would be fishing in different streams close to where I live.

I would be driving past the Holy well at Tuber near our home in Cordressagagh (Place of the Briars) and a heron would take flight and soar over the treetops with its majestic wings spread wide.

Now I rarely ever see the grey heron around the area.

I had been missing that more than I could say.  It is a private sadness and a private longing.

On my 71st birthday my wife gave me a beautiful present of a painting. This was a painting of a blue heron.

I so love that painting.

Now I have it sitting in my room where I can look up and see it. It is a reminder of love and longing of spiritual homecoming.

Songs of Sychronicity

These kinds of moments are special to me. Many people take them to be what are called co-incidences.

I take them as soul communion.

I have traveled the spiritual journey a long time now – at least in this lifetime. There would have been a time when I would have spent time analyzing what this synchronistic event meant.

I don’t do that anymore.

songs of sychronicity

I simply say thank you that such a moment occurred.  What I feel about this event is summed up in the words “home-coming.”

This feels right to me.  Why it feels right I don’t know.  I just trust the OK-ness of this.

The same day I received this gift of the painting of the blue heron I came across a song I hadn’t heard in a very long time.

The Song is entitled Follow the Heron by Karine Polwart. The name “Karine” means, “Beloved.”  It is the Beloved we each in our own way return home to.

As I am writing this blog post about synchronicity there are synchronicities arising.

I listen to the soulful voice of John Martin singing the lines from a favourite song, “I Couldn’t Love You More.”

If you loved me till my eyes could no more shine for you.

If you walked me all the long way home.

I couldn’t love you more.

Then down the side of the Youtube selections, there is the song by Mark Knopfler.  This is entitled The Long Road.

“The Long way home,” “The Long Road” is the road to the experience of the union of the personal self with the Self – the transpersonal Self.

Synchronicity tells you that you are in living tune with this Infinite Self.

Synchronicity is an experience of connection to your true home.  It is where the Universe is communing through you and as you.

It is a happening that you have been graced.  It is important that you acknowledge this happening.  It is a communion from beyond.

It is important that you honor this communion.  This does not mean you analyze this experience.  It does mean that you trust it and express gratitude.

Trade logic for bewilderment – Rumi.

To dismiss this kind of experience is the arrogance of the separate sense of the personal self.

It is the arrogance of the overthinking mind that needs everything to be rationally understood.

With the experience of synchronicity, you are being KNOWN through.

Challenge of Sychronicity

the challenge of synchronicity

Synchronicity – Jessica Hendrickx – Saachiart.com

When you begin to experience synchronicity, it becomes a bit of an addiction.  You begin to look for synchronistic events.

You start to think you are in some way special.  The Universe is communing with you.

To view it in this way is a kind of ego inflation.  With such inflation, you will like Icarus fall to earth. Here is a quote by Deepak Chopra who wrote Synchro Destiny – Harnessing the infinite power of coincidence to create miracles.

Co-incidences are messages from the nonlocal realm, guiding us in the ways to make our dreams, our intentions manifest – Deepak Chopra – Synchro Destiny

This is a lovely quote but like so much spiritual instruction it is turned around to invite you to use the powers of the Universe to give you what you want.

You see this with the fashionable teaching called The Secret or The Law of Attraction.

You are invited to harness the infinite power of coincidence (synchronicity) to create miracles in your life.

The experience of synchronicity then becomes an experience that you use for the benefit of your personality rather than for the allowing of your soul intention.

The analogy I use to describe this approach to synchronicity and the Law of Attraction is the wave dictating to the Ocean.

Neither of these experiences is about you creating miracles.  It’s about you allowing miracles to happen through you.

It’s not about your personal intention. It’s about your soul intention. Synchronicity is soul communion.

It’s not about your being guided to manifest the goals of the personality but to manifest the intention of Love’s Purpose.

You can live a magical life, but you must give up control of the life you think you should live for the life you are destined to live.

Its not about harnessing the power of synchronicity.  That puts you in control.  Synchronicity works to the extent that you get out of the way.

The way of synchronicity is the way of surrender.  It is the way of allowing the Universe to have its way with you.  The Universe harnesses you for its own joy and manifestation.

Your life becomes a living intention expressed as the mantra, “Thy will be done.”- Matthew 6:10

Your joy is to live in alignment with that allowing.  This is the meaning of the Biblical phrase, “The last shall be first.”

In the words of a Beatles song, you become a Nowhere Man (or woman). The Nowhere man or woman is the man or woman available to the infinite power of NOW.

Synchronicity and Soul

synchronicity and soul

There was a time in my life in my middle twenties when I lived a synchronistic life.  It was fun and fabulous.  I can see its attraction.

However, wisdom teachers of different traditions warn against getting caught up in following these kinds of energies.  These are called “Spiritual Glamours.”

It can become a diversion from the real goal of the spiritual journey which is learning how to feel what it is to be in communion with your soul.

It can distract you from the spiritual instruction, “Feel the Force.” – Obe One Kenobi

The real challenge of synchronicity is to recognize that it is soul communion and not get caught up in trying to rationalize the experience of dismissing it as mere coincidence.

Enjoy the experience when it happens and move on.

Trust that if there are other signs to be made available that these will arrive.

Your work is simply to be open to what arrives and not pursue the experience for your own purpose.

Your work is to follow the Heron home and not try and capture and cage it for your own agenda.  Let synchronicity remind you of the beautiful spiritual instruction

Keep the window open and the singing bird will come – Chinese proverb.

If synchronicity has any value it is to remain you to surrender to the intention of the Universe that KNOWS how to express the fullness of creation through you and as you (soul).

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synchronicity and soul
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