The heart chakra symbol meaning is the symbol of the six-pointed star. This is the symbol of sacred unity. This is the symbol representing the unification of who you are as a unique expression of Divine intention.

This heart chakra symbol represents unity in the following ways.

  • Personal with the Transpersonal.
  • Masculine with the Feminine.
  • Time with the Timeless.
  • Form with the Formless.

Many people spend an inordinate amount of time getting the body in shape.

How many are prepared to get the heart in shape?

This is where you commit to getting in shape to become a living revelation of Love in form.  I call this becoming available to Love’s Message.

This is the unique message designed by Creation to be created through you. The question and the quest you are invited to explore is whether you are willing to become this magnificent.

In my previous article entitled What is the Heart Chakra I shared with you the list of 21 Ways to Awaken the Heart so that you can become a Messenger of Love.

The 1st invitation is related to living in alignment with the symbol of the heart chakra which is the six-pointed star.

In this way you really become a star in the making. You become a revelation of delight. You become the real X Factor you are meant to be.

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So let us explore the invitation to becoming one who is fit for the revelation of Love that will transform your relationship to yourself and others.

Unity of Opposites

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Each chakra has associated with it a symbolic shape. These shapes are not simply arbitrary shapes, but are archetypal shapes.

An archetype is a recurring pattern of character, symbol, or situation found in mythology, religion, and stories of all cultures.

The shape associated with the heart chakra is that of a six-pointed geometric star. It is the compound of two equilateral triangles.

This six-pointed star is created by the intersection of an equilateral triangle pointing upward and another pointing downward.

The upward pointing triangle represents the power of the masculine and the downward pointing triangle the power of the feminine.

In the Heart Chakra the Inner Man and Women Embrace – Osho

Within the heart chakra these two forces meet and support each other. Within the second chakra, also known as the sacral chakra, these two forces are found in opposition.

This polar opposition is what we normally understand as relationship. Alignment of these two energies within the heart chakra brings peace of heart and mind.

It is the opinion of this writer that the masculine dynamic is required to serve the feminine dynamic.

This is not because the feminine is better than the masculine but the feminine is more evolved. All human beings start out as being feminine in utero.

Your Starring Role

heart chakra symbol meaning

You are here to enable the divine purpose of the Universe to unfold. That is how important you are! Eckhart Tolle.

You are star potential. You have within you these two forces of Creation – the masculine and the feminine.  When I write about these forces, I am not writing about gender but creative dynamics.

In different traditions they are given different names such as Yin and Yang or Shakti and Shiva.

The driving force in the world at present is the masculine will to power.

The will to power has brought us to a time of radical change and almost to the brink of ecological disaster.

As a species we are close to the edge. This tumultuous period we are living in is a time of transition.

It is a time of twixt and in between. The old paradigm that is the will to power cannot solve our present crisis.

Only the new paradigm of the Will to Love will take us beyond chaos.

Only through discipline, commitment, and practice by significant numbers of individuals will we provide the energy to tip the balance in favour of a new way of being in the world.

This is the willingness of enough individuals to become servants of Love, not as believers, but as people willing to enter the unknown and allow what is yet unknown to be birthed through them into this world of form.

This would manifest new forms of institutions and government that are truly for the people by the people. Such individuals are those willing to trust the power of the feminine to have their masculine energy live in service to Love.

In the media there is a presently a great number of programs such as The X Factor, Britain has Talent, American Idol, and others.

These programs invite individuals to become stars. This is a great invitation but tends to overlook the holy nature of such an invitation.

Real celebrity is rooted in the word celebration which relates to that which is celestial.

Television programs tend to focus on celebrity as an aspect of the personality rather than on talent given as a gift to express in the world for the highest good of all.

The individual who can share their talents in this way is truly celebratory. They celebrate the Telstar vision that only comes through the heart.

Your REAL X Factor

anahata chakra symbol

Your true X Factor is the Way the Divine Intention Expresses through You – Tony Cuckson

A star produces light. The star symbol of the heart chakra represents the light of the Divine.

The true celebrity allows the radiance of Divine expression to light up their personality.

This energy is the true X Factor because it is the felt experience of union.

It is the experience of allowing one’s birthing ability (feminine power) to be expressed in form (masculine manifestation).

The word celebrate means “to frequent or to honour.” What you begin to frequent is your unique frequency.

This frequency is you as a unique expression of Universal Sound. To the degree you honour this unique sound is the degree to which you feel whole-hearted.

Our hearts resonate at the same frequency as the earth and the universe. Therefore, we are all valuable instruments in the orchestration of the world and its harmony. – Suzy Kassem

This frequency comes from the One Life.

This is the One Life that is the birthless and deathless vibration out of which all that is manifested into form arises.

This frequency manifests itself as elemental particles from which matter is created. The balancing of the heart chakra invites you to be aligned with this primal vibration.

The Sanskrit word for the heart chakra is Anahata which means ‘unbeaten.’ Sound is usually made by contact with some form be it a drum or a cymbal.

This unbeaten sound is the primal vibration.

It is the sound from which you resonate and are being created in each moment. This makes you a resounding success beyond any idea of success or failure.

This is indeed a cause for celebration. You are not here to be judged a winner or loser.

This sound creates you as a win-win situation for all because it is the eternal sound of Love that informs all things including you and most especially you.

You are a part of this eternal sound but never apart from it.

When the heart chakra is balanced you become a willing co-creator with the flow of Creation. Within this flow true celebrity and celebration is found.

You find within the star quality and resonance unique to you.

Frequent your unique vibration and become at one with the Universal as it expresses through you. This will be your true stardom and your true ‘delight’ (meaning “of the light).

The REAL Shape You Are In

path of the heart

Ask yourself, and yourself alone, one question: Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn’t, it is of no use.

– Carlos Castaneda

The Bible declares you to be made in the image of God. As God is Love you are, therefore, created from Love’s imagination.

This is the invisible and eternal force that creates all forms from the dimension of Formless.

You have a starring role in Love’s forever becoming. You are that important.

You are not even required to prove yourself worthy. Because you are here means you are already worthy enough.

Our deepest fear really is that we are not worthy of Love, and this is the very barrier that keeps us from living Love’s message that is our birth right to enjoy.

To open the heart chakra, you need to be faithful to the magnificence of Love.

The great Islamic mystic and poet Jelaluddin Rumi invites us to risk all for love. It truly is a risk. Nothing is guaranteed except that you cannot fall out of Love’s embrace.

The real risk is in our forgetting and not feeling the connection.

The heart is an organ of trust. It is designed to feel and connect with the Beloved within you. Your work in following Love’s message is to trust the universal as it speaks through you.

It designed you to share its message of Love in a unique way. Be willing to get out of the way and say, “Yes!”

Begin each day with a heartfelt intention to trust the highest good within you to be expressed through you.

Write this intention in a journal and toward the end of each day reflect on how you have paid attention to such intention. Do not judge yourself. Simply, allow this to be a practice of inviting insight.

In this journal don’t simply pay attention to what you think. Pay attention to what you feel. Sometimes you may feel that you are taking a couple steps backwards and then a baby step forward.

This is the energy associated with the lower chakras being brought into conscious awareness. During such a period pay attention to your breathing and to the images that come to mind.

Get still and simply practice trusting the silence of the heart.

Out of this silence arises the heart’s light to guide you in the way of Love. Over time you will feel this starlight within brighten your day as you shine the love light you are into this world of form.

You will feel in ‘great shape.’

The union of the masculine and feminine is represented by the union of two triangles that form a six-pointed star.

You will become the marriage of the polarity of masculine and feminine within and you attain peace of mind and heart. Your relationships will be better because your relationship to your true self will be in balance.

The Heart Chakra Awakening Challenge

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Love is the Ultimate Gift that lies at the heart of Creation – Rabindranath Tagore – Mystic Poet

Having read this information regarding the heart chakra symbol meaning the question now becomes “What do you intend to do with this information?”

Are you prepared to follow that heart energy? Are you prepared to take the adventure into crossing the bridge into sacred unity and transformation?

Let Awakening the Heart chakra be of REAL importance to you and honour that invitation by making a commitment to alignment with the Will to Love. 

Trust and companion your Greatness and the Greatness designed to be expressed through you.

Cultivate the qualities shared above that will not only light up your life but invite the Light of Love to be more present in the world through you?

This is the greatest gift you can gift to the healing of the world of time and space.

What is the heart chakra question can be summed up in one word, “Trust?”

Begin the journey of authentic faith and allow yourself to trust that the Universe has you back.  Take this magnificent adventure into the Light of your own magnificence.

Heart Chakra Awakening Opportunity

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Friend, wake up! Why do you go on sleeping – Kabir – Mystic Poet

Each chakra has a different dynamic.

I wrote the book Awakening the Heart – 21 Ways to Follow Loves Message to share with you the many ways in which you have to explore the opening of the heart chakra.

This book focused on awakening the heart chakra is conversational in nature.

It is written the way in which I speak. I liken it to a conversation that I would have with a friend around an open fire.

The reviews attributed to this book give you some insight into the way that others have found this book to be of benefit to them.

heart chakra shape chapter

This is the kind of book that I like. It is one that allows you to read a chapter at a time and reflect on its invitation. At the end of each chapter there is what I call “The Invitation.”

This book would be a great support to anyone who made a choice to go on a 21 Day Challenge of Heart Awakening.

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Worldwide Availability

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If you like reading eBooks, then I have made this book that answers the question “What is the heart chakra?” available at Smashwords.

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It is my intention to share with you the 21 Ways to Awaken the Heart over the coming months from September 2021.

I am presently setting up the facility for recording this book, so I plan to make an audio recording of these 21 chapters.

Shared below are the 21 Ways in which this awakening of the heart chakra will unfold over the coming weeks.

Heart Chakra Journey

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It’s your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you. ― Rumi

I began this 21 Day journey of heart chakra awakening with answering the question, “What is the Heart Chakra?

This will, I hope, inspire you to commit to exploring the heart chakra awakening journey as will be shared as follows.

  1. The Shape.
  2. The Colour
  3. The Animal
  4. The Song
  5. The Poem
  6. The Picture
  7. The Tree
  8. The Story
  9. The Sense
  10. The Affirmation
  11. The Archetype
  12. The Prayer
  13. The Place
  14. The Movie
  15. The Element
  16. The Sign
  17. The Question
  18. The Value
  19. The Challenge
  20. The Yoga
  21. The Step Beyond

I hope that this sharing of the heart chakra symbol has inspired you to take the journey into unifying the masculine and feminine within.

In this way you become truly whole and holy. You become what you are intended to be.  A star in the making.