spiritual journey

The spiritual journey is the longest and shortest journey you will ever embark on. It is the most challenging and fulfilling journey. It is the journey you are created to take and to BE.

Here is a personal outline of this journey into the magnificence that love to share with you as I understand it.

The Spiritual Journey

In this extensive reflection, each of the above will have its own submenu with links to the related material.

PLEASE NOTE that this guide to the spiritual journey is being updated on a regular basis as from Feb 2020. On completion I will provide a free pdf download.

I share this invitation to the spiritual journey through a love of mystical poetry, mythological storytelling, movies and inspiration song lyrics. This is not the language of logic but the language of the heart that invites soul alignment and expression.

So let us begin this journey into the magnificence of the Light of your own Being (Hafiz) where to begin with you will be troubled and then astonished.

Before I share with you an outline of the maps that I would like to share with you The Purpose of the Spiritual Journey as I understand it.

Purpose of the Spiritual Journey

overview of the spiritual journey

Overview of the Spiritual Journey

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

To entice you on the challenging and liberating adventure that is the spiritual journey it would be beneficial to at least have an overview of why you might embark on such a journey.

I sum up the purpose of the spiritual journey in one word. This is the word ‘Union.’ The word ‘union’ is also the core meaning of the word ‘Yoga.’ Therefore, this website is titled Yoga Journey for Life.

The direct experience of ‘union’ is the core purpose of the practice of yoga. You might ask, “Union with what?” The spiritual journey is a progressive and revelatory journey of union in the following ways:-

  • The personal with the Universal
  • Time with the Timeless (Eternity)
  • Finite with the Infinite

The sage Patanjali, who is regarded as the historical father of Yoga, says of yoga or union:-

Yoga is the union of the self with the Self through the self—Patanjali

The ‘self’ with the small ‘s’ relates to your sense of the personal self. This is the person you think you are as “Me, myself and I.” This is the personal “I am.”

The “Self” with the capital ‘S’ is the universal ‘Self.” In the Bible this is the “I AM THAT I AM.” You can give it many names such as the Divine, the Beloved (Sufi), The Force (Star Wars) or the Source.

The reason to take the spiritual journey is why you are created. You are a unique expression of Spirit (SELF) as a soul. Rumi says it this way.

You are not a drop (personal self) in the ocean (Universal Self). You are the ocean in a drop,—Rumi.

The master Jesus Christ says it this way:-

I am (personal self) in the Father (SELF) and the Father is in me.

Maps of the Spiritual Journey

maps of the spiritual journey

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

There are various maps that outline the spiritual journey.

These maps include:-

Most all the above have stages are similar to the other, but the language is different given the historical time and place in which this guidance is set.

All the above maps are invitations to direct experience of the mystery rather than another system of belief. These maps are invitations to take the journey and not simply believe in the journey, which is a form of spiritual bypassing.

Let me share with you a brief outline of the two maps with which I am most familiar.

This is because I love these maps and have written about them in various articles and books. The two maps I follow are:-

  • The Way of Y-E-S and
  • The Hero’s Journey.

So let me begin by sharing with you an outline of these maps that give you an overview of the spiritual journey as it will unfold for most people.  Please note that the stages as shown are not necessarily linear.

The Way of Y-E-S

another map of the spiritual journey

The Spiritual Journey Begins with Y-E-S

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

This is the map related to the alignment of your subtle energy. The word “Y-E-S is an acronym for “Your Energy System.” The energy centres referred to are the subtle energy centres called The Chakra’s.

I have found this to be one of the most comprehensive maps of the spiritual journey that I have explored over a lifetime.

For more about what a Chakra is you will find the following of relevance: What is a Chakra—Gateway to Revealing your Full Potential.

Let me outline the way how this spiritual map of the journey outlines the territory. In The Way of Y-E-S, there are seven major chakras.

These 7 major chakras combine in the following ways:-

  • 1)      The Personal
    1. Root Chaka—Embodiment–Prosperity
    2. Sacral Chakra—Sexuality–Passion
    3. Solar Plexus Chakra—Personal Will—Power
  • 2)      The Transition
    1. Heart Chakra—Love–Peace
  • 3)      The Transpersonal
    1. Throat Chakra—Communion–Poetry
    2. Brow Chakra—Vision–Prophesy
    3. Crown Chakra—Union–Presence

I have called these 7 Ways to a Wonderful Life.

I love to group these 7 stages by giving each of them a word that begins with the same letter (the letter ‘P’)  This is a reminder to me of their energetic invitation.

  • Prosperity
  • Passion
  • Power
  • Peace
  • Poetry
  • Prophecy
  • Presence

For a more detailed exploration of this map of spiritual awakening you will find the following article of relevance  What are the 7 Chakras and their Meanings—A Map for Finding Life Purpose

Fairy Tales and Chakras

spiritual journey of myth and magic

Enjoy a wonderful telling of the story of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs as a map of the journey of the soul. This includes my favourite things such as mythic storytelling, inspiration quotes and mystical poetry.

I outline below how the reflection on this spiritual tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs unfolds in the inspirational video below.

Please note that I have set this YouTube video to begin at the telling of the story (41:20). The times stated below are relative to that start time.

  • Snow White—The Soul–The Beauty of Presence (41:40)
  • The Woodsman—The Protector of Presence/Suppression of Spiritual Feeling
  • The Stepmother—The Personal Ego–The Separate Self
  • The 7 Dwarfs—The 7 Chakras or Subtle Energy Centres
  • The Hero’s Journey – Part III—The Struggle
  • The Hero’s Journey—Part IV–The Breakthrough
  • The Prince—Awakening to Truth (56:29)
  • The Kiss—Awakening to Transcendent unity (58:25)
  • The Revelation of Non-Duality (59:36)
  • Personal Story of Awakening through Grief (1:01:06)
  • In the Heart Snow White Awakens (1:06:12)
  • The Poem—I AM There by James Dillet Freeman (1:08:40)

The next map is The Hero’s Journey. I have added a second page because if I put the other video on the same page there may be download issues for some people. I hope that won’t take away from the enjoyment of reading this full article.

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