spiritual awakening process and the law of attraction

The Higher Flows into the Lower

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As you progress along the journey of spiritual awakening, you become more attractive. You no longer fight resistance in the way you once did but witness the antics of the Monkey Mind (Buddhism) or the carnal mind (Christianity).

You are learning the wisdom of the premier spiritual instruction, “Thy will be done.”

Life becomes more of a happening rather than a constant doing that leads you into the dodo. In the words of the German mystic Meister Eckhart, ”The higher is flowing into the lower and transforming the lower.”

Higher and lower are not to be considered moralistic judgements. Higher relates to the more refined energy flowing from the higher energy centres (chakras). Lower relates to the less refined energy connected with the drama of the separate sense of personal self.

The higher flows into the lower via the heart (4th Chakra)

The flow of the higher allows you to feel fine. You experience finder feelings. There is less attachment to the emotional drama of the “I, me myself.” You are practicing self-emptying so you can be fulfilled from the energies of the True and authentic Self.

Attractiveness is not The Law of Attraction or The Secret.

This is a practice in the service of the ego and not in service to the purpose of the Divine.

The way they teach The Law of Attraction in popular culture is a kind of cosmic ordering system. It is where you, the finite, are taught how to dictate your desires to the Infinite. It is like having the wave dictate to the Ocean.

Attraction and Allowing

the law of attraction and the spiritual awakening process

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Real attractiveness happens when you allow Creation to express through you and as you.

This is the not the practice of The Law of Attraction that says, “My will be done.” The real Law of Attraction is the practice of self-emptying that says and lives, “Thy will be done.”

I find that focusing on manifesting is limited and exhausting since it leaves God out. It often involves a shopping list of what the ego wants to “Get from the universe.” By its very nature that’s profoundly limited. – Tosha Silver, Outrageous Openness

Living as an expression of attraction isn’t creating vision boards but allowing the vision that Creation created you to become to be manifested through you. It is more about becoming a Seer.

In the words of a book by a favourite author Richard Rohr you enter the Naked NOW and learn to see as the mystics see.

The mystic is the real attractor. They have a direct line of communion to Source. There is nothing more attractive than being in Love with Creation and KNOWING you are loved by Creation.

Attractiveness is where you unhook from The Matrix which is the collective belief in separation. You have your Being centred in wonderland.

You are in the world of The Matrix (dualistic thinking) but you are not of the world (non-dualistic thinking) of the Matrix

Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. – Morpheus in the Matrix

Not Thinking

spiritual awakening process and the mind

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For centuries now we have had our focus on the ability of the intellect, our overthinking mind, to solve all our problems. This began in the Age of Enlightenment when the French philosopher Rene Descartes declared:-

I think therefore I am—Rene Descartes

No one told him he has it back to front and as a result we are all living back to front. Thus began the journey into almost total identification with thought as being who you are.

It is like the totality of the sky being identified with the clouds. Spend enough time with this kind of focus and you live under a cloud. This is the dark cloud of the separate sense of the personal self.

When you came into this world you, as the poet William Wordsworth declared in Intimations of Immortality, “Come trailing clouds of glory.” You are not a thinker. You are a Presence. You are a unique dance of Love in form.

The reason small children are so creative is that they do not think. They are a flow of moment to moment awareness. Therefore, you have the strange spiritual instruction:-

Unless you become as little children then you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven—Matthew 18:3

Give No Thought

spiritual awakening and the power of thought

Casting your Net into Deeper Waters
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Exploring the invitation to “No Thought” is also why you get the spiritual instruction:-

Give no thought for your life—Matthew 6:25

Most everyone will object and say that this is not at all a practical way of living. Yet most people have not learned how to live in this way. They have not experienced the extraordinary benefits of getting out of their own way.

To live your life as a little child, to give no thought, is a very practical way of living, but you have to trust the process. Giving no thought is the practice of self-emptying from which you experience the paradox of ultimate fulfilment.

Non-thinking is the practice of that strange instruction: “Cast your net to the right side.” This is the side of your mind where you access intuitive KNOWING. It is beyond thinking about. It is insider KNOWING.

It requires trust and faith but not blind faith. It requires silence and surrender. The modern spiritual teachers Eckhart Tolle and Sadhguru have shared on various videos that they do not think unless it is necessary to accomplish some given task.

They allow themselves to be thought through.

When the personal dualistic overthinking mind is still, then you access what Eckhart Tolle calls Presence. This is true peace of mind beyond your personal mind. It is creative problem solving that is forever new and not the same old same as.


spiritual awakening and detachment

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As your journey of spiritual awakening advances you become more detached. The idea of detachment turns many people off. They equate detachment with non-feeling and uncaring.

Detachment is more about leaving behind all personal drama and reactivity and moving into higher feeling states. These are more refined states that allow you to truly feel fine.

How to cultivate detachment is a challenge for many.

This happened on different occasions in my life. The first time it happened was when I lived in Manchester in the North of England. I was twenty-three years old.

I attended at at a community hall in Wythenshawe on a Sunday morning to learn meditation. This was vipassana meditation taught by a young man about my age who they informed us drove each Sunday from Bristol to Manchester to teach the class. This was a three-hour drive there and a three-hour drive back.

I remember two things about this young man. The first was how thin and almost emaciated he was. The second was his voice. It was almost a whisper. Often as he sat on the stage, I couldn’t hear the instructions.

Detachment and Disembodiment

spiritual awakening process and disembodiment

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He was as I would later discover someone who was spiritually dis-embodied. He was as many spiritual seekers do practicing detachment from detachment.

He was living like Mr. Duffy, who is a character in the novel by James Joyce entitled The Dubliners.

Mr. Duffy lived some distance from his body—James Joyce—The Dubliners

This young man was teaching detachment in a way that invited further detachment.

This was also the experience of Sangharakshita (born Dennis Philip Edward Lingwood, 26 August 1925—30 October 2018) the leader of the then Friends of the Western Buddhist Order.

When on his return from living and teaching in India for over twenty years Sangharakshita found a strange phenomenon when teaching Western students’ meditation?

Rather than become more alive, they became more depressed. This hadn’t happened when he taught the same technique in India.  He wondered why this might be.

He discovered that Western students attracted to the Buddhist teaching that taught detachment where already detached. They sought to detach from the emotional pain of their lives. They practiced the teachings by further detaching from what they wished to emotionally avoid.

The practice was making them more etheric rather than embodied and present.

Detachment from Emotions

spiritual awakening and emotional detachment

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If you are practicing detachment or feeling and sensing. You move into what is referred to as witness consciousness in the right way, it will bring you more alive. It will, however, open you up to feelings you judge, dislike, and disown.

At the start of the practice of detachment, you are likely to become more emotional and reactive rather than less. The practice is equivalent to placing a damp log in a fire. Do not get discouraged.

In the beginning, there is a lot of smoke.

If you are getting floaty, if your voice is very soft and you are rationalizing your anger without feeling it, then you are likely practicing detachment from detachment.

Detachment is where you learn to be with feelings but not give them energy. You allow them to be as they are without judging them good or bad.

In this way, you become an alchemist. You are turning the lead of judgement into the gold of free flow. It releases your energy that was used to suppress what you did not like about yourself.

You are practicing self-emptying and surrender. This is where you learn to tune into the True Alchemist of Love.

You come to us from another world
From beyond the stars and void of space
Transcendent, pure, of unimaginable beauty
Bringing with you the essence of love

You transform all who are touched by you
Mundane concerns, troubles and sorrows
dissolve in your presences.
Bringing joy to ruler and ruled
to peasant and kings.

You bewilder us with your grace
All evils transform into goodness.
You are the master alchemist

You light the fire of love
In earth and sky
In heart and soul of every being.

Through your love
Existence and nonexistence merge
All opposite unite
All that is profane becomes sacred again

This opens you up to allowing finer feelings of compassion and gratitude. Your life becomes less of an emotional roller coaster. It becomes a life of spiritual embodiment rather than etheric escape and spiritual bypassing.

Detachment is more about command rather than control. It is a paradox you learn to live. Through surrender and detachment, you give over control to the experience of flow.

This is a real challenge because to begin with are likely to need to experience feeling states you would rather avoid.

To heal it you have to feel it—Colin Tipping – Radical Forgiveness

Detachment is not about detachment from feelings but the command of emotional states that first arise in the mind.

Feeling, as I define it, is the free flow of your energy. Emotion is a feeling with a label, thought, or judgement attached to it.

Detachment gives you the ability to watch this reactive experience and choose whether you will give such reactivity energy. You create a gap whereby you have a greater conscious choice.


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