Today I want to explore the invitation to what I will call the discipline of intentional prayer practice.

This is really the goal of this 10 Day Prayer Challenge. It is to invite you to live an intentional life of prayer that expands and blesses your life and that extends such blessing beyond yourself.

To explore this invitation, let me outline the way in which this exploration will unfold.

Right Intention

right intention

Right Intention is the Highest Intention – The Realization of the Divine Within

There is a statement in the Bible that says, “As a man thinketh in his heart so he is.” – Proverbs 23:7

This is a statement related to the need for right intention. The problem is that most of us think with our heads and have never been introduced to “thinking from the heart.”

What is your heart’s core intention in relation to this 10 Day Prayer Challenge?

My intention is to persuade you to make a long-term commitment to unfolding the way in which you can Companion the Greatness within you.

The Journey of Prayer is the journey into the direct experience of KNOWING LOVE as being who you are. This is the greatest adventure that you can ever go on.

In mythology this called The Search for the Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail is not some magical cup outside yourself but the cup of fullness you are created to allow to pour through you when you live in alignment with the Infinite.

Right Intention is where you are on this Journey of Prayer for the long haul.  It is the journey from time to the Timeless.

It is a program where you are training to become fit for the revelation that blesses your life and the life of the collective called humanity.

Your will is the power given to the soul. Intention is the direction the soul is looking. The will is the power that guides it that way. – Michael Singer – The Untethered Soul

This is how important you are, not as a person, but as a Being. Important not as a person but as a soul.

Disciple of Prayer

beginners guide to prayer

The disciple, the sannyasin, the student of spirituality is one who follows three steps needed for developing any art and especially the subtle and artful skill related to the practice of prayer.

The three key aspects are: –

  • Commitment
  • Discipline and
  • Patience.

If you are to explore the practice of prayer and have it have meaning and purpose for your life, then you are entering the territory of the disciple.

This is no short-term instant results program.  It is a program of unfolding the life that Creation intends you to live. This 10 Day Prayer Challenge is an overview of the territory.

A commitment to an intentional prayer practice is where you commit to follow the key spiritual invitation, “Seek yeh first the Kingdom of Heaven and all shall be added too you.”

This is not simply a commitment of someone who identifies with the teachings of Christ. It is for everyone who longs to fulfil the highest potential seeded within them.

Prayer Commitment

prayer commitment

People have forgotten the language of commitment. They have forgotten the beauty of commitment; they don’t know the joys of dedication. They don’t know what it means to be utterly dedicated to something. To be utterly dedicated to something means giving birth to a soul in you. – Osho

We live in the age of instant gratification and expectation. We are told that if we want it, we can have it, and we should have it ‘now.’

Over the last decade we have been introduced to the popular teaching called The Law of Attraction.

This teaching invites you to imagine that you live in a Cosmos where you simply place an order for anything you want.

You are told you are a co-creator with the Universe.

While this is true at a certain level of consciousness what is co-created isn’t dictated by you but is allowed to manifest through you from soul intent.

Commitment is your willingness to go wherever the adventure leads. It is the intention to follow the promptings of your soul.

With the Journey of Prayer this involves the adventure into the unknown and the uncharted.

It isn’t that others haven’t explored the territory but as Rumi has said, “It’s your road. No one can walk it for you.”

There will be challenges that you must face. This is how one grows and matures in the practice of prayer.

Without commitment to something meaningful such as the unending and expansive Journey of Prayer you will lose your zest for life as so many have.

Prayer Discipline

prayer discipline

O body swayed to music, O brightening glance, how can we know the dancer from the dance? – W. B. Yeats

Discipline has become a dirty word.  For many it means doing what you do not really want to do.  Your heart is not in it.

This is really the corruption of a word deeply related to the energy of a committed heart.

Discipline must come from the heart.

It cannot simply be driven from the personal will. It may begin with the focus of the personal will but that is probably not sustainable in the long term and certainly not a source of joy in the long term.

On the Journey of Prayer, the discipline you are committed to is inner discipline.

Otherwise, discipline as a forced practice over the long term makes you dull.  It kills your freedom and your Being.

Discipline driven from the love of prayer will lead to an overflow of creativity and blessings arising from within without effort on your part.

You will begin to recognize that on days when you do not engage with intentional prayer practice that your day is different. There will be no overflowing of energy.

With a life of prayer your life will be disciplined, not by any effort, but by your deepening inner understanding of your connection to the Divine.

Real discipline is where you allow the Divine to dance through you.

This is prayer as an expression of your love of existence. It is where you are praying always because its such fun and so fulfilling. Inside you are dancing.

Intentional prayer practice is the commitment to becoming an outpouring of Divine Intention.

Prayer and Patience

prayer and patience

Infinite Patience produces Immediate Results – Wayne Dyer

Those who embark on the Journey of Prayer will need infinite patience.

Your degree of patience indicates your level of trust that the Universe knows how to express and fulfil itself through you as it has intended.

With patience you become a flow and an outpouring of Divine Intention. You are not pushing the river with visualisation, vison boards and affirmations.

You are open to becoming a living affirmation envisaged by the Divine. You wait without waiting. You wait within time for the Timeless to pour through you.

Patience is the greatest religious quality. It is the surrender of your personal will to the Will of the Divine. It is your commitment to trust the heart and soul of who you are created to BE.

All prayer is infinite patience.

The Journey of Prayer is vast. So don’t be in a hurry. You are on the journey from the world of time into the world of the Timeless.

The mystic poet Rumi says it this way.

Come out of the circle of time into the Circle of Love – Rumi.

Such is the Journey of Prayer.

The Journey of Prayer

effortless yoga

This 10 Day Prayer Challenge is being written as from the beginning of August 2021.  It often takes more than a day to write, edit and add images to one day of content.

Below are links to those days of the challenge that have been written as of 5th August 2021.

The Journey of Prayer is the journey of Awakening the Heart and learning the experience that is “As a Man Thinketh in his Heart” as a guide to personal fulfilment via connection with the transpersonal.