power of allowing

The Power of Allowing

I want to relate this Power of Allowing to what it means to be a Lightworker. Let me give you a working definition of a Lightworker so we can explore this practice together. My definition of what it means to be a Lightworker is:-

A Lightworker is an individual who allows the Light to work through them.

If you are new to expressing the radiance you are, I recommend that you move from being a worker to becoming an allower.

This is not just my recommendation. I invite you to do this from the wisdom teaching of one of the world’s greatest ever Lightworkers–Light Allower–Christ Jesus who declared:-

I can of myself do nothing—John 5:30

Any true Lightworker is allowing the Light to work through them.  As Albert Schweitzer said, “My job is to amuse the patient long enough to allow the Divine healing to take place.”

The key to learning to be a Lightworker is not in work but in allowing.

Allowing is an art. It requires.

  • Commitment,
  • Patience and.
  • Discipline.

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What is a Lightworker

lightworker workout

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No one is a Lightworker. Being a Lightworker is like the popular teaching called the Law of Attraction.

As they teach this Law of Attraction it is not at all attractive. It suggests that your work is to tell the Universe—the Light of Creation—how it is to shine through you.

No. You as a Light Allower are to be available to how the Light created you to uniquely express through you.

A man who can do everything fully consciously becomes a luminous phenomenon. He is all light, and his entire life is full of fragrance and flowers. ~ Osho.

Your work is to cultivate the muscle of allowing. It is the essential spiritual process of deepening surrender.

The Light Comes Through You

definition of a light worker

Let the Light Come True

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Let me share some spiritual guidance that will allow you to be a true Lightworker. When I use the term Lightworker, I mean you do any work with the lightest of touches.

Best of all you allow the work to be done through you.

In this way you become aligned in the same way that the Master Jesus aligned himself with the Light—“By myself I do nothing.”

Are you prepared to become a non-doer and a universal nobody? These are the credentials of a Light worker.

The paradox to be KNOWN is this. Your becoming a non-doer and a nobody is the REAL SECRET. This is how you become truly prosperous, which is shining your light into the world.

Only this approach to real secret is not very popular with most people.

This is because you have to give up control. Be willing to stop dictating your wants so the desire of Creation can manifest through you.

Guidance from a Lightworker

lightworker abilities

Light will Guide You Home

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To give you guidance in relation to unfolding the Light within you I share with you a poem by one of the best Light Allowers that ever graced this planet.

The Breeze at Dawn

The breeze at dawn
Has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.

People are going back and
Forth across the doorsill
Where the two worlds meet

The door is round and open
Don’t go back to sleep


So let me unfold this invitation to awakening to the Light that you will then allow to work its magic through you.

Language of the Light

language of the light

In the Light of Love

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Here you have the language of the Light Allower.

This is the language of mystical poetry. It is a key way of communicating the mystery that you are a part of but never apart from.

The keywords and phrases in this poem, and there are many, include.

Part I

Part II.

  • Asking for what you really want.
  • Back and forth – The Ordinary and the Extra Ordinary.
  • Doorsill—Crossing the Threshold.
  • Two worlds—Sacred Unity.
  • Door—Entering the Temple of Silence.
  • Round and Open—Experiencing Wholeness.

This is a premier poem related to the experience of spiritual awakening and what follows this experience.

I list these words and phrases in Part I and Part II because I intend to make this an extensive reflection on what it requires to be a Lightworker.

The reason is that I want to include material that is video and audio and if there is too much of this in one article, then for some the page would take forever to load.

I hope this won’t detract from your enjoyment of this exploration that is an invitation to what Hafiz refers to as.

…the magnificence of the Light of your own Being—Hafiz of Shiraz.

The Lightworker Journey

the lightworkers journey

Journey into the Light

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The 1st thing to recognize is that to be a Light Allower you must have at least once been through the door where the two worlds meet.

This not only makes you a Light Allower but also a mystic. I define a mystic as any individual who has had a direct encounter with the Divine.

Here is a poem I recorded about the awakening experience whereby you become a blaze of Light.

From Vacillation
W.B. Yeats


My fiftieth year had come and gone,
I sat, a solitary man,
In a crowded London shop,
An open book and empty cup
On the marble table-top.

While on the shop and street I gazed
My body of a sudden blazed;
And twenty minutes more or less
It seemed, so great my happiness,
That I was blessèd and could bless.

Here I am not speaking about some high at a weekend mission where you declare yourself to be saved.

If you haven’t been across the doorsill, and you will KNOW you have, then you are claiming a direct experience of the Light that you have not had.

This is not popular news. It is difficult to hear. The ego, the personal sense of the separate self wants to claim that it is a Lightworker.

This crossing of the two worlds gives you the only real foundation to claim a connection to the Light.

This experience will make you humble. You, like the Master Jesus will recognize that you are merely a channel for the Grace of Love’s forever becoming.

Your purpose becomes that of a servant. Your purpose is to serve Love’s purpose. You recognize that ultimately you are not in control.

You allow Love’s purpose to breeze through you. You become a listener to the wind of your soul.

Here is a song I love to sing to people on their birthday. It is to remind them to listen to the truth of who they are.  I remember being asked to do this for a young woman at the Earthsong Festival in Ireland. It was her 30th birthday.

I told her that this song was to remind her to listen to what her soul was calling her to become. No one had ever spoken to her in this way before.  She cried at the thought.

The Wind

I listen to the wind
To the wind of my soul
Where I’ll end up well I think
Only God really knows

I’ve sat upon the settin’ sun
But never, never, never, never
I never wanted water once
No, never, never, never

I listen to my words but
They fall far below
I let my music take me
Where my heart wants to go

I swam upon the devil’s lake
But never, never, never, never
I’ll never make the same mistake
No, never, never, never

The Dawning of the Light

lightworker purpose

Lightworker Purpose – Awakening to the Light

Photo by Xavier Coiffic on Unsplash

The dawn is not to be taken literally. It isn’t referencing the early morning although the early morning is a time of silence and a time when secrets arise within.

The dawn metaphorically symbolizes the arising of the Light within you.

One of the best descriptions of such arising is by the American mystic Joel Goldsmith writing in the Infinite Way.

One day something happens. Consciousness expands and sees that which before was invisible. One feels a flow of warmth; a Presence never before known becomes tangible, very real. This often is a fleeting experience.

One may not even be certain, it occurred. It lingers in memory, but more as a dream than an actuality until it happens again, and this time more clearly and more definite, and perhaps lasting longer. Gradually, there dawns in consciousness the realization of a Presence always present.

This Presence may be felt as if lurking in the background of one’s consciousness.

At times it becomes a very commanding Presence domination the scene or experience of the moment.

This is the beginning of spiritual growth and development as a process and not as a one-off revelation. You as the Lightworker go to the gym each dawn to work the muscle of inviting and allowing of Presence.

You recognize that you are not who you think you are. You are becoming more attuned to the Light Presence that you truly are.

A Lightworker in the genuine sense of the word is the one who has learned to use the muscles of connection and surrender. This is the Lightworkers workout.

They have worked at opening the door that separates them from the Light.

This is the work that you can do and must do to live your one wild and precious life in service to Love’s Purpose.

The Secrets of Secrets

what lightworkers do

What Lightworkers Do – They Illuminate the World

Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash

Rumi is referring to the Secret of Secrets that is inside you. This is The REAL Secret Law of Attraction, but not the way it is popularly understood.

It is you allowing that which is truly attractive. What is truly attractive is to manifest Love’s Purpose uniquely.

The Secret is that which is unknown but which can be KNOWN through you.

The Secret is forever NEW. It comes out of the emptiness that is forever full. It comes out of the Infinite that creates the finite. It comes out of the Timeless into time.

You don’t co-create from the Secret.

Co-creation happens through you. Again the Master Jesus, “I by myself do nothing.” You allow yourself to be a happening out of NO-THING.

There are no vision boards. There are no affirmations. Creation affirms through you the vision it always had for you as you.

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Don’t Go Back to Sleep

define lightworker

For Pity’s Sake Awake – Christopher Fry

Photo by David Mao on Unsplash

Rumi is not referring to having some extra shut eye.

He is referring to the sleep that is the sense of the separate personal self. This separate sense of self is the primary cause of most unnecessary suffering.

This is the sleep that you are to awaken from.

You are asleep to the awareness of your soul. Your soul is the Sleeping Beauty inside you.

Story of Sleeping Beauty

Viewing the tale of Sleeping Beauty from a higher and alchemical position reveals something antithetical to what we were taught as children.

No one is meant to save us, particularly not a special soulmate who kisses our forehead and brings us out of our sleep.

The deeper meaning of this story is the recognition and conjoining of our feminine and masculine aspects.

Alchemy uses a series of unique images that illustrate this process.

The King and Queen start out fully clothed (separate and concealed) then immerse themselves in an alchemical bath where the transformation begins.

The lovers, who were once opposites are now connected into inseparable wholeness.

Alchemical love has attained its exultant zenith.

The opposite energies of the prince/Sleeping Beauty, the King/Queen, and the Solar/Lunar, become transmuted through the alchemical process which is can only be done solo and can be very painful.

It’s an “undoing” of all that we have learned and at times, we may feel as though we are being turned inside out.

Sometimes we pass through the alchemical stages at varying times, and, sometimes we move through two or more simultaneously.

Extracted from


You marry your connection to your soul purpose (Sleeping Beauty) and like all delightful fairy tales live happily ever after.

This is not the happily ever after of the personality. There is no happily ever after for those who live the sleep of the persona (mask).

Your soul is your connection to the Light. You are like a sunbeam emanating from the Long Time Sun (The Incredible String Band).

If you have no soul connection, then you are simply a person working as someone claiming a connection to the Light which you are asleep to.

Debbie Ford warns about this disconnect in her classic book The Darkside of the Lightchasers—Reclaiming you Power, Creativity, Brilliance and Dreams.

This is instructive reading, if not popular reading, for those who would be Lightworkers.

The Darkside of the Lightchasers

You must go into the dark in order to bring forth your light.

When we suppress any feeling or impulse, we are also suppressing its polar opposite. If we deny our ugliness, we lessen our beauty.

If we deny our fear, we minimize our courage. If we deny our greed, we also reduce our generosity. Our full magnitude is more than most of us can ever imagine.


Part II What is A Lightworker – A Practice of Allowing

working as a lightworker

Working with the Light

Photo by David Mao on Unsplash

Part II of this reflection and exploration of what it means to be a Lightworker – Light Allower includes understanding

  • How to ask for What you really want.
  • Crossing the Threshold
  • Going through the Open Door.

This will give and overview of what it is to practice the Power of Allowing.

You will learn how to allow the Light of your own being to work through you and to bless and be blessed (W. B. Yeats).

Available from late March 2020

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