The importance of silence cannot be overstated. It is the forgotten paradoxical power. All wisdom teachings and all wisdom teachers point to its ever-increasing importance along the spiritual journey of unfolding your magnificence and companioning your Greatness.

Here in this article on the importance of silence I will share with you images, quotes, books, poetry, song, and video from many different teachers modern and old and from all traditions.

Each of these quotations on silence will have an image and below it a sharing of the deeper meaning invited from the quotation.

I am moving to creating more 10 day and 21-day series of invitations related to the spiritual journey and its process rather than create individual blogs related to various topics.

In this way I hope you find a series that will give you a greater grounding in any specific topic that calls to you.

As of beginning Sept 2021 I am starting with the 21 Quotes about silence and solitude.  This will be divided into three parts and then extended into a 21-day program for those interested in this topic.

Importance of Silence – 21 Invitations

Importance of Silence – Part I

  1. The Nearest Thing – Miester Eckhart
  2. The Truest Communication – Bernadette Roberts
  3. Be Still and KNOW – Jesus of Nazareth
  4. The Sound of Silence – Simon and Garfunkel
  5. Silence is Golden – The Tremolo’s
  6. A Day of Silence – Hafiz of Shiraz
  7. Stillness Speaks – Eckhart Tolle.

Benefits of Silence

  • Purpose.
  • Peace
  • Prosperity
  • Presence

Importance of Silence – Part II

  1. Inviting Silence – Gunilla Norris
  2. Silence is Meditation – Osho.
  3. All is Known – Rumi
  4. Only in Silence – Tagore
  5. Silence is the Way – Sadhguru
  6. You are Silence – Mooji
  7. Thunder of Silence – Joel Goldsmith

Part III

  1. Silence beyond Sound – Joseph Campbell.
  2. Silence is Strength – Lao Tzu
  3. Into Silence – Deva Premal (Sounds True)
  4. The Silence of the Heart – Robert Adams
  5. Above All – Simone Weil
  6. The Inspiration You Seek – Rumi
  7. Everything that’s created – Wayne Dyer

The Nearest Thing

meister eckhart quote

The nearest thing to God is Silence – Meister Eckhart – Christian Mystic

Many of the quotations you will find related to the power of silence are paradoxical in nature. This is because one is trying to describe in words that experience which is beyond words.

The Christian mystic Meister Eckhart could we have said, “The nearest NO-THING to God is silence.” This “no thing” is not to be confused with the idea of “nothing.”  The word “nothing” has a negative connotation.

The word “no-thing” can be equated with the invitation to experience that which is infinite, but which has not yet been made manifest into something.

In mystical parlance we call this the emptiness that is forever full.

In Irish mythology this is the forth of the Four Treasures of Ireland. This are the treasures you are created to discover and manifest. (Being Beautiful – Learning to Treasure the REAL You).

It is from the Infinite that all things are created.

Truest Communication

silence as communion with god

The truest communication with God is absolute, total silence – Bernadette Roberts – Modern mystic

For most people living in the hustle and bustle of the world of time and space the idea of silence is considered a waste of time.

Who would ever think that the way to experience being plugged into the power of the Universe is through the willingness to enter silence?

This is not a silence that is simply an absence of noise although in the beginning this absence of noise is helpful. This is a silence within that you become.  It is an where you get out of the way.

Instead of your focus on thinking about your life direction you open to being thought through. You open to the truth of who you are created to express.

You become an expression of flow. You become a happening.

Be Still and KNOW

be still and know meaning

Be still and KNOW that I AM God – Psalm 46:10

This is the premier spiritual instruction that takes you beyond the conceptual belief in or about God or Source.

The emphasise here is the experience of KNOWING.  Most organized religions have a focus on belief because all that is required is an ascent to the teachings.

KNOWING takes you beyond belief.

This is not an intellectual understanding but an experiential and intuitive understanding.  If understanding does not transform the way you see and move in the world then it is not KNOWING.

When you become still and KNOW the I AM you transcend the experience of the personal sense of self. You for a moment enter the world beyond time.  You for a moment step into eternity.

The impartation of truth is always from God to man and not man to God. Man must therefore learn to listen to the Still Small Voice Within – Joel Goldsmith

This is different from believing in eternal life.

KNOWING eternal life is what sets you free. To invite this KNOWING is to become still and silent so that Divine Intention becomes a living experience of communion.

Don’t pick up any thought or intention to do something – Mooji – Don’t Fight Your Mind.

Sound of Silence

what does the sound of silence mean

Hello, darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

Within the sound of silence

The sound of silence is a paradox.

You shut your eyes and open yourself to the darkness that is your friend would that you trust the process of exploring an inner emptiness that leads you to experience true fulfilment.

In this way the vision of who you are uniquely created to be and to express in the world comes softly creeping and is revealed through you.

Silence is Golden

silence is golden meaning

Silence is Golden but my eyes still See – The Tremolo’s

The word ‘golden’ is a metaphor for the gold of KNOWING the True Self. There is no greater treasure. It is from the experience of silence that you claim that treasure.

From this golden experience you can declare: –

The Secret of Secrets is inside me again—A Land not Mine – Anna Akhmatova


This secret, golden treasure is the ability to FEEL your soul connection.

You learn to FEEL the Force that destroys the darkness. In reality, there is no destruction. There is only illumination.

Day of Silence

day of silence meaning


A Day of Silence
Can be a pilgrimage in itself.

A Day of Silence
Can help you listen
To the Soul play
Its marvellous lute and drum.

Is not most talking

A crazed defence of a crumbling fort?
I thought we came here
To surrender in Silence,

To yield to Light and Happiness,
To Dance within
In celebration of Love’s Victory!

— Hafiz, I Heard God Laughing by Daniel Ladinsky

For the majority of Western over-thinking personal minds the idea of a day of silence is unappealing. What to do all day?

A day of silence is where you go on retreat. This is a challenging experience for many unfamiliar with the invitation.

The magic is that on such a day you can often find yourself laughting for no reason. You surrender to the magic of the silence within.

Stillness Speaks

stillness speaks

Wisdom comes with the ability to be still. Just look and listen. No more is needed. – Eckhart Tolle

Here is another beautiful quotation on stillness and silence from a modern-day mystic. This comes from one of my favourite books by Eckart Tolle entitled Stillness Speaks.

If you would like to listen to the author read the book I recommend you listen to the YouTube video shared below.

However, as the author advises at the beginning of this is not a book you read from cover to cover or listen to at one session.

It is a book that invites you to explore what are referred to as sutras or aphorisms. These are short wisdom teachings.

In Christianity these sutras or aphorisms are equivalent to parables.#

Benefits of Silence

benefits of silence

Silence is a source of great strength. Lao Tzu

The benefits of silence have to be explored in order for them to be discovered.  The modern world of doing doesn’t really value the power of silence. It is seen as a waste of time.

The benefits of silence include finding real:-

  • Pupose.
  • Peace
  • Prosperity
  • Presence

Benefits of Silence 1 – Purpose

A committed practice of silence allows you to live in alignment with Divine Intention. The modern spiritual teacher Guy Finley says it this way.

Your purpose is to serve Love’s Purpose – Guy Finley – Spiritual Teacher.

You are not here to dictate how the Message of Love (21 Ways) is to be expressed through you. You are here to learn how to allow this to be you experience of fulfilment.

This allowing usually begins in earnest for many people in the 2nd half of life.

In this way you allow the true purpose of Life to find you and you embody it within this experience of time and space.

Benefits of Silence 2 – Peace

benefits of silence and solitude

The tree of silence bears the fruit of peace. Proverb

This is peace of mind but a peace beyond your overthinking personal mind.

You will find peace when you learn to allow yourself to be thought through.  This is the meaning of the strange spiritual instruction given by the Master Jesus when he advises, “Give no thought.”

This is the practical invitation to meditation and real prayer. (10 Day Prayer Challenge).

Peace of mind is really the peace of NO-MIND. This is not to be considered a loss.  It is where you choose to be available to the infinite and the forever new rather than to live in the past or the future.

This does not mean you never have regard to the past or plan for the future but the future is guided from the experience of the peace of inner Presence.

Benefits of Silence 3 – Prosperity

Developing the practice of abiding within silence leads to the experience of true prosperity.

This is the supply of money, health and wealth.  However, this is not the pursuit of money, health and wealth.

True prosperity comes from living in alignment with the way in which Divine Intention has created you to express through you.

The key focus for this to work is for you to trust that the Universe has your back which it does.

Without this trust you will be required to earn your living from the sweat of your brow rather than from the flow of Creation as intended to flow through you.

Silence links you to the experience of spiritual prosperity rather than the limited focus on material prosperity.

Whatever resonates – resonates – Mooji – Don’t Fight the Mind.

Benefits of Silence 4 – Presence

spiritual benefits of silence

We convince by our Presence – Walt Whitman – American poet

Silence invites you to live from the state of Presence. This is where the Creative Intelligence of the Universe is available to flow through you and as you.

You allow Divine Intention to be present within you (as if always is) and express through you as it is intended to do.

This requires the willingness to trust the seeming simplicity of the practice of allowing.

The personal mind does not take you into the silence that brings purpose, peace, prosperity and Presence.

This is why the Master Jesus instructs, “Give no thought.” (Matthew 6:25)

To give no thought is the practice of trust in silent allowing and receiving that which is designed to be gifted through you from the Creative Intelligence of the Universe.

The Universal Mind that flows through everyone KNOWS no limitation or lack, and nothing is impossible to it. Its great dominant characteristic is creativeness. Since it is all knowledge and all substance and all power the only thing it does is create – U.S Andersen.

This is the 1st of the series of three reflections on quotes about the importance of silence that will give you 21 iquotes in all.