In Day 2 of the Heart chakra awakening 21 Day Challenge, we explore the heart chakra color and its meaning.

In this article which is an extension of the Chapter 2 of my book Awakening the Heart – 21 Ways to Follow Love’s Message we will unfold the green chakra meaning.

Green Chakra Color Menu.

  • The Green Personality.
  • The Greening of the Heart.
  • The Will to Communion.
  • Your TRUE Colors.
  • Heart Chakra Opening Challenge
  • Heart Chakra Opening Opportunity.

Heart Chakra Color Personality

heart chakra person

The ripples of the kind heart are the highest blessings of the Universe. – Amit Ray

There are different personality types associated with various colours. The individual whose focus is opening the green chakra will have a wider world view.

Contrast the dynamic of the colour green with the colour red which represents anger and aggression in its negative dynamic.

The red chakra is the base chakra associated with the need for safety and security. This is also called the root chakra.

Its negative dynamic is fear. Its positive dynamic is manifestation.

This is probably why you have the predominance of the colour red at Donald Trump mega rallies that represents the rage of American white privilege.

The Green chakra world view is where the individual is moving into a feeling of connection to the universal. This mirrors the colour green which is expansive and abundant.

The essence of Stage Green is to find peace with the inner self and explore the compassionate and caring dimensions of the community. It is feminine and serves the collective. – Spiral Dynamics

The colour green is associated with the ability to give and to receive. The green individual lives a life of flow. They are open to what in the New Lord’s Prayer is referred to as the “Lasting Privilege.”

This is the privilege of being a channel for the radiance of the Message of Love. This flow of radiance makes this green individual feel truly alive.

They are open to receiving this privilege of alignment with the Source that gives all things their vitality.

The green individual feels joy in giving back in service to the highest good of all. It is in this way that they experience real abundance, growth, and expansion.

Characteristics of Stage Green

The following characteristics are observed at Stage Green:

  • Green seeks inner peace for themselves and others.
  • Green is aware of the suffering in the world, for both humans and other sentient beings.
  • Green is anti-hierarchal and anti-authoritarian.
  • Green recognises the validity of other communities, races and species. 
  • For green individuals, feelings supersede rationality. 
  • Green believes everybody is equal, from Stage Beige to Stage Orange on the spiral.
  • For a Green individual, sacrifice feels good.
  • Green values socialism and left-wing politics.
  • Environmentalism is a socio-political movement for Green individuals
  • Green relates to others in an empathetic way 
  • Green values health, food and exercise 
  • Green has a community mindset
  • Green wishes to share the earths resources equally amongst all. 
  • Green may manifest in the form of environmentalism, charities and social justice movements.
  • Green values inclusivity.
  • Green values free love and intimate sex.
  • Green values art for the sake of art.
  • Green is open to new-age concepts and can quickly go ‘overboard’. Examples include Tao, EQ, Chi, Finding God Within, Reiki, Astral Projection, Indian Gurus, Veganism, Mother Earth and more. 

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Greening the Heart

green chakra meaning

Keep a Green Bough in Your Heart and the Singing Bird will Come – Chinese – Proverb

The green individual has as one of their core values the value of peace. This is a peace beyond the conflict of opposites. It is a Trinitarian peace.

The opposites have been alchemised into a sacred unity. The green individual lives in that dynamic that is beyond the idea of good versus bad.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing,

there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,

the world is too full to talk about.

Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other” doesn’t make any sense 


Green is the colour of spring. It is the time of renewal. It is the time of birthing from the darkness into the light.

What is it that is greening you, growing you and expanding you? What is it that brings you alive and births and rebirths the new in you that then expands to bring life more abundantly?

What green shoots are you allowing to bud on the bough you keep in your heart? Or is the bough dry and withered without energy flowing from the earth to the sky.


Keep a green bough in your heart and the singing bird will come. – Chinese Proverb

Alice Bailey, a writer, and Theosophist in what she termed “Ageless Wisdom,” wrote about the seven rays. On a cosmic level, these seven rays of energy are the creative forces of planets and stars.

On a microcosmic level, they are the creative forces conditioning the physical, psychic, and spiritual constitution of man.

The fourth ray is a green ray associated with beauty and harmony. This is the beauty and harmony of true peace.

Will to Union

personal power chakra

The heart chakra(green) is the bridge from the Will to Power (yellow) to the Will to Love (Blue) – Tony Cuckson

Green is a combination of the colour yellow and blue. Yellow is the colour of the third chakra which is sometimes called the personal power chakra.

The blue chakra is the throat chakra which is the connection between you and what is beyond the personal sense of self. The colour blue represents the invitation to communion with Divine Intention. You commune with the Infinite.

The green individual surrenders their personal will to express the Will of the Divine through a direct communion with the Divine via an open heart.

Yellow represents the colour of personal and collective power.  The yellow chakra is the 3rd chakra.

This is the dynamic that affirms “I can” or “I will.” This is the will to power whereas the colour green is the focus on the Will to Love.

This Will Love involves a feeling connection with all of life and the privilege of being part of, but never apart from, the One Life.

The heart is the meeting point of the energy of personal power represented by the colour yellow and the power beyond as represented by the colour blue that invites a knowing intelligence that comes out of the blue.

There is nothing wrong with personal power unless it becomes the focus of your life beyond the Will to Love. You need personal power to surrender your will to the Will of the Divine.

Pursuit of personal power for its own sake, however, leads to a spiritual death. The green bough in the heart withers and dies and cannot then bear the weight of the singing bird nor can it bring forth the fruit of Love.

This is the meaning of the spiritual instruction given by the Master Jesus when he says: –

I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. – John 15:5

To live a life of purpose, peace, and prosperity it is essential to learn to abide in the energy of the heart chakra. This is the greening and blooming of your life as is intended.

True Colors Shining True

heart chakra colors

I see your true colours shining true – Cyndi Lauper

Do you see your true colours shining through? The word ‘true’ has nothing to do with the prescriptive idea of ‘the truth.’

True means the living flow of life’s energy moving through a body free of judgement aligned with the will of Love’s message.

The word ‘see’ relates to your ability to feel the vision that is designed to be given through you. When you see (and feel) your true colour shining through you are, in a sense, a visionary.

Your true colours are your delight meaning “of the Light.”

This play of colour is the light of Source energy expressing through an open heart that trusts the universal life force.

The invitation here is to open the eye of the heart to colour your life beyond judgement. This is not the emotional heart but the spiritual heart.

Judgement is a way of viewing the world in terms of black versus white.

Many of us do this with our feelings. We live our lives as a kind of paint box with a very limited palette of colours to express our light.

I am a lonely painter. I live in a box of paints – Joni Mitchel – A Case of You

Heart Chakra Opening Challenge

effortless yoga

Love is the Ultimate Gift that lies at the heart of Creation – Rabindranath Tagore – Mystic Poet

Having read this information regarding the heart chakra color and its meaning the question now becomes “What do you intend to do with this information?”

The word “courage” comes from the root of the French word “cour” which translates as “opening the heart.” This is real courage because it is the courage of vulnerability.

Are you prepared to follow that heart energy? Are you prepared to take the adventure into inviting your true colors to come shining true?

Let Awakening the Heart chakra be of REAL importance to you and honour that invitation by making a commitment to alignment with the Will to Love. 

Trust and companion your Greatness and the Greatness designed to be expressed through you.

Cultivate the qualities shared above that will color your life and invite the Light of Love to be more present in the world through you?

This is the greatest gift you can gift to the healing of the world of time and space.

What is the heart chakra question can be summed up in one word, “Trust?”

Begin the journey of authentic faith and allow yourself to trust that the Universe has you back.  Take this magnificent adventure into the Light of your own magnificence.

Heart Chakra Opening Opportunity

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Friend, wake up! Why do you go on sleeping – Kabir – Mystic Poet

I wrote the book Awakening the Heart – 21 Ways to Follow Loves Message to share with you the many ways in which you must explore the opening of the heart chakra.

This book focused on awakening the heart chakra is conversational in nature.

It is written the way in which I speak. I liken it to a conversation that I would have with a dear friend around an open fire.

Let the reviews attributed to this book give you some insight into the way others have found this book to be of benefit to them.

effortless yoga

This is the kind of book that I like. It is one that allows you to read a chapter at a time and reflect on its invitation. At the end of each chapter there is what I call “The Invitation.”

This book would be a great support to anyone who made a choice to go on a 21 Day Challenge of Heart Awakening.

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If you like reading eBooks, then I have made this book that answers the question “What is the heart chakra?” available at Smashwords.

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I intend to share with you the 21 Ways to Awaken the Heart over the coming months from September 2021.

I am presently setting up the facility for recording this book, so I plan to make an audio recording of these 21 chapters.

Shared below are the 21 Ways in which this awakening of the heart chakra will unfold over the coming weeks.

Heart Chakra Journey – 21 Day Challenge

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I began this 21 Day journey of heart chakra awakening with answering the question, “What is the Heart Chakra?

This will, I hope, inspire you to commit to exploring the heart chakra awakening journey as will be shared as follows.

  1. The Shape.
  2. The Colour
  3. The Animal
  4. The Song
  5. The Poem
  6. The Picture
  7. The Tree
  8. The Story
  9. The Sense
  10. The Affirmation
  11. The Archetype
  12. The Prayer
  13. The Place
  14. The Movie
  15. The Element
  16. The Sign
  17. The Question
  18. The Value
  19. The Challenge
  20. The Yoga
  21. The Step Beyond

I hope that this sharing of the heart chakra color meaning has inspired you to take the journey into allowing your true colors to shine from within.

In this way you become truly whole and holy. You become what you are intended to be.  A bright shining star in the making.