The 1st Pillar of Spiritual Development is trust. The 2nd Pillar is Intention. Nothing happens without intention. Stepping out on the spiritual journey of awakening begins in earnest when you have the intention to trust your inner KNOWING.

How we explore the power of intention is by The Way of Sankapala – Heartfelt Desire

This is not intention focused through goal setting. We drive goal setting from the energy of the personal will while Sankalpa is the allowing of the expression of Divine Will.

Not that you cannot set goals, but such goals are organic. They are directed from alignment with the Will to Love rather than the will to power. The Will to Love is the higher energy of the 3rd chakra. This is the chakra connected to the power of the personal will.

The key intention of the spiritual journey is the alignment of the personal will with the Will of the Divine. This is why you have the line in the Lord’s prayer.

They will be done on earth as it is in Heaven – Matthew 6:10

Heaven is not a place of pearly gates and angels playing harps.

It is an inner state of union with the Infinite that allows you to KNOW that you too are infinite and eternal.  Not that you are God. It is that you are never apart from God or the Divine.

In this lesson, you are invited to

  • Honor the Power of Intention.
  • Explore the commitment to Sankalpa
  • Align your Goals with your Heart’s Desire.

The Power of Intention

What sets you apart from all other sentient creatures on this planet is that you can choose. You have what is called your personal will. You can choose to do one thing against another.

A lot of what I see that passes for spiritual teachings is really a focus on using the personal will as a kind of Cosmic Ordering system. You see this a lot in the teachings called The Law of Attraction. It’s where you are taught to use your intention to acquire more stuff.

What they do not teach you is when more stuff will ever be enough. In this course, the focus is on teaching techniques that invite you to be the revelation of forever enough.

In the 1st Half of Life for many people, the focus is on developing the personality and establishing a sense of self and particular lifestyle. This is what the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung called establishing the ego.  The ego is the sense of the personal self that we refer to as “I, me and mine.”

In the 1st Half of Life it’s all about me and mine and my stuff.  This is a necessary part of the journey of living on this planet. This is how it is for most people unless they are old souls or been graced a mystical encounter. Hopefully, after the age of thirty, they will have experienced some major dissatisfaction.

At such a point they will hopefully ask questions that will take them into what the Greek philosopher Sócrates called “The examined life.” This is to explore the reason they exist and if their life has meaning and purpose (which it always does).

This is where a Mentor will invite you to move from self-seeking to seeking the Self. The seeking of the Self is the right focus of the 2nd Half of Life. It this does not happen then as the poet Goethe declares in his poem The Holy Longing.

And if you have not known this, then you are only a guest on this dark earth—Goethe — The Holy Longing.

What you “have not known” is the KNOWING of the True Self (Thomas Merton).

The KNOWING of the True Self is what will bring you ultimate fulfillment. It gives you the KNOWING of your true purpose and the meaning of Life. The meaning of life is to Love. In feeling your connection with the Divine, you KNOW that Love is who and why you are.

Your task is to trust your inner knowing through connection to the heart. It is from this connection that you commit to being aligned with your Sankalpa.


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In order to access your true heart’s desire you have to commit to the power of silence.

Sankalpa Mantra

Krishna Das – I want to Know What Love Is.

As someone who loves the practice of devotional singing, (Kirtan) (Bhakti Yoga)  I love this combination of mantra and modern song lyrics.  This “I want to know what Love is” is the call to KNOWING who you are.

Sankalpa Song

This is a song I love song so beautifully by Antony of Antony and the Johnsons.

Aligning your personal will with the will of the Divine really is the beginning of alignment with finding true meaning and purpose.

IMPORTANT NOTE – There is an error in this song lyric that seems to imply it is not the will of the Divine to end suffering. The reason for suffering is the nonalignment of your will.