My religious upbringing in Northern Ireland taught me anything other than how to feel spiritual confidence. So what is this dynamic called spiritual confidence and how do you go about building such confidence? What are the benefits of living in this spiritually confident way? Is it the same as personal self-confidence?

We can sum up the key to learning how to build spiritual confidence in one word. This is the word ‘trust.’  We learn spiritual confidence through trusting the Still Small Voice within. Allied to this word trust are the words silence, allowing, and embodiment.

To explore this dynamic of spiritual confidence, let me outline how this exploration will unfold.

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  1. What is Spiritual Confidence?
  2. How NOT to Build Spiritual Confidence?
  3. True Spiritual Confidence.
  4. A Question of Spiritual Confidence.
  5. Spiritual Confidence Thinking.
  6. How to Build Spiritual Confidence.
  7. The Mystical Way of Confidence.
  8. A Course in Spiritual Confidence.

So let us explore this issue of spiritual confidence in greater detail.

What is Spiritual Confidence?

what is spiritual confidence

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Spiritual confidence arises from your KNOWING, your connection to Divine Presence.  This can be as a result of a spiritual awakening or it can be because of growing confidence in the way you allow the Divine to commune within you and as you.

The word ‘confidence’ translates as “with faith in.” This is not faith as is unusually promoted by religious hierarchical institutions. That kind of faith is cerebral assenting to some creed or dogma. I refer to this as “blind faith.” It has far more to do with the head rather than living from the heart.

This kind of faith tends not to be because of direct spiritual awakening. The basis of faith is belief rather than KNOWING. Most religious teachers I have met have no true KNOWING of what they profess to believe in. That they use the word belief is a pointer to the fact that they are not KNOWERS and not mystics. The focus on belief is a key indicator that there has been no direct revelation of the Divine.

The Knowers of Spiritual Confidence

The people who have real spiritual confidence are the mystics of all spiritual traditions. They do not profess belief. They KNOW. These are not the blind leading the blind. They are not the believer leading the believer.

Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.― Lao Tsū, Tao Teh Ching.

Spiritual confidence has to begin with the acknowledgment that you “do not know.” Any mystic will tell you that if you think you know the experience of Divine revelation, you do not. This experience of Divine revelation which is the ultimate confidence booster will blow your overthinking mind.

When you begin from the acknowledgment that you do not KNOW the experience of the Divine, then you become open to the possibility of being KNOWN through. When you are known through, this will give you real spiritual confidence. You will cease to be a believer and move into the realm of those who are KNOWERS.

How NOT to Build Spiritual Confidence

building spiritual confidence

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I want to share with you the top YouTube video that promotes how to build spiritual confidence. I use this video to illustrate what spiritual confidence is not in order that you might better realize what building spiritual confidence is. I suggest that you view this video and then read my reflection on this presentation.

Let me say that I think the presenter is filled with enthusiasm and genuinely intends to benefit people from her presentation. She is filled with self-confidence, but this presentation is more about developing personal self-confidence rather than confidence that comes from feeling connected to Divine inspiration.

There is a lot of valuable instruction here.  I love that she reminds you to begin with about your entelechy within you. This is how Divine intelligence intends to express through you and as you.

If nothing else, I think the presenter shows you what it means to be impassioned about your subject.

how to build your spiritual confidence

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There is much to appreciate in the above video. However, in the opinion of this writer, its focus is material rather than spiritual. Any mystic will tell you that a key sign of spiritual awakening is not about you achieving your dreams but on allowing yourself to be the conscious dream of the Divine (which you are).

The presenter begins by introducing you to the beautiful idea of entelechy This is the idea that you are here to be all that you are uniquely created to be. Then she invites you to create YOUR dream of the life you want.

Entelechy is a Greek word that means, “the fullest realized essence of a thing.”—From The Wizard of Us—Jean Houston.

There is nothing wrong with this invitation to realize your potential and purpose but my question is, “What does spiritual confidence have to do with acquiring a bikini bottom?”

Free Online Course on Finding Your Life Purpose by Jean Houston

We recognize this kind of focus as the purpose of the 1st Half of Life. It is all about developing one’s personal identity and achieving some sense of personal success. We all need to do this and it can build confidence, but it is personal confidence.

In order that you build spiritual confidence, give up dreaming your dream, and align your energy with Divine intention. This is usually the second half of life journey which many undertake because the dreams they thought they wanted turn out to be hollow.

I love the work of Jean Houston and so enjoy her book The Wizard of Us – Transformational Lessons from Oz. Here is the opening of a series of YouTube videos that you will find of interest if the subject of unfolding your entelechy is of interest.

True Spiritual Confidence

true spiritual confidence

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True spiritual confidence is when you live the wisdom instruction, “Thy will be done.” Then the Divine lives through you as intended. Otherwise, it’s all about your dream and your SUCCESS.

There is only one way to be truly successful, and that is to learn to follow the intimation of your soul. Your soul knows how to realize the entelechy within you better than you do.

You do not access your entelechy by thinking about it (2:48).

You can think all you want about what you want, but then your focus is on lack. You live from wanting. Spiritual confidence is the certainty that what you want will be given to you when you are in alignment with Divine Will.  That is the only desire that you need to focus on and learn to allow to express through you.

The list of the desires that the presenter gives is what the wisdom teacher Jean Houston calls “The same old same as.” It is the car, the money, the relationship, the right shape, and the right job. This presentation follows the latest trend called The Law of Attraction or The Secret.

This is spiritual materialism.  It’s all about I, me, and my and what’s in it for me. It’s a kind of Cosmic Ordering system.

A Question of Spiritual Confidence

a question of spiritual confidence

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Real spiritual confidence and the spiritual Law of Attraction comes from living the question, “How can I serve?” This is the central task of living as a fulfilled human being. It is the central question in the myth central to the Western psyche. This is the mythological story of The Search for the Holy Grail.

Mythology is the language of the soul.

In this mythological story, the hero Percival asks, “Whom does the Grail Serve?” Until this question is asked the Kingdom is a wasteland. This story I the story of each of us. First, recognize that the Holy Grail is not some cup that held the blood of Christ. It is potential within you to be a Christ.

I love how Jamie Catto describes this higher chakra symbol in his book Insanely Gifted—Turn Your Demons into Creative Rocket Fuel (from Chapter Full Body Listening).

The Quest for the Holy Grail is not about going out to find an actual cup (though that’s typical of the early Christians who totally misunderstood the point); It is about you yourself being the cup. I am the chalice ready to be filled with inspiration when I empty myself of all my preconceptions and surrender to what is flowing into me – Jamie Catto.

This is the focus of any mystic. Building spiritual confidence is not about “me, my and mine” but about the willingness to be a servant of Loves Message as it is to be expressed through you.. Spiritual confidence is where you KNOW how you are to serve Love’s purpose, which joyfully becomes the central purpose of your life.

You don’t have to bring this purpose to your mind’s eye and try to imagine it into manifestation. You learn to be empty so that you become a channel of fulfillment. The less there is of you and your dictating to the Universe the more there is that comes through you without effort. This is entelechy.

Spiritual Confidence and New Thought

spiritual confidence and new thought

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At 4:47 the presenter tells you that you have to create a level of certainty in the specific area that you want to manifest. I would ask, “If you have to create this certainty then it doesn’t come from spiritual unfoldment.”

Spiritual certainty is not personal. It is transpersonal. It is not something that you create. It is a revelation of unity that comes through you.  Spiritual confidence and certainty as presented in the video Unshakable Spiritual Confidence are more mental and metaphysical juggling.

This kind of teaching comes out of the philosophy that is the New Thought Movement that then moved into New Age Thinking. There is much value in these teachings but as with a good deal of wisdom teaching, we use them in the service of the personal self or ego rather than in the service of Divine Love.

New Thought, as a theological movement, began in the nineteenth century. From its inception, independence of thought, teachings, and belief has been an important, deeply rooted characteristic of the New Thought Movement.

I hope I will be forgiven if this bursts anyone’s bubble.

I don’t enjoy doing that. However, there is so much more to spiritual confidence than trying to manipulate the Cosmos to give you what you think you want and are told that you should have through mental, emotional, and visualization gymnastics.

How to Build Spiritual Confidence

how to build spiritual confidence

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Having reflected on HOW NOT to build spiritual confidence, let me share with you ways in which you can begin to build real spiritual confidence.

Let me begin by reminding you that the confidence I am inviting is an experience of spiritual KNOWING. This is a distinct way of being in the world. It is where your focus is not on getting what you want but on allowing the Cosmos to express through you.

Because of this PRIMARY INTENTION of being available to Divine Will, “All will be added unto you.” You will become a living contribution to the highest good of all, which is also your highest good.

This will happen through you. You will be confident that this will happen through you, but you will not be trying to force the outcome in some kind of way that you decide. Your joy will be in the feeling that comes through being Love’s servant. You will not have to force yourself to feel what you do not feel.

How I teach you to build spiritual confidence is the way of the mystics.

These are the KNOWERS of real life and the meaning of life. They are those individuals who have been graced the KNOWING of what it is to be fully human and Divine. Theirs is a real spiritual confidence.

The Mystical Way of Spiritual Confidence

mystical spiritual experiene

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If you are still reading this far then I thank you for staying the distance.  Here are some essentials that are part of building real spiritual confidence.

This combination will give you the foundation for learning to become truly spiritually confident.

If you make this part of your spiritual practice, then you will be successful in the real meaning of that word. It will align you with your entelechy.

So let us explore these four pillars of spiritual confidence building.


Nothing happens without the power of intention. It is the power that drives creation. This is a mystical approach to building spiritual confidence,, so the intention has to be one that aligns you with communion with the Divine.

If communion with the Divine as a direct experience is not of interest, then in the writer’s opinion there will be no experience of spiritual confidence. It is from this feeling of connection that such confidence is build. This is the invitation to the real unshakeable spiritual confidence. One that is not dependent on overthinking and visualization.

Spiritual confidence is not belief. It is where you KNOW. This KNOWING is from direct experience that comes through Grace. You will not build spiritual confidence without direct experience of Divine intention as it flows through you.

The Power of Silence

Spiritual confidence builds in relation to the degree that you love silence and stillness. Notice how different this is from the instruction in the video where you are told to think about what you want and visualize it. This is all your doing rather than living from Being.

All mystics KNOW and love the paradoxical power of silence.

In the beginning, nothing is happening. This is where most people leave the practice of learning how to build spiritual confidence. They do not stay with the practice. There is nothing being achieved and it all appears rather illogical.

Trade logic for Bewilderment – Rumi

This is exactly what is happening, but you have to stay in the silence to realize the magic that it will pour through you.

The word ‘confidence’ translates as “having faith in.” This is authentic faith. That is a faith comfortable with not knowing but willing to be KNOWN through. It is not blind faith that ascents to some religious dogma.

The Power of Trust

A less contentious word than faith is the word trust. The whole spiritual journey of awakening could rightly be summed up in this one word. This is the willingness to trust the Still Small Voice within and the power of Inner KNOWING.

This is where you learn to feel your connection to the Divine Source that you are a part of but never apart from. Trust in the way Divine intention moves through you is the foundation of unshakable confidence.

Trust requires that you venture into the unknown in order that you allow the KNOWING of Divine Intention. This differs from deciding what YOU want and then making a commitment to visualize and affirm it.

They symbolize trust in the Biblical story of the Flight of the Jews from Egypt. They leave Egypt—the slavery of the separate sense of self for the desert, which is the unknown. They travel 40 years, which represents spiritual death and rebirth. The desert represents the period of unknowing before entry into the Promised Land—the KNOWING of your Divinity.

Spiritual Embodiment

Spiritual confidence is an embodied confidence.  In my spiritual journey, I have seen far too much spiritual dis-embodiment which has been encouraged by various teachings that the Western psyche has misinterpreted.

One such teaching is the teaching regarding detachment. Many seekers after spiritual confidence have taken this to mean detachment from feelings. This is usually feelings that they are already detached from. The result is that they become even more detached and etheric.

You will not experience spiritual confidence by denying feelings like anger and guilt. These are aspects of your personality that you need to integrate. As the writer, Colin Tipping  – Radical Forgiveness – advises, “The only way to heal it is to feel it.”

Many people including myself have tried to get rid of feeling they disown.

Course in Spiritual Confidence

free online course on spiritual confidence

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I hope this gives you an overview of the invitation to learning the art of spiritual confidence.  I am presently writing a FREE online spiritual course entitled Beginner’s Guide to the Spiritual Journey.

This will give you greater confidence in traveling what the poet Robert Frost referred to As the Road Less Taken.

Here are some frequently asked questions that will be covered in this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the 4 Spiritual Pillars?
  • How do I start a spiritual Journey
  • What spiritual practice is right for me?
  • What spiritual path is right for me?
  • What is spiritual Awakening
  • What is the language of spirituality?

The intention of this free course on spiritual growth and development is that it gives you a PRACTICAL FOUNDATION for learning to trust the magnificence of the Light within.

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This course will be available in written and audio format. I am adding to the content of this free online spiritual course daily.