Below I share with you a list of root chakra associations that are both traditional and non-traditional.  There is much here for you to explore in relation to what we might term “root chakra balance and alignment.”

Certain of these root chakra associations and correlations will suit your temperament more than others. You are a multi-dimensional being and you are created to express Love’s Message in a unique way. While for Creation these ways are infinite, the ways they express through you are not.

My recommendation is that you read the root chakra associations listing/s below and notice which of these touches a nerve. Which of these aspects of the root chakra are calling you to explore them in more detail?

Pay attention to which of these root chakra associations excites you. Excitement is the spark that you can tend into a flame.  This is proper education.  The Irish poet W. B. Yeats said, “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.” Notice what sparks your interest in this list.

Honor that spark of interest by embodying it. In this way, you make the information your own. Rather than have it fill you up with information fan the spark of interest into a flame of transformation.

Root Chakra Associations – Traditional

root chakra associations - traditional

The Root Chakra – Mary Janes –

Root Chakra AssociationTraditional Listings
  NamesMuladhara Chakra, Root Chakra, Base Chakra, 1st. Chakra
  Location  The base of the Spine
  ColorRed (Most traditions)
  SoundLAM, Note C

Root Chakra Associations – Non-Traditional

root chakra associations non traditional

Root Chakra by Judit Nagy L –

Root Chakra AssociationNon Traditional Listing
NamesFear Chakra, Anger Chakra, Lowest Chakra, Anxiety Chakra, Depression Chakra.
ArchetypesOrphan Archetype, Innocent Archetype, Victim, Earth Mother Archetype.
The RightThe Right to Be and to Have (Anodea Judith)
The ValueLoyalty
The ChallengeTrust versus mistrust
The TaskEmbodiment
The Stage of LifePersonal Development – 1st Stage of Life
Signs of ImbalanceEating Disorders, Feeling unsafe, Disconnect from nature and the body, Financial insecurity.
Body AssociationThe Nose
MantrasFeel the Fear and do it Anyway, This Too Shall Pass, Be Still and KNOW.
ChantsMother, I Feel You Under My Feet
Glandular SystemAdrenals
AromatherapyBenzoin, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Spikenard, Vetiver.
Crystal HealingBrown Jasper, Red Jasper, Smoky Quartz, Hematite, Cuprite, Mahogany Obsidian, Tourmaline, Rhodonite, Garnet and Bloodstone

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There are many chants, and mantras associated with the root chakra or 1st chakra. Most of these are related to the chakra systems as explored in the East and through the Eastern psyche.

As someone brought up in Northern Ireland, I have shared chants and mantras that relate to that Western focus. There is nothing wrong with the chants and mantras of the East which I love and use, but I have shown those chants and mantras that I think are more applicable to the Western psyche.

Root Chakra Associations from Other Maps of Consciousness

root chakra associations and other maps of consciousness

Dissolving Rigid Boundaries by Paula Andrea Pyle –

Root Chakra AssociationNon-Traditional Listing
Maslow Hierarchy of NeedsSecurity
Erickson’s Child DevelopmentBirthing and Infancy – Ages 0-7
EnneagramLoyalist – No.6
Joseph Campbells – The Hero’s JourneyCall to Adventure
The YogaHatha Yoga
Spiral Dynamics Meme/sBeige – Survival Sense – Purple – Tribalistic
Wilber/MarionArchaic, Magical
Human Consciousness Levels (David Hawkins)Levels 25-75

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Other Root Chakra Associations

other root chakra associations
Other Root Chakra AssociationNon-Traditional Listing
PoetryThe Guest House – Rumi, Lost – Richard Wagoner, Summer Day – Mary Oliver.
 Fairy Tales and MythsThe Fall of Icarus – Greek Myth, The Little Match Girl – Hans Christen Andersen, The Ugly Duckling – Hans Christen Andersen.
  PaintingsLove Frozen – Alfons Siber, The Fallen Angel – Hugo Simberg

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Please note that certain of these root chakra associations and correlations are not absolute. They are, however, if taken as a whole inviting you to take the spiritual journey into a union of the personal you with the Universal you.

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This gives you lots of avenues to explore the root chakra and its associations. Have fun exploring any of these associations that excite you. Please be sure that you practice. Be committed. Do not simply make this more information.

You are here to embody Heaven on Earth and not try to escape into some transcendental realm. (The Fall of Icarus myth)

Root Chakra Healing Quote

You only have to allow the soft animal of your body to love what it loves—Mary Oliver—Wild Geese.

Do not be concerned if any of the above listings do not immediately excite you. You may never have heard of many of these associated root chakra ideas before. Pay attention to those that excite you.

If the others have meaning for you trust that your heightened spark of interest will guide you to those aspects that are natural to how Love’s Message (heart chakra energy) is flowing your way.

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Your responsibility is to honor your energy system (Y-E-S). If it sparks excitement follow it. If it sparks you with reactivity or resistance follow it. If there is no spark, then ignore it. There will be other sparks.

Root Chakra power grounds us in your Being. You feel connected to all that surrounds you. When you find yourself with a solid and strong foundation, you confidently move forward towards the direction of your dreams and what the glory that Creation intends to dream through you.

Recognizing root chakra associations can be the foundation for unfolding your true purpose, passion, and real prosperity that flows from being rooted in Presence.