What are the steps of the Journey of Prayer or the prayer process? If you search for the term “the prayer process” on the internet you get various suggestions for this process of aligning with Divine Intention.

The Prayer Process

  1. Time for Prayer
  2. Place of Prayer
  3. Turning Within
  4. Silencing the Mind
  5. Listening with the Heart
  6. The Journey of Prayer Menu

For example, one of the top searches related to the term the prayer process has as its focus praying for Christians in U.S.A.

While this prayer focus may be well intentioned this is a Level 1 prayer practice, and it won’t be answered because God doesn’t distinguish between Christian or the U.S.A.

Neither pray I for these alone but for all men – John 17-20

The idea of Christian (or other religion) and the United States of America (or other country) is a concept in the mind of the individual and those identified with the religion or nation state.

All such ideas promote the idea of separation. Prayer at Level III is beyond separation. It is an outpouring through the individual from a direct experience of unity with the Divine.

When you pray from a concept of separateness there is no alignment with Divine Intention which is forever non-separate.

If the prayer is answered it is because the prayer you prayed aligns with Divine Intention as it was always intended to be expressed through you.

At prayer Level I you tend not to be engaged in the primary task of seeking first the Kingdom. This Kingdom experience is the experience of union and connection. (Level III).

When you live and abide in the experience of Kingdom consciousness you are in union with Divine Intention and you will not be praying for the limited idea of a church, state, or religious community.

For prayer to work those who wish to undertake the Journey of Prayer need to follow the instruction, “Seek yeh first the Kingdom.”

Without the ability to abide within the experience that I refer to as Divine Intention probably 99% of your prayers will go unanswered.

So let me share with you the prayer process that I recommend that you explore.

Be aware that this is your journey. No one can take you into the direct experience of Divine Intention.

Everyone who has ever been gifted this KNOWING of Divine connection KNOWS that it is given by way of Grace. It isn’t earned.

It is as available to the greatest sinner as it is to the greatest Saint.

Take Time for Prayer

time for prayer

Be willing to be a beginner every single morning. — Meister Eckhart – Christian Mystic

The time for prayer is always but this is not how most people begin.

The Journey of Prayer is an everyday journey. The goal of the Journey of Prayer is to be ever available to the purpose of Divine Intention.

When it says, “Ask and receive,” this is the only thing (which is NO-THING) you ask for.  The problem is that for the personal sense of self – false self – this is all too little.

You begin the Journey of Prayer when you put the practice of prayer before everything else.

This will be how you begin your day.  It will be the foundation of your day.  You will find as you move through the Journey of Prayer that if you miss the practice that your day will be different.

There will be more of doing your life from the sweat of your brow rather than the flow of Divine Intention through you.

What any authentic guide on this Journey of Prayer will do is continually encourage you to trust the guidance from within that arises only from the Stillness that Speaks.

Be Still and KNOW that I AM God – Psalm 49

A Place for Prayer

place for prayer

There is no right place for prayer. It is not better to pray in a church a mosque, a temple, or a shrine although in my experience many such places have an energy that is inviting of the experience of silence and interiority.

Prayer is an inner state. It is a state of receptivity and trust. It is a state of surrender. It is a state of willingness. It is a state of consciousness.

The Kingdom of God isn’t here or there. It is within you.  If your prayer process is not an inward directed process, then don’t expect to connect to the Divine.

The place of prayer is a paradox to be experienced.

It is a Placeless place of emptiness that is forever full.  This is the place you go to in this Journey of Prayer.  It is not a belief you cling to but a KNOWING that you allow to come through you.

Without this ability to abide within this state of Divine Intention you have no real business inviting others to engage with this Journey as so many do.

The Journey of Prayer invites you to realise what it is to live as a Presence of Divine Intention rather than someone satisfied to live as a believer in such Intention.

Turning Within

inner prayer

The premier instruction of the Journey of Prayer is given as follows: –

But thou, when thou prayest, enter thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. – Matthew 6.

Don’t do as some fundamentalist Christians have done at a conference whereby, they place closets in the hotel lobby that attendees are invited to enter. (Bill O’Donoghue – Hidden Meanings)

To enter the closet means to enter the interiority of your mind. You shut the door meaning you shut down the senses and you pray in secret and in silence.

What is secret is unknown. This isn’t prayer whereby you are dictating to the Divine. This is prayer in the true sense of the word which is you being available through emptiness (kenosis).

This is prayer where you leave the distraction of the outer world (enter the closet) shut down the senses (shut the door) and surrender to the unknown (pray in secret) that will become the KNOWING through you (reward you with what is intended for you as soul).

Stilling the Mind

silent prayer

At Level I prayer there is little or no focus on silencing the overthinking personal mind.  Its all words and petition or intercession for fulfilment of that which is the agenda personal or group intention.

The very best and highest attainment in this life is to remain still and let God act and speak in you. — Meister Eckhart – Christian mystic

Thus, you have prayers for all sorts of intentions without awareness of whether such intention is in alignment with your soul or with Divine Intention.

Take no thought for your life – Matthew 6:25

There is little or no focus on the premier spiritual directions that say, “Be still and KNOW,” and, “Give no thought.”

Preach these definitive spiritual directions in church and most believers will assure you that its absolute impractical. They will assure you that if they followed these directions nothing would get done.

Without silence, stillness and giving no thought there is little or no awareness of the unending voice in the head that drives the false sense of personal self and thus there is no availability to the TRUE SELF (Thomas Merton).

There is no availability to the Still Small Voice that is the guidance from Divine Intention.

It just more “Give me my stuff” (Caroline Myss) or “Give our group their stuff”even if that is requested from good intention.

Listening with the Heart

listening prayer

If the only prayer you say is “Thank You” that will be enough – Meister Eckhart – Christian mystic

When you get your desires out of the way other than to be a channel of Divine Intention you are learning how to ask.

When your overthinking personal mind has been stilled to some degree. When you are inviting the intention, “Speak Lord thy servant heareth,” you are praying in secret.

The heart knows what the head cannot know. The heart is the spiritual heart.

It is the heart longing for union with the Beloved.

One has to learn a great lesson – that there are things beyond you which you cannot force: you can only remain open, available, waiting and they come – Osho.

This is praying in secret. It is non-forcing, availability and waiting. It is the mantra Maranatha (Lord Come).

This is where you are willing to allow whatever comes to come.

A lot of the time nothing comes that your personality can grasp hold off.

This is the reason why we have the Biblical statement “Many are called but few are chosen.”

With this way of prayer (Level III) there isn’t enough happening for the interest of the ego or personality so the choice is made to maintain the sense of separation through lower level prayer process.

You are always chosen. The choice is whether you choose to avail of the opportunity to live as a channel for the intention of the Divine.

With committed practice (entering the closet) there comes the dawning of a new way of Being in the world.

The mystic Joel Goldsmith writes about this dawning of a prayer life in the following way: –

One day something happens within. Consciousness expands and sees that which was before invisible. One feels a flow of warmth; a Presence never before known becomes tangible, very real. This often is a fleeting experience. One may not even be certain it has occurred. It lingers in memory, but more as a dream than an actuality until it happens again, and this time more clearly and definite, and perhaps lasting longer. Gradually there dawns the realization of a Presence that is always present. – Our Essential Existence – The Infinite Way – Joel Goldsmith

Prayer Challenge Menu

effortless yoga

This 10 Day Prayer Challenge is being written as from the beginning of August 2021.  It often takes more than a day to write, edit and add images to one day of content.

Below are links to those days of the challenge that have been written as of 10th August 2021.

This concludes this 10 Day Prayer Challenge which is an introduction to the Journey of Prayer. It is an outline of the map of the territory.

I plan to write another 10 day prayer challenge which is focused on the practices that take you into the higher levels of the prayer journey.