Christ Centred Yoga – Day 3 – Give No Thought

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We continue this Christ centred yoga training program with the spiritual instruction, “Give No Thought.” For most Westerners who consider themselves Christians and for most humans this is an instruction from the Master Jesus that they have never really considered and certainly never embraced in any practical and meaningful way.

4 Levels of Yoga – Your Magnificent Journey Home

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People search the internet to explore the term “levels of yoga.” I suspect that they may be exploring what it means to be a beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. I suspect that the levels of yoga relate to the degree of difficulty related to the asanas or poses. In this article I would like to explore the levels of yoga from a different perspective. These are four levels that are the real journey of yoga that take you into living a life of purpose, passion, peace, and prosperity.

Christian Yoga Practice – Day 2 – Be Still and KNOW

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At the heart of any Christian Yoga Practice is the deep spiritual and practical instruction, “Be still and KNOW I AM God. Even if you do not practice Yoga in the way in which it is taught in the West (postures and asanas) or profess to be a Christian practicing this spiritual invitation is foundational to living a life of purpose, peace and prosperity for yourself and others. If this were the only spiritual practice that you explore then according to the modern mystic Joel Goldsmith (Man was not meant to Cry) expect to reduce your unnecessary suffering by around 80%. The rest of such unnecessary suffering can then be supportive of the awakening of your soul.

Christian Yoga Program – Day 4 – Thy Will be Done

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We come to day four of our 30-day Christian yoga program. Today we are going to share an intention at the heart of Christian Yoga taken from the Lord’s prayer. If you were to take only this instruction and live it whole-heartedly then this would be to fulfil the invocation “Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Why teach Yoga – Why I Though I Never Could and Why I Do

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Why teach yoga or why not teach yoga? That is the question. The title of this blog at first glance may appear contradictory. In fact it is really a paradox. A paradox is where something can be one thing and yet be something else at the same time. Such is the radical, revolutionary and revelatory experience called Yoga. Let me say to begin with that I absolutely love Yoga since the time my mother gave me a book on Yoga at the age of 17 in the heady time that was 1967.

Christian Yoga Training – Day 1 – Powerful Intention

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Here we begin our Christian Yoga training challenge. The most important aspect of this training begins with the focus on your intention.  Nothing happens without intention.  It is the power of intention that directs the way in which this program of Christian Yoga training will unfold within and through you. As this is a practical course of instruction designed around the teachings of the Master Jesus Christ, I will focus on the instructions given by him as shared via his sayings in the Bible including some other Bible quotes. 

Heart Chakra Animal Meaning – 21 Day Challenge – Day 3

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Traditionally the heart chakra animal is the antelope. The antelope is a symbol of air connected to the Earth. Each chakra animal symbolizes the characteristics and attributes of the chakra they represent. The antelope therefore symbolises the connection between the above and the below. No matter how high we climb in a spiritual sense it is important to remain grounded and connected to the body. (Root Chakra – 1st Chakra – Red Chakra).

How to Start Spiritual Awakening – Discover the 1st Key Step

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There may be many answers to the question, “How to start spiritual awakening?” Let us begin with the simple answer and then go on to explore this question in more detail. This will begin to unfold within you what the poet Browning called, “The Imprisoned Splendour.” This information on how to start spiritual awakening should be foundational to learning how to live a life of purpose and prosperity.

Heart Chakra Color – 21 Day Challenge – Day 2

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In Day 2 of the Heart chakra awakening 21 Day Challenge, we explore the heart chakra color and its meaning. In this article which is an extension of the Chapter 2 of my book Awakening the Heart – 21 Ways to Follow Love’s Message we will unfold the green chakra meaning. Green Chakra Meaning Menu. • The Green Chakra Personality. • The Greening of the Heart. • The Will to Communion.

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