To recognize whether you have a heart chakra blockage, you need to be aware of what really constitutes a heart chakra block.  Most of the articles written on the internet are focused on ideas, not at all connected to heart chakra blockage.

The energy of the heart chakra and higher heart chakra is refined energy.  It is the center through which the etheric energy of Divine communion flows.

It has less to do with personal love relationships.  Much of what you read on the web related to heart chakra blocks are written by those who focus on the heart chakra as an aspect related to personal love.

The heart chakra is the energy center of the spiritual heart.

Through trust and allowing you invite the experience of Love as a state of Being rather than as a relationship you develop with another.

Key Heart Chakra Blockage

key heart chakra blockage

Key to the Heart – Daria Bagrintseva

The KEY block to the heart chakra is “YOU.” Read most articles on heart chakra blockage and you will rarely if ever be told that this is the case. The reason you are not told this is because you would most likely feel offended.

When authentic heart chakra writers state that “YOU” are the block they are referring to what the mystic Thomas Merton refers to as “the False Self.”

The “True Self” is that sense of your essential self beyond the time bound personality. Here is a video presentation by the spiritual teacher Teal Swan on entitled “The False Self versus the True Self.”

This is where you take your primary identity from who you think you are rather than the Essence of who you are.

The Master Jesus speaks about this primary heart chakra block when he says

Those who would save their life shall lose it but those who lose it for my sake shall find it.

The master is not asking you to give up your physical life.  He is asking that you surrender your personal will to the will of the Divine.

This surrender of the personal will is the beginning of heart chakra awakening. Its not about patching up a broken personal relationship.  Its about willing surrendering your life purpose to Love’s purpose – a key sign of the spiritual awakening process – a key sign of the spiritual awakening process .

This is the primary purpose you exist (Eckhart Tolle – The Power of NOW)

Personal Integrity

blocks to the heart chakra

The Intensity in which I Love – Aimée M Everett

To surrender the personal will you have to have a personal will to surrender.  This means you have to develop a sense of personal integrity.

I find many spiritual seekers who vehemently declare that one must get rid of the ego.

This is the task of the 2nd half of life.  The problem I find with many such seekers is that they have not developed an ego in the 1st half of life that they have available to surrender. They become fluffy and ungrounded.

Like the mythic hero Icarus and are headed for a fall.

The Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung stated it this way.

The 1st half of life is to develop an ego that you learn to surrender during the 2nd half of life – Carl Gustav Jung.

The India sage Patanjali who is thought to be the father of the science of Yoga stated it this way.

Yoga is the journey from the self to the Self through the self—The Sutras for Patanjali.

When Patanjali refers to “the self” (with a small ‘s’) he is referring to what we all identify with as “our personality.”  When he refers to “the Self” (with a capital ‘S’) he is referring to what we would refer to as “the Divine.”

When Carl Gustav Jung refers to “the ego” he is referring to the personal separate sense of self that we all think we are.

Most everyone never leaves this sense of personal self even though it is the job of religion to guide you in ways to do so.  The reason for the failure is that most religious teachers identify with the personal self.

Thus in the understanding of the Master Jesus, we all save our personal sense of self and in doing so we lose our feeling sense of communion with Eternity. (Self)

The Essential YOU

heart chakra blockage causes

Grounded by Elizabeth Becker

The heart chakra blockage is about opening to this Essential YOU.

If you are reading heart chakra blockage articles to heal a broken relationship, you are better to focus on the lower three chakras that are related to

  • Safety and Groundedness—Root Chakra
  • Creativity and Sexuality—Sacral Chakra
  • Empowerment—Solar Plexus Chakra.

Broken love relationships at a personal level are usually as a result of blocks to these three lower chakras and especially the issue of safety grounded in the root chakra.

The root cause of difficult personal love relationships lies in the lower three chakras related to the development of the personality. This is especially the development of the personality of the young child.

The root chakra is associated your ability to feel safe and to trust. It represents your ability to feel grounded. You have clear boundaries and, in this way, you trust yourself to open to the experience of the Boundless within you.

Real Heart Chakra Blocks

heart chakra blockage symptoms

He and She – Flow of the Divine Prana – Elena Orlova

The real heart chakra block is where you have no feeling connection to the flow of the Divine within you. You live at the lower chakra levels of the personality.  This is how most people live almost all of their lives.

That is until that time when they might ask, “Is this all there is.”

When I write about “the flow of the Divine within you” I am not writing about a belief that you have adopted.  I am writing about a direct experience of union with the Source.

The reason why you exist on this planet is to KNOW and BE this expression of LOVE IN FORM.

The gateway to this KNOWING (which is not intellectual knowledge) is through the open heart.  If you have no feeling or longing for such an experience, then the heart chakra is blocked.

It’s not blocked because you fell out with your partner and you have withdrawn.

A real desire to unblock the heart chakra relates to a deep longing for direct communion with the Divine. I think it is unfair to you if you are told that heart chakra blockage is related to personal relationship.

Heart Chakra Wisdom

reason for heart chakra blocks

Magical Thinking – Nestor Toro

The people authorized to teach you about heart chakra blockage are those who are mystics.  These are individuals who have been graced to enter the mystery of At-One-Ment.

Notice the language being used here.  It is religious and spiritual.  It is symbolic and mythic.

Awakening the heart invites you to an experience beyond the personal.  It invites you to an experience beyond belief.  It invites you to take the shortest and longest journey.  This is the journey from your overthinking personal sense of self to the Essential, Infinite and Eternal Self.

This is what I am presently reading as at September 2020

Most writers on the internet who share information about heart chakra blockage do not have such authority.  Their focus is on explaining to you why you may not be successful in a personal love relationship.

They take you down the road of magical thinking.

For example, one writer advises eating green foods because we associate the heart chakra with the colour green.  Another advises you to wear glasses tinged pink because pink is also a color associated with the heart chakra.

There may be valuable information in such articles about how to heal a personal love relationship, but let’s not confuse that with what it means to have a blocked heart chakra.

Broken Love Relationships

heart chakra and broken relationships

If you are exploring ways to heal a broken heart as a consequence of a broken relationship it would be better that you explore your relationship with those primary caretakers in your childhood.

This is where you learn what personal love relationship means.

It would enlighten you to explore the foundational choice related to attachment versus authenticity as shared by the brilliant Gabor Mate.

This is essential information related to our foundational sense of the personal self.

Here is what I think is essential for anyone interested in understanding how we originally block our energy system (Y-E-S)

Better to learn this and heal this rather than focusing on trying to open your heart chakra.

The heart chakra invites the flow of unconditional love.  However, it’s unlikely to be available if you have remained inauthentic.

Know that you are in good company.  We all chose the nonauthentic over-attachment in order that we might survive.

Heal that root chakra energy dynamic and you will be drawn higher.

I see far too many spiritual seekers avoid this foundational healing.  They want to get enlightened but don’t want to feel their feelings.

Healing Recommendations

healing heart chakra blocks

Removing the Blocks – Annabelle He

Here are two recommendations that facilitate the task of removing blocks to love.  These are practices I use in my every day life.

At whatever chakra level you work to removing the blocks the foundational focus needs to be on willingness to trust your Y-E-S.

Y – Your

E – Energy

S – System

My focus at this website is to get you to trust in your magnificence.  This is the magnificence of the Essential YOU.

I invite you to explore embodied spirituality.

This is where you honor the intelligence of the body and allow it to be the Temple of Spirit it is designed to be.  The mystic poet Mary Oliver says it this way.

You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.

From Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

Trusting the body begins with turning within.  It is turning within to a different kind of KNOWING. Ultimately, you learn to trust being KNOWN through.

This is when the magic really happens. You become a flow of the Divine.

Before that, there is the task of removing blocks from the lower chakras.

This is the process of personal growth and integration. It is feeling your feelings. As the writer of Radical Forgiveness, Colin Tipping declares.

You can’t heal it if you don’t feel it—Colin Tipping

The way I invite this healing through the body is through the practice of Yoga Nidra.

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This is the practice I use every day.  It is a foundational practice of trusting the inner silence that will reveal to you what is blocked.

This is a real challenge because it requires you to trust the unknown.

It requires you to trust the thing nearest to Divine revelation.  This is silence. In this silence, you surrender to that which is beyond your limited personal sense of self.

You heal the primary cause of all suffering.  This is the feeling of disconnection from your Source and from your soul.

S – Source

O – of

U – Unconditional

L – Love

In this way you are engaged with the task of removing all those blocks to love that you have learned in order to protect the idea of who you are.

Your task is not to seek for love but to remove all the barriers that stand against it – Rumi.

The paradox is that you do not fight these blocks.  You trust the silence to do the work of unblocking.

Course in Removing Blocks

Foundational to all chakra unblocking is unblocking the energy of the root chakra.

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