spiritual awakening and the power of silence

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

A premier way in which you advance on the progressive journey of spiritual awakening is your deepening relationship to silence.

Silence is the nearest thing to God—Meister Eckhart.

Out of this silence, the still small voice speaks to guide you in walking your true path. Silence is non-judgemental. It is non-divisive.

Silence appears to be nothing, but it is not “nothing.” It is the gateway to KNOWING. It is the portal into the NO-THING-NESS that is paradoxically infinite. It is the field of the unmanifest out of which it makes all things manifest.

You have to experience silence in order to trust its power. This might sound exciting or maybe meaningless, but intellectual understanding won’t hack it. The paradoxical power of silence has to be KNOWN. It has to be your direct experience.

Be still and KNOW that I AM God—Psalm 46:10

Silence is an anathema to the ego. It does not know what to do with silence. The power of the personal sense of the separate self will rise up and drive you to distraction.

Silence or Distraction

spiritual awakening and the power of silence

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

This is the challenge of any kind of meditation or true prayer. Your overthinking mind will go into overdrive. Recognize that this will happen. It will test your resolve.

An essential part of the journey is that you awaken from the what the modern mystic Eckhart Tolle refers to as, “The normal insanity.” (The Power of Now—Eckhart Tolle)

You cannot serve two Masters—Matthew 6-24

Your choice is which Master will you serve? Will you serve the interests of the personal sense of self with its will to power or the transpersonal Self with its Will to Love?

Entering the experience of silence without demands and without expectation is the practice of self-emptying.

It is the practice of real prayer. This is what St. Paul meant when he suggested that we learn to “Pray always.” In this way, you learn to abide at the Still Point Centre.

When you live from the center you impact the world in ways you might or might not know. You are no longer out to fix the world but to be a vehicle for healing.

The foundational healing is that of the separate personal self. This identification with the separate personal self is the core reason for most unnecessary suffering.

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