This page invites you to learn a new language through spiritual songs, poetry and story.  This is the language of the heart. To live an authentic spiritual lifestyle, you need to understand this heart focused language and its powerful and magical invitation to transformation.

This language for the spiritual journey of awakening is shared here through a unique combination of:-

These songs, poems and stories share the language of:-

  • Metaphor
  • Myth and magic.
  • Paradox and Riddle.

So to assist in this language of heart centred learning I list a menu that you can explore as follows:-

Menu of Spiritual Songs, Poems and Stories

Please note that these various lists of spiritual songs, poems, stories are being added to on a regular basis. I list those that, at this moment in time, I intend to explore in more detail.

So let us look at what spiritual heart songs, mystical poems and mythic storytelling invite.

The Spiritual Connection.

the yoga connection

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Listening to spiritual songs is done with one clear intention. This is to invite remembrance of  the connection to what the Sufi’s call the Beloved. It is to invoke a FEELING response of unification and connection.

What It connects is the experience of:-

  • The personal with the universal.
  • Time with the Timeless.
  • Form with the Formless.
  • Matter with Spirit.

In reality, these are never separate, but for most everyone on this planet the experience is primarily of a felt sense of personal self. Living a Spiritual Lifestyle has as its primary intention living from a feeling sense of sacred unity.

You are invited to learn a new language through spiritual songs, poetry and story. This is the language of the heart. To live an authentic spiritual lifestyle, you need to understand this heart focused language and its powerful and magical invitation to transformation.

So let me list some songs that I will be sharing detailed reflections on. I will call these “Lyrical Reflections.” These are songs I also call “Heartsongs.”

Do not confuse these Heart Songs with devotional chants connected to the Path of Bhakti Yoga referred to as Kirtan (devotional singing) These Kirtan songs are mostly Eastern and often sung in the language of Sanskrit.

I love the practice of Kirtan but my focus here is on modern Western, rock, pop and folk song. The songs listed reflect my age and my musical tastes.

You will have your own list of heart songs. One way of incorporating a spiritual lifestyle is to explore, through journaling, the deeper meaning that the lyrics of you heartsongs mean for you.

Spiritual Songs Playlist.

spiritual songs

These spiritual songs are not listed in any order of importance or preference. This list has come off the top of my head/heart.

Uplifting Spiritual Song Playlist.

  1. Homeward Bound – Simon and Garfunkel
  2. Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol.
  3. Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin.
  4. Country Roads – John Denver
  5. Higher Love – Steve Winwood.
  6. A Child of These Hills – Jackson Brown
  7. Give a Little Love – Noah and the Whale.
  8. Listen to the Lion – Van Morrison
  9. Silver Lining – David Gray
  10. Silent Fellowship – The Waterboys
  11. Amazing Grace – The Animals.

So this is a kind of planned spiritual playlist to begin with. It will expand as I explore the lyrics of other heart songs.

Spiritual Poetry Listing

yoga of poetry

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Here is a list of spiritual poetry that invites you into the heart of who you are created to be. This kind of poetry is “That sweet moon language that every other eye in the world is longing to hear.” – Hafiz.

These poems invite you to meet again the one who has loved you all your life and KNOWS you by heart.

Spiritual Poetry Listing.

  1. Love after Love—Derek Walcott.
  2. That Sweet Moon Language—Hafiz of Shiraz
  3. Vacillation IV—W. B. Yeats.
  4. The Bright Field–R. S. Thomas
  5. Presence—Norman Mccraig.
  6. Summer Day—Mary Oliver.
  7. Pegasus—Patrick Kavanagh
  8. A Road not Taken—Robert Frost.
  9. A Star Without a Name—Rumi.

You could take any of the above poems and explore what the lines mean for you.

Finally there are the mythological stories that really do speak to the heart of who you are and why you are.

Spiritual Stories Listing.

yoga mythological stories

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List of Spiritual and  Mythology Stories

  1. The Four Treasures.
  2. Didnafitin the Square Dragon
  3. The Fall of Sionnan
  4. Skeleton Woman.
  5. The Crescent Moon Bear
  6. We Are All One
  7. There is a Way Out.
  8. The Fall of Icarus.
  9. The Stolen Child.
  10. The Golden Tree.

These stories are stories that take you beyond the attachment to the intellect. They combine imagination, paradox, riddle magic and the invitation to beyond belief.

Myths are stories that human beings have told from the dawn of history. Myths are the language of deep inner mysteries that explore deep inner problems that cannot be solved by the intellect. Myths are not just more information but the symbolic language of transformation.

These spiritual stories support the search of meaning–the primary meaning being the direct experience of union which heals the primary cause of suffering both individually and collectively.

The earliest storytellers were magi, seers, bards, griots, shamans. They were, it would seem, as old as time, and as terrifying to gaze upon as the mysteries with which they wrestled. They wrestled with mysteries and transformed them into myths which coded the world and helped the community to live through one more darkness, with eyes wide open  and hearts set alight. – Ben Okri

Spiritually Inspiring Words

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Together with spiritual song lyrics, mystical poetry and mythological stories for finding meaning and purpose you are given a smorgasbord of inspirational words. You are invited to, “Give wine, give bread and feast on your life.” (Love after Love).

These words are not just your everyday words. They come from sharing experiences central to living your one wild and precious life (The Journey). They are signposts pointing the way to the realization of the Secret of Secrets inside you.

They allow you to be driven by the stronger pull of what you love and allow the beauty that you are to be what you do (Rumi). They invite you to find the Four Treasures within and awaken your inner Beauty asleep in the tower of the personal sense of self.

Let these inspirational words from modern day lyricists, mystical poets and mythological storytellers point you toward the primary task of life. This is that task of union – yoga. Let these  inspirational words be the beginning of living a true Spiritual Lifestyle.

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