What is spiritual poetry and why is it important to become versed in this language of the spiritual journey?

Much of what passes for spiritual instruction is by way of theology, concepts, and dogma. Theology is the approach to God through logic. Theo—God—ology—logic.

It is the approach through the personal mind.

The direct INNER KNOWING of God is not logical. Logic is dualistic. KNOWING is non-dualistic. KNOWING is not mental. You do not access it through logic.

Access to Divine communion is a feeling. The mystic teacher Joel Goldsmith writing in The Infinite Way writes.

To receive the spiritual sense, we need to feel rather than reason—Joel Goldsmith – The Infinite Way.

Spiritual poetry, mystical poetry, is written from that state of being which invites you to feel your connection to Divine Source. Often such poetry is the poetry of longing, but it is also the poetry of healing.

It reminds you of that place and state of wholeness within.

Spiritual poetry is healing poetry in the sense that it reminds you what is beyond the separate sense of the personal self. All those who are mystics move toward expressing their direct experience of the Divine through the medium of spiritual poetry.

This comes out of their deepening relationship to silence. For one mystic poet it involves turning around a pillar that takes them to their center.

Say fewer praise poems. Become living poetry—Rumi

Every thought is buried in your heart. He will reveal them one by one in silence – Rumi

The invitation that is the spiritual journey is for you to become living poetry.

This is the experience of spontaneously expressing from the heart. It is speaking from the deep heart’s core (W. B. Yeats). It is speaking that sweet moon language (Hafiz of Shiraz).

As an expression of living poetry, you do not preach. You are not on a mission to save souls or convert people to your way of thinking or believing. You are simply a channel of healing. You recognize the truth of the statement by the Master Jesus “By myself I do nothing.”

The paradox of this experience of living poetry is that in the words of the poet Khalil Gibran you become dangerous.

And we shall stand in the sun with a will and we shall be dangerous.—Defeat by Kahlil Gibran

You become a real changemaker. The change comes from a higher level of consciousness, which is the only way that real change manifests.

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