The spiritual journey is a journey of learning to trust your INNER KNOWING. It is not a journey of belief or of blind faith in a doctrine of words. Words invite knowledge about. Presence and insight allow for revelation.

Much of our learning has been about acquiring knowledge and information. This has given us significant benefits. We have more information than at any point in the history of humanity and is speeding up exponentially.

What we need individually and collectively is transformation.

You cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness by which you created it. – Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein was not only the father of modern science but also a mystic. The experience of INNER KNOWING is a different level of consciousness. It is higher and wholistic. It is creative and healing.

As a beginner on the spiritual journey, it is ESSENTIAL that you return to trusting your inner guidance system which is your inner knowing. This is also what we call heart-knowing.

The heart KNOWS the way. Run in that direction—Rumi.

The whole of the spiritual journey is the willingness to trust your inner voice.

Recognize that you are not to take the phrase “trust your inner voice” literally. You do have a voice but it is the inner voice of your overthinking mind.  This is not the inner voice that brings you KNOWING.

The voice in your head is the servant that has taken over the Palace and is running riot.

We are, everyone of us, like a wise guru in charge of a mental patient – Jamie Catto – Insanely Gifted.

Trust your inner knowing is learning to trust your energy system (Y-E-S). You learn how to become available to how the Divine speaks through you. This speaking is by way of enthusiasm, excitement, joy, and real prosperity and purpose.

Signs that you are in tune with the Infinite are that your life flows. Your focus is on maining and contribution. You feel connected to something more than the limited sense of the personal self.

This is not a new belief you adopt. The modern mystic Joel Goldsmith writing in The Infinite Way describes the awakening of this inner knowing in this way.

One day something happens within. Consciousness expands and sees that which before was invisible. One feels a flow of warmth.; a Presence never before known becomes tangible, very real. This often is a fleeting experience. One may not be certain that it occurred. It lingers in memory, but more as a dram than as an actuality, until it happens again and this time more clearly, more definitely and perhaps lasting longer. Gradually there dawns in consciousness the realization of a Presence that is ever present. – The Infinite Way—Joel Goldsmith

Such is the beginning of inner knowing. You begin to have confidence, to trust the wisdom voice within. This is not a thinking process but a feeling process. You feel into inner knowing more than analyzing.

This is the practice I call authentic faith rather than belief. This is learning how to trust your inner guidance system (Y-E-S). I will share the practice that invites how to trust your inner knowing in later lessons.

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Steps to Knowledge – The Book of Inner Knowing

This is an interesting book that has 4.5 star rating from 48 reviews. This suggests that it is worth reading.

One idea would be to use the book as a year’s journey into exploring what it means to experience inner knowing.

Steps to Knowledge – A Book of Inner Knowing

Inner Knowing Quotations

Your purpose in life is to discover your Knowledge so that you can be your Self. As your True Self, you can contribute specific gifts because you have come here to give something, not to take something. People who have begun to recall their True Home and their associations beyond this life are in a position to truly contribute because they are being fed so richly. Their memory, which is now returning to them, enables them to contribute to life without being thwarted by it. That is the source of great happiness. – Marshall Vian Summers