If you search on the Internet for the term “Heart chakra healing” you will get myriad ideas. People search for heart chakra healing, balance, alignment, wakening and flow.

As a writer on the subject of heart chakra healing, I love to explore my personal understanding related to all the above.

To that extent, I share it with you as follows.

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  • What is a chakra definition?
  • What is the heart chakra?
  • What is healing the heart chakra?
  • Heart chakra balance.
  • Heart chakra alignment.
  • Heart Chakra Awakening.
  • Heart chakra flow.
  • Heart chakra healing resources.

In this way, I hope to give you a clearer understanding of heart chakra healing and what it is more than just them as importantly what it is not.

What is a Chakra Definition?

healing the heart chakra

BuddhaDoma 7 Chakra Prayer Flags

If it is your intention to heal something it is best if you have some idea what it is you are attempting to heal.

In this exploration of the question, “What is heart chakra healing, balance, and alignment? You are focused on a specific chakra—the heart chakra.

The first thing to recognize is that you do not heal a chakra in isolation. Heal any one chakra or energy center and you affect the entire chakra system–(Y– E – S).

My view is that in exploring any chakra you have to have a feeling of excitement in following such an adventure.

What excites me about exploring different chakra dynamics is the way in which I define a chakra. This is the definition that works for me.

A chakra is a field of creative potential within you that is connected to the field of the infinite—Tony Cuckson.

This definition means more to me than describing a chakra as, “A wheel of energy.” That is no meaning to me. What has meaning is the invitation to explore the potential that is living is a fulfilled human being.

What is the Heart Chakra

heart chakra mandala

Heaven on Earth Silks

You will find different definitions for the heart chakra. Most of these are written by people who think it has to do with love in a personal sense.

They are looking to heal a romantic breakup or looking to meet with what they call a soulmate or twin flame.

There’s nothing wrong with that but in the opinion of this writer, that kind of focus is related to the lower three chakras. These are the chakras related to the development of the personality.

It is important that these three lower chakras are healed, balanced, and aligned. This is the task of the 1st Half of Life. (3 Stages of Life).

If you are lucky–although it doesn’t feel that way. You might begin to long for more. You might long to have answered questions related to your very existence.

You quest for what we have called the Holy Grail. You go on a spiritual quest to answer the questions.

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • How can I serve?

These are the questions that invite the healing of the heart chakra.

Heart Chakra Healing Essentials

heart chakra awakening

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There’s a lot of New Age nonsense written about heart chakra healing from recommending recipes, wearing specific colored clothes and even wearing different colored sunglasses.

The reason your heart chakra needs healing is due to one essential reason. This is that you are locked out of your FEELING connection to Source energy – to the Source of Love.

The core reason you are locked out of this feeling connected to the Source of Love is that your core identification is with your personality—your mask—the word personality comes from the word ‘persona’ meaning “mask.”

Your personality is not who you essentially are. Heart chakra awakening allows you to know who you essentially are. You get to glimpse that revelation you are here to be and to gift the world.

Any focus on heart chakra healing that does not focus on union with the love you are is not healing in the true sense of the word.– heal meaning ‘whole.’

Your heart chakra doesn’t need healing. You need to heal the idea that you are separate from the Love you seek.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it – Rumi

The search for the revelation of the Love that you are is the 2nd Half of Life task.

Heart Chakra Healing Sign

chakra healing art

Heart Chakra Print by Brenda Erickson

A major sign of heart chakra healing is when you begin to feel excited by the invitation from the Lord’s prayer that says, “Thy will be done.”

This is where you, to use the title of a book by the New Thought Movement writer Ralph Waldo Trine, you feel In Tune with the Infinite.

One of the signs of awakening is that your life becomes one of flow.

You are engaged with what the modern spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson refers to as miraculous thinking rather than magical thinking. Miraculous thinking is where you allow yourself to be thought through by Divine intention.

Magical thinking is where you focus your will on letting the Divine rather than you telling the Divine what you want.

This telling the Divine what you want comprises most of the fashionable teaching called The Secret of the Law of Attraction. It is driven from the intention of the personal self rather than from the intention of the essential Self.

Chakra Balance

chakra balance tapestry

Chakra Balance Tapestry by LunMac

My view regarding heart chakra balance is that you simply become an experience of allowing. You know that your genuine success and true fulfilment lie in being available to Love’s Purpose.

You become a Follower of Love’s Message

Heart chakra balance feels like flow. It feels like you are becoming a happening. You are in the world but less and less of you is of the world.

Your focus is to be in service to the highest good.

It is not simply a focus on your spiritual enlightenment or your salvation. You are beginning to know that we are all in this journey of being human together.

You recognize how it feels to be centred in the heart. You know what it feels like to be distracted by the never-ending overthinking personal mind—the madman in the cave of the skull.

You are learning how to return to the centre—the heart centre. This is a centre that allows the higher to flow into the lower. The lower—the personality – is thus transformed.

Heart Chakra Alignment

4th chakra healing

Chakra Vibrations by Sacred Feline

Heart chakra alignment means that the heart chakra is in alignment with the other chakras. This is especially the case with the lower three chakras related to the development of the personality.

In the view of this writer, we place far too little emphasis on the need for the healing and balance of the lower three chakras. It’s not as sexy as opening the heart or the third eye. It’s not as sexy as finding your twin flame or your soulmate.

The proper task of removing the blocks to Love is the work of unblocking the lower level chakras. This blocks the heart chakra. This blocks the flow of the higher into the lower.

It is at this lower level of chakra energy that the major blocks in your energy system form. These blocks are held within your physical and emotional bodies.

This is where the proper work of unblocking takes place. It isn’t popular to say this. Master Jesus put it this way.

If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you. ― Gospel of Thomas

Heart Chakra Awakening

heart chakra awakening

In Love with You by Awakening

Heart chakra awakening is your direct experience of Divine union. This is a glimpse of the REAL you. It makes the knowing of the heart real.

Heart chakra awakening is transformative.

For one glorious moment the higher—Divine—flows into the lower—the personal. In that graceful moment, you live the experience referred to by Jesus when he declared.

I am in the father and the father is in me –. John 14:11

This allows you to know your true purpose in life, which is the knowing of Divine union. Out of this experience, you know that all has been added on to you.

There is only one thing you then want to do.

You want to give it all away.

This is the real Law of Attraction experience in operation. This is the real Holy Grail experience where you have had answered through you the question, “Whom does the Grail serve?”

You know the answer to that question is that you, as the Grail, are here to serve everyone.

Heart Chakra Flow

heart chakra art print

Heart Chakra Ceramic Tile by Gypsy Owl Productions

Heart chakra flow is where you are open to the energy of the higher heart chakra. This is where you are learning to abide within your connection to Source energy.

Your Life force is not so driven from the will to personal power, but from the Will to Love. You are being driven from alignment with Love’s purpose, which is the primary purpose of creation.

You recognize the feeling of centeredness.

You know this to be your primary task. You’re not dictating your personal agenda to the Divine. You are not a Cosmic orderer, but it aligns you with Cosmic order.

From this experience of flow you are a natural gift giver. You gift the Presence of Divine Love flowing through you for the highest good of all.

Heart Chakra Healing Practice

anahata chakra pillow

Heart Chakra Pillow for Yoga Nidra

I will suggest the key heart chakra practice in a single word. This is of the word ‘trust.’ This word sums up the whole of the spiritual journey.

I suggest that you begin the practice of heart chakra healing through the practice of Yoga Nidra and then use this word trust is your Sankalpa. The word ‘Sankalpa’ means, “You true heart’s desire.”

I reckon that such a practice is as powerful as any spiritual practice you might ever engage with.

Trust, faith, and surrender all heart chakra dynamics.

By the word ‘faith’ I mean authentic faith and not the kind of faith where you have the blind leading the blind.

Authentic faith leads to direct inner knowing that takes you beyond belief. Belief as taught by most religious hierarchies tends to be a cerebral acknowledgment of doctrine rather than the transformational experience of revelation.

Have the courage to trust in your own magnificence and commit to Companioning your Greatness.

Heart Chakra Healing Resources

Below I share resources that I encourage you to explore if healing, balancing, aligning and awakening the heart chakra is of interest. These resources include the following.

  • Recommended Reading.
  • Recommended Course/s
  • Recommended Technology (Free)
  • Holidays with Heart.

This is not an invitation to sentimentality. It is the invitation to claiming your true power and coming into alignment with your true nature.

Healing the Heart Chakra Books

This is the book I wrote inviting 21 Ways to awaken the heart.  That includes understanding by way of a poem, story, movie, archetype, affirmation, yoga, song, and more.

I love this book. The 7 Steps are written in such a way that they align with the 7 major chakra system.

This is perhaps the most important book a person could ever read. “Love for No Reason” is about who we are at our core, and it shows us that the societies we create and the lives we live are a product of how we love. Marci Shimoff not only offers hope, she gives us a roadmap showing what we can do to improve our lives and the lives of others.–Roko Belic, Academy Award-nominated film director, “Genghis Blues” and “Happy”

Healing the Heart Chakra Courses

From the director of The Secret comes this unparalleled and life-changing film about the astonishing power and intelligence of your heart.


Featuring some of the most inspiring and influential icons of our age including Paulo Coelho, Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra, Isabel Allende, and Eckhart Tolle, this film (which ties into a book of the same name) presents fascinating evidence that your heart is much more than a physical organ — and that it can actually transform your views of money, health, relationships, and success.

The Power of the Heart is an experience that will lead you to uncover — and rediscover — the treasure in your chest.

To heal the heart, you need to learn to turn within and relax deeply. Trust that the Universe has your back. One of the best ways to begin is to learn the practice of Yoga Nidra.

This is my primary daily practice, which I love and do each morning.

Here is an introduction to this practice, which I think will be one of the best gifts that you ever give yourself.


Benefits of Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra offers the opportunity to learn about yourself intimately.
Yoga Nidra promotes deep rest and relaxation that isn’t found in your normal sleep. For that you need to sleep with awareness. The stages of body scan and breath awareness alone can be practiced to calm the nervous system, leading to less stress and better health.
Yoga Nidra is also very easy to incorporate in your daily life, you cannot practice this technique incorrectly. Your teacher will be there for you at any stage, you will be able to share any discomfort, and they will provide support and explanations.

Healing the Heart Chakra Technology

Connect with the Heart of Who You Truly Are


The program also provides techniques for connecting with your heart’s intuitive directions for the best choices in whatever your life situation calls for. You will learn how love, kindness and compassion help improve our immune system, health and self-security. We sincerely feel these practical tools can be valuable in helping you navigate through these unpredictable and challenging times with more ease and clarity.


Healing the Heart Chakra Holidays

The word ‘holiday’ derives from the phrase “holiday day.”  Holiday is the invitation to the experience of wholeness. The words, whole, holy, and healing are all derived from the same etymological root meaning.

Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag

Wholeness is the experience of KNOWING your connection to the Divine. This is not intellectual knowledge. It comes through intuition and INNER KNOWING. It comes through silence.

Finding a place to holiday where you can move into a deeper KNOWING of the heart is challenging. Here is one holiday destination where you can explore the glorious adventure of learning The Power of Silence.


Retreat into yourself,
Retreat into silence beyond mind, into the heart.
Allow yourself to be taken on an unforgettable journey back home.

Join us for a 10 days retreat, including 8 full days program with meditation, deep relaxation, and self-exploration while observing noble silence(mauna)

Allow yourself the treat to just be and rejoice in the wisdom of the heart while learning about Hridaya meditation and how to establish your own meditation practice.

5 days retreat, including 3 full days program with meditation, deep relaxation and self-exploration while observing noble silence(mauna)

Something to consider packing for your heart centred holiday.



*WHAT IS A SILENT RETREAT? A silent retreat means that everyone participating observes mauna, noble silence. No conversations, but also no use of phone or any devices, not even reading. This external vow of silence may seem harsh or difficult, yet it is actually a very natural and normal once begun and inevitably brings an experience of deep peace. In an environment with less information intake, the mind gets the chance to quiet down and meditation is natural and easy.  Being in silence is a very unique, deeply purifying and enlightening experience. It creates space for a deep insight and a proper reset for the mind and the emotions.