One of the genuine challenges of the spiritual journey is the issue of spiritual authority. Who on this journey do you give here authority too and whether to give them such authority?

Real spiritual authority comes from communion with the Still Small Voice Within. Mystic Joel Goldsmith in his book The Infinite Way calls this authority the Soul faculty.

The soul is a part of man which is little known and seldom realized Joel Goldsmith the infinite way.

The issue is that when you begin the spiritual journey there is rarely the ability to access the Still Small Voice Within. That Still Small Voice Within has drowned out by the non-stillness of the overthinking personal mind.

Most of what you think is the accumulation of other people’s opinions and beliefs who in turn have acquired their ideas and beliefs from other people. You live, not a life of presence, but a life of ideation. When you look at the world, you filter it through your ideas.

The spiritual journey is a journey of undoing and letting go.

It is a paradoxical journey into emptiness. This word emptiness appears very uninviting to the personal sense of self. You might think you disappear into nothing. The idea is that you cease to exist. The truth is that the last there is a view as a sense of the personal self – the cause of suffering – that there are more the more there is of life.

You’re not someone living a life.

You are life living as an expression of the infinite within the boundary of time. When Jesus said, “I am come that you might have life and have life more abundantly,” he wasn’t talking about greater prosperity and more stuff. He was talking about KNOWING your connection with your immortal self.

This KNOWING of the immortal self is not a belief.

It is an experience. Only you can validate the truth of this experience. I have met more than enough religious teachers inviting this experience who have never heard the experience. They have no authority, yet they claim to do so.

The only person authorized to guide you on the spiritual journey is the Mystic. Anyone else is the blind leading the blind which is around 90% of the people claiming religious and spiritual authority.

Recognize the spiritual teacher will continually point you towards your inner knowing.

If the spiritual authority asks you to believe in a dogma without inviting you to directly experience what the teaching points toward, then you have the believer creating the believer. Neither knows what they’re talking about.

Spiritual authority comes from within.

This is how authentic spiritual teachers gain such authority. It is always given through Grace. You don’t get it. You allow it. It comes from the willingness to trust but you have a genuine challenge because most every one of us has been taught to mistrust our inner guidance system.

As young children we learned to shut it down to survive.  Spiritual authority is where you commit to reclaiming the knowing of your inner child.

Unless you become as little children Open brackets in our knowing close brackets you shall not enter the Kingdom open brackets the true self closed brackets.

Header the uniqueness of spiritual authority

The question of authority is very different if you are going to someone to learn how to play guitar. It will soon become apparent to you whether such a person has the authority they claim. Such is not the case with spiritual authority.

That someone is a minister, a priest, a rabbi doesn’t mean they have spiritual authority. They’re probably list defined anyone claiming such authority because such authority depends on adherence to a given belief system.

Those who have real authority in spiritual matters have a real challenge if they want to remain part of a hierarchical religious institution. Many of the teachers I admire have been thrown out up their religious affiliation because the management considered the way they taught to be unorthodox. The difference was that they were talking from direct experience.

Note add quotation regarding the Christian Mystic Meister Eckhart

The individual who has genuine spiritual authority is one who has been graced to know the eternal. The problem is that there is no outer sign to say that anyone has been graced such knowing of the Divine.

There are, however, signs.

A Mystic will recognize another Mystic whatever tradition they belong to. A Mystic recognizes a non-Mystic. This appears a kind of arrogance but it’s only more recognition and attunement. There is the experience of communion. It is incredibly beautiful.

The joy of the Mystic is to commune.

Saint Francis of Assisi said it this way, open quotations go ahead in the world and preach the gospel and if necessary, use words. Close quotations instead of words the Mystic moves as a lover in the world as a channel of divine intent. Their desire is to be a channel for loves purpose.

That’s not about making people believers but about being a living invitation to that which is beyond belief.