Part II – How to Ask for Spiritual Guidance

how to ask for spiritual guidance

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At the beginning of your spiritual journey you are unlikely to be fully engaged with the practice of disidentification with the personality. You will more likely be asking for guidance from that dimension of the personal other than what the mystic Joseph Brenner refers to as The Impersonal Life (the book Elvis Presley reading at the time he died).

Spiritual guidance is only for soul revelation because Source energy does not recognize the personal self as REAL. This is why, in the opinion of this writer, why most prayers go unanswered.

There are only a few primary ways for asking for genuine spiritual guidance. These are:-

  • Meditation.
  • Prayer
  • Contemplation

There may be other ways for seeking spiritual guidance but I write from direct personal and transpersonal experience. I am not writing about what, for the most part, is not my experience.

The approach I invite for asking for spiritual guidance uses a mystical approach.

These are the techniques that all mystics of various times and traditions recognize as the way to be in communion with the Divine.

A mystic is someone who has had a direct revelatory experience of God and whose focus is in living life in surrender to and embodiment of that experience.

The key aspects of such mystical practices are:-

  • Stillness
  • Silence
  • Receptivity

The premier way in which to receive spiritual guidance is outlined in the following spiritual instruction

But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet (Stillness), and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret(Silence); and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly (Receptivity). – Matthew 6:6 KJV

Let me unfold that instruction as it is intended to be practiced. All the instructions below relate to the practice of meditation, prayer and contemplation in the mystical tradition.

The Closet

The Closet refers to bringing your attention within. It doesn’t literally mean entering a closet which has been a practice in some fundamentalist conferences attended by Bill O’Donohue of Hidden Meanings.

The Door

The door you are to close refers to the senses so you move into that inner dimension beyond sensational. For beginners seeking spiritual guidance the door of the senses is are closed by focusing on the breath. (Spirit)

Your Father

Jesus Christ used the word “Father” (translated as “Abba” in Aramaic) to refer to his direct connection with God is Love.

He wasn’t referring to some old bearded white male somewhere above in the Heavens throwing thunderbolts down upon his errant children.

The word “Father” refers to “Spirit.” Don’t get caught up in words or images here because this is more distraction. No words can describe the reality pointed to by the words, “Your Father” or “God.”

Seeth in Secret

Here is the real Secret. This is not the popular Cosmic Ordering practice that is known as The Secret or The Law of Attraction.

There is nothing attractive about the ego dictating to the Cosmos about how things should be. There is everything attractive when you align your soul with Cosmic purpose.

The REAL Secret is that the Secret of Secrets is inside you (Anna Ahkmatova) It is waiting for you to be seen through. It is waiting for you to feel envisioned.

Do you not think Creation that created you for its own purpose KNOWS HOW TO manifest your best vision? In silent interiority it reveals the Secret. You don’t have to ask but you have to be receptive.

Reward you Openly

You are rewarded openly because you are open to receiving what is intended by Creation to be given through you. This is Cosmic intention happening through you.

It isn’t something you earn. It happens because you are open and in alignment with the true Secret. There is no dictating HOW you are to be rewarded which is the FALSE Secret promoted from the FALSE Self (Thomas Merton).

You are not dictating to the Cosmos but one who is a servant of Love’s purpose which is your real purpose that makes you wonderfully attractive.

From many years’ experience that I call The Journey of Prayer this is what I find is the most powerful practice for receiving spiritual guidance. It is almost non-guidance because in a very real sense it becomes a happening.

The focus moves from looking for guidance to a focus on affirm that the will of the Divine be done through you. Then you do not really need guidance. What you then give your attention to is how to be receptive to the way that Y-E-S is being expressed through you.

This is the real secret and it is magical.

How to Recognize Spiritual Guidance

Part III is about how to recognize spiritual guidance. In this part I share with you the practices I engage with in order to invite such guidance.

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