Living in alignment with your higher life purpose is a great adventure. To discover your higher purpose in life is a great blessing. From this KNOWING you can declare, as did the Irish poet W.B. Yeats,

I am blessed and can bless” (Vascillation IV).

Without KNOWING your higher purpose you are as the German mystic poet Goethe stated in his poem The Holy Longing, “A mere guest on the dark earth.

Why not join me to discover the magical invitation involved in unfolding your higher life purpose.  To share this journey I will take you through the following steps

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So with that outline for the adventure of unfolding your higher life purpose, let us begin this reflection.

Higher Life Purpose Meaning

higher life purpose meaning

So, let us begin with one of my favorite quotes related to unfolding your true purpose in life.  This comes from the spiritual teacher Guy Finley.

Higher Life Purpose Quote

Your purpose is to serve Love’s Purpose – Guy Finley.

To the mind of this writer, there isn’t a better definition of what it means to follow your higher life purpose.

Notice that this definition isn’t about achieving. It is about service and allowing.

There are many people looking to find their life purpose.

The real secret is the practice of trust and allowing that reveals the purpose of life and love as it is designed to come through you.

KNOWING Your Higher Life Purpose

Far too many people make finding their life purpose a goal.  A goal is a time-bound achievement linked to the desires of the personality.

Your higher life purpose is the ever-present unfolding of the energy of your soul.  Your soul is that aspect of you that is eternal and is an expression of Love’s forever becoming.

higher life purpose knowing

You do not find your higher life purpose by acquiring more information. You find your higher life purpose by being willing to trust your still small voice within.  This is your energetic connection to what I refer to as Love’s Message.

With a commitment to trusting in your own True Self.  By Companioning Your Greatness, you become an energetic of allowing.  This opens you up to being KNOWN through. This takes the pressure of you.

This is a kind of magic.  You become a happening.

The Universe KNOWS how to express its purpose through you because it created you to do so.  You open to the experience of fulfilment.

Higher Life Purpose Statement

your life's purpose

Your Life’s Purpose by Michael Bernard Beckwith – (Affiliate)

There are those who will encourage you to write a higher life purpose statement.  This is usually well-intended.

Better, however, to allow the higher life to be a living statement.

This means that you commit to learning to get out of the way.  In this way, you enter the state you are meant to express.

Your higher life purpose is not something you can embody in words.

It is embodied by way of alignment with your soul.  If words come from this state of allowing and alignment, they are the words of inspiration.

Higher Life Purpose Quote

Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour – Rumi

When you look out at the world of time and space it is hard to imagine that everything is rigged in your favour (which it is).

These higher life purpose quotes are written from that state of KNOWING one’s place within the Cosmos as a unique expression of Eternal Love.

How do you go about writing a statement that encapsulates this magnificence?  Only someone with the surrendered heart of a mystic can do justice to such a way of living.

Higher Life Purpose Affirmations

higher life purpose affirmations

I love to share affirmations that people can live by and explore as part of their spiritual and higher purpose.

Here are some affirmations that you might explore if living in alignment with your higher purpose is of interest.

To live in alignment with your higher purpose is to live in alignment with your soul purpose.

This is different from trying to find life purpose driven from identification with the personality.

So here are some beautiful affirmations that you might explore.

  • I allow my higher purpose to flow.
  • I am aligned with my higher purpose.
  • I willingly allow my higher purpose.
  • My higher purpose flows.

Notice the kind of energy that is being invited here.  This is the energy that includes.

  • Willingness
  • Allowing
  • Flowing
  • Alignment.

Notice that none of this is achievement orientated. It is not masculine energy but feminine energy. It is the energy of trust and surrender.

It isn’t for you to decide what your higher life purpose is. It is for you to be willing to have the courage to allow it to be expressed through you.

Therein lies the higher purpose of your life. This is the way in which you live in alignment with the purpose of Love.

Higher Life Purpose Practices

practice of higher life purpose

Your task is to live in alignment with Love’s Purpose. This is not something you do by way of goal setting.  It is not so much an achievement but learning to be open to the flow of Y-E-S – Your Energy System.

Throughout this website, I promote a combination of practices that invite this opening to the flow of your magnificence.  I share these practices in different ways, but these differing ways follow the same direction.

These practices combine to invite the revelation of Higher Purpose through you.  You don’t dictate.  You surrender your will to personal power to live from the magic that is the Will to Love.

Let’s explore these four practices that combine to invite the flow of your Higher Life Purpose.

Higher Purpose Practice No 1 – Allowing

Your task is to embody and express your higher life purpose in alignment with Love’s purpose. To this end you must practice allowing this to be available.

Higher Life purpose arises from within you.  It is not more information. It is not education as we normally understand it.

Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire – W. B. Yeats.

higher life purpose practices

The way in which I invite you to explore this journey into allowing your Higher Life Purpose to flow is to practice Yoga Nidra.

Do not confuse this with the practice of different styles of Yoga. This is more akin to what is called The Relaxation Response.

This is a practice we can all usefully develop whether we are interested in living in alignment with our Higher Life Purpose.

Without the practice of deep relaxation any intention to explore how to live in alignment with your Higher Purpose will be sabotaged by your personal overthinking mind.

Here is one of the best teachers about the subject of Yoga and Yoga Nidra speaking about intention. Everything begins with intention. Alignment with your Higher Life Purpose begins with intention.

Higher Life Purpose Practice No 2 – Silence

higher purpose living practice 3 - silence

Silence At The Lake Art Print by Rebate Wasubger –

Silence is the great paradoxical power. Often individually and collectively we fear silence. In my own upbringing silence was equated with the opportunity for the Devil to mess with your mind.

All mystics of all traditions are the people of Silence. This is inner silence from which arises the KNOWING of your higher life purpose.

Do not equate KNOWING with knowledge. Do not equate KNOWING with belief.  Belief is the barrier to that which is beyond belief. What is beyond belief is the living experience of the Divine Splendour within.

Higher Purpose Quotation

Be Still and KNOW that I AM – Psalm 46-10

The practice of silence is the stilling of the overthinking personal mind. Without this stillness, the Stillness that Speaks cannot speak through you and as you.

Stilling the 80,000 thoughts of your personal mind is practiced by way of the spiritual practice called witness consciousness.  In the Buddhist tradition, this is called “Detachment.”

Do not confuse “detachment” with the practice of emotional detachment.

Higher Life Purpose Practice No 3 – Receiving

higher life purpose practice of receiving

With the understanding of the power of intention.  With your practice of the relaxation response by way of Yoga Nidra.

With your deepening relationship to silence, you are ready to receive direction from Higher Purpose.

Notice that you are not dictating what this should be.

This is always an indication that your ego is involved. This is much of what passes for the fashionable Law of Attraction.

You are not here to dictate to the Universe. You are here to be a channel for the intention of the Universe that created you for its purpose of Love in Action.

These three premier practices equate to the true practice of prayer.

Prayer is the practice of being available to Divine intention. Therefore, you have the rather strange invitation from St. Paul that says, “Pray without ceasing.”

You are praying without ceasing when your focus is on your willingness to live in a state of receptivity to the promptings of the Divine within. Praying without ceasing has little or nothing to do with words.

These three premier Higher Purpose Living practices combine to allow you to follow the instructions of the Master Jesus when he says.

Higher Life Purpose Quotation

But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. – Matthew 6:6

There you have the premier instruction for living in alignment with your higher life purpose.

You enter into thy closet and shut the door. This means you enter within yourself and shut the door to the distractions of your overthinking personal mind and senses.

Then you pray in secret. The secret is your deepening entry into silence. You pray in secret by being willing to receive the flow of Higher Purpose through you.

When you are so aligned the Divine can reward you by pouring through you what it always intended to pour through you for its own glory.

This is not something that is earned. You don’t get it because you behave in a particular way.  You don’t get it by belonging to the right group or believing in the right way.

It is forever available if you are willing to be available.

Higher Life Purpose Practice No 4 – Love in Action

effortless yoga

Life is a Gift – Maha Rukab –

It would be lovely if what happened next was a journey into deeper happiness and fulfilment.  That is part of the process but aligned with this process is what I call “The damp log experience.”

Following your intention to live your higher life purpose means that you must go through a kind of fire.  This is not a punishment.  It is the clearing out of all those energies within you that do not serve Love’s purpose.

It is like placing a damp log in a fire.  There is a lot of smoke.  The smoke is all the negativity within you.  It is all those aspects of yourself that you have been taught not to allow.

In learning to live your higher life purpose everything must be allowed.  That does not mean everything has to be indulged.  The mystic poet Rumi says it this way.

Higher Life Purpose Poetry

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.
Be grateful for whatever comes.
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

Copyright 1997 by Coleman Barks. Posted with permission. All rights reserved.

From The Illuminated Rumi.

When you practice the above practices that involve the art of intention, allowing and receiving you come back to the everyday world of time and space.

This is not a sprint. This is a journey of revelation.  It is a slow dawning of the Light and the delight within you.

You can’t buy this.  You can’t’ force this.  You must be a willing explorer of your own higher life potential.

When you live from the energy of higher life purpose you begin to flow. You begin to KNOW. You begin to be thought through from Universal intention.

This is real University education. It isn’t that you must set goals. It is that you set your intention to trust that the Universe has your back.

Life become more magical. Life becomes more integrated and unified.  It isn’t that you achieve this. It is that you allow what was always intended to be manifest through you to be manifested through you.

You are a living embodiment of the Law of Attraction, but you aren’t doing it.  You are not dictating to Universal intent. You are the embodiment of silent allowing. You are praying always.

I hope you found this article of interest. I hope you found it of value then please share it with other who may find value in exploring the journey of living in alignment with their higher life purpose.

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