There are different ways to define heart chakra purpose. How I like to define such purpose is “Companioning Your Greatness.”  This is the greatness seeded within you from Divine intention that created you to uniquely express through you.

A key symptom of heart chakra awakening is a sense of longing that you have not yet fulfilled this Divine intention seeded within you. You are by your very nature a Companion of Greatness.  It is my joy to remind you of this existential fact.

It is your work to unblock that which stands in the way of such realization. Rumi says it this way.

Your task is not to seek for Love but to remove all blocks that stand against it. – Rumi

Re-Membering Your Heart Connection

heart chakra purpose quotation

We all have heart chakra blockage.  There isn’t anyone of us who hasn’t had to make the choice between attachment and authenticity.

I set up reminders to myself to remember the best of who I am as an expression of the one I AM. One way in which I do this is to wear reminders of what my deep heart’s core purpose is. (W. B. Yeats)

These reminders have keywords and symbols that are the language of the heart.  Such words and symbols melt the blocks to opening the heart to the revelation of the Greatness within.

As a mystic, I KNOW the greatness that is the essence that you are and why you are.  This is the Greatness beyond the personal sense of the self.

When I wear the words and symbols of heart awakening, it is as a reminder to myself and others of why we are manifested in form on this planet.  We are here to be Co-creators with the Greatness of Love.

Heart Invites Infinity

Most of us do not celebrate greatness. We think this is arrogance. We are not instructed in the paradox of such celebration.

Greatness is the flow of the Divine expressing through you. It is why you are created.  It is not arrogance to align yourself with the magnificence you are here to be. It is arrogance to think you are lesser than what Love has created to express through you.

The spiritual teacher and writer Marianne Williamson writing in Return to Love – Reflections on a Course in Miracles declares.

Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are magnificent beyond measure.

When you make the commitment to Companioning Your Greatness, you set your intention to live the fullness that Creation always intends you to become.

Living as a Companion of Greatness is a symbolic and sacred focus.

Resisting your Heart Awakening

purpose of the heart chakra

Rumi – Tony Cuckson and Nabilaamed

Notice if you experience any resistance to this idea that you could be a Companion of Greatness, that you could be a light unto the world.  Notice your resistance to the idea that your life could be a blessing for the highest good of all.

There is a paradox to be experienced on this journey of Companioning Greatness that heals and makes you whole and holy. This is the increasing recognition that Greatness is not something you achieve but is always who you are.

This Greatness isn’t the ‘you’ identified with the personal self that feels limited within this dimension of time and space. It is the Greatness you FEEL and KNOW when you are energetically In Tune with the Infinite (Ralph Waldo Trine).

Paradox of Heart Awakening

anahata chakra purpose

The Purpose by Ashmita Gulati

The paradox to be KNOWN is that the Greater you become the less and less there is of you trying to achieve.

You relax.

You trust that the Universe has your back. Life becomes a flow and a happening. You are meeting with your True Self. (Thomas Merton)

The poet Derek Walcott shares this revelation of Greatness in his poem Love after Love.

Love After Love

The time will come
when, with elation
you will greet yourself arriving
at your own door, in your own mirror
and each will smile at the other’s welcome,

and say, sit here. Eat.
You will love again the stranger who was your self.
Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart
to itself, to the stranger who has loved you

all your life, whom you ignored
for another, who knows you by heart.
Take down the love letters from the bookshelf,

the photographs, the desperate notes,
peel your own image from the mirror.
Sit. Feast on your life.

The words “Give bread, Give wine<” are the celebration of Companioning Greatness. This is you being willing to be nourished from the Source within. It is where you are nourished and fulfilled from FEELING in communion with the Infinite that you are forever a part of and never apart from.

Meditations of the Heart

meditations of the heart

This feeling of being blessed gives you a true heart’s desire to share.  This is heart chakra purpose. You want this sense of fulfilment for everyone because you KNOW that the Source from which it arises is Infinite. There is no sense that there isn’t ever enough.

This is a different way of living in the world. It is the Way of Wisdom. It is the Way of KNOWING. It is the Way of Y-E-S. It is the way of honouring who and why you are here.

Remind yourself that you are a Companion of Greatness. This is the truth of your BEING. To remind you of this existential truth is the reason I set up this website and its shop.

It is set up for me to find fulfilment and express fulfilment in reminding you that you really are created to Companion Greatness.

In this way, I get to fulfil my true heart’s desire.  This is beautifully expressed by Hafiz.

I wish that when you are alone and in darkness that I could show you the magnificence of the Light of your own Being. – Hafiz of Shiraz.

In Tune with the Infinite

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At this website, I invite you to remember the power of the symbol. The language of the symbol is a heart language.

I have combined the symbol of infinity with the heart chakra healing affirmation, “Companion YOUR Greatness.” This is to remind you that true Greatness comes through you when you feel In Tune with the Infinite (Ralph Waldo Trine)

Most of what we take for greatness is centred around achievement by the finite sense of the personal self. This is like comparing the greatness of a dewdrop to the power of the Ocean.

However, when your heart is open, and you Companion your Greatness you are not apart from the Infinite Ocean of Love. In reality, you have never been apart from, or are ever apart from, this Infinite Source of Creation.

This is what a mystic KNOWS. It is what all mystics wish to have you KNOW.

I wish that when you are alone or in darkness that I could show you the astonishing light of your own being. – Hafiz of Shiraz

Heart Chakra Symbol

heart chakra symbol

Heart Chakra Symbol – Infinite Love

The heart chakra awakening symbol of infinity is a reminder of your love nature as a unique expression of forever becoming.

Do not confuse the word ‘forever’ as being a long and immeasurable length of time. Forever, is where you get to experience the Timeless.

This experience of the Timeless is the true meaning of the phrase that ends many fairy-tales.

And they lived happily ever after.

This does not refer to two people living some blissful romantic union for the rest of their lives. It means that you experience directly the KNOWING of the union of the Divine within you. This is the union of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine.

You directly experience eternity which is outside of time.

This is not something you can acquire knowledge about.  To enter the Timeless makes you a mystic.  You have had the mystery KNOWN through you.

Don’t try to think this out. It can’t be done. It is a revelation by way of Grace.

The Gateway to the Infinite

the purpose of the heart chakra quote

The Heart Chakra is the Gateway to Infinity

In one glorious moment, you will be graced to KNOW and be that expression of infinity, that expression of eternity. Following that experience, you really will KNOW what it FEELS like to KNOW Greatness.

You will give bread. You will give wine. You will feast on your one wild and precious life. You KNOW that you are blessed and can bless (Vacillation—W. B. Yeats) In the words of the Christian mystic Julian of Norwich you KNOW.

All is well. All manner of things shall be well – Julian of Norwick – Christian mystic.

Give yourself a gift. This is remembering the gift you are here to be.  This is the boon it creates you to bring into the world for the highest good of all.

In this way, you align with your true heart chakra purpose which is to serve Love’s purpose as it is intended to express through you.

In this way, you truly become a Companion of Greatness. You affirm your true heart chakra purpose.

True Heart’s Desire (Sankalpa)

heart chakra affirmation

Recognizing Your Own Worth

At this website, I like to offer heart chakra affirmations. These are affirmations that invite the release of heart chakra blockage. An especially useful affirmation is to use the phrase, “Companioning Greatness” or “I am Companioning Greatness.”

This is a valuable phrase to explore. I think there is less resistance than other heart chakra affirmations such as, “I am enough.”

You are in reality “Forever enough” because you are an emanation from the Eternal. However, speaking from personal experience I found this affirmation of “forever enough,”  extremely hard to stay with.

The benefit of this heart chakra purpose affirmation is that it is open to infinite possibilities. It also includes the truth of existence which is that you really are here to Companioning the realization of Greatness.

True Heart’s Desire (Sankalpa)

heart chakra purpose affirmation

Heart Chakra Purpose Affirmation

I think it is important that you wear your heart chakra purpose close to your chest.  This is a very literal statement.  It declares your true heart’s desire and your intention to be in alignment with Love’s purpose.

In this way, your environment becomes infused with positive life-affirming energy that works at a conscious and subconscious level.

These reminders become a kind of vision board but are much more fun and less driven from a sense of lack or the will to acquire. (Law of Attraction) They are reminders from the higher heart chakra that expresses from the Will to Love.

To begin, you may not KNOW what Greatness feels like. This is how it is for most of us. At least, however, make a commitment to explore the potential of KNOWING this experience of fulfillment.

Embody that potential by wearing this heart chakra purpose affirmation close to your chest. Affirm this commitment to your own magnificence by surrounding yourself with reminds of this glorious invitation that Creation creates you to KNOW and BE.

May you KNOW that you are blessed and can bless. Let it be so for you. Let it be so for all.

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