In this Practical Beginner’s Guide to Spiritual Awakening, I will focus on teaching your how to unfurl your sails so that you can sail into the Beyond.

The spiritual journey is about unfoldment. It is not about addition. The paradox is that when you live in alignment with True spirituality everything gets added. Do not confuse this statement as meaning that you get everything you want.

What it means is that you FEEL fulfilled through the experience of Life pouring through you as it created you to pour through you. You are living, not from any sense of lack, but from an emptiness that is forever full.

In Ireland we represent this state of fulfilment in the fourth Treasure of the Beautiful People—the Tuatha de Danaan—that is The Cauldron of Plenty. The secret of The Caldron of Plenty is that it is forever empty and forever full at the same time.

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The Challenge of Teaching Spirituality.

A Definition of Spirituality

Expected Learning and Outcomes

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The Difference between Religion and Spirituality

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guide to spiritual awakening introductionA Guide to Spiritual Awakening for Beginners.

What you might expect to learn at the end of this course of unfoldment might include:-

  • A wholistic way of learning that includes not only knowledge but KNOWING.
  • The difference between belief, blind faith, and authentic faith.
  • Learn the 3 Steps to Heaven that are Intention, Attention and Action.
  • Align your life purpose with the primary purpose of the Universe.
  • Key practices related to Meditation, Prayer and Contemplation.
  • Connect the language of the Deep Heart’s Core with story, poetry, and song.
  • Understand the 3 levels of manifestation to live from fulfilment.
  • The 3 different ages of Life—1st Half—Transition—2nd Half. 
  • Spiritual Awakening as a Process and as Revelation.
  • The difference between religion and spirituality.
  • The various Maps of the Journey from different traditions.
  • Ways, Paths, Levels, Stages, Signposts and Steps that are part of the Spiritual Journey.
  • Guided meditations, audio recordings and pdf files to support your unfoldment.

I share with you here more about the 4th Treasure of the Tuatha De Danaan – The Beautiful People (representing you as an awakened soul). This is part of the 21 day process that I share in my book Being Beautiful – Learning to Treasure the REAL You.

Day No 16

The Cauldron of Plenty

The fourth treasure of the Beautiful People is the Cauldron of Plenty of the Good God Dadga. This is symbolic of the human heart and mind that is in alignment with the Universal Mind of which you are apart but never apart from. The Cauldron of Plenty is both empty and full at the same time. This represents your openness to channel the Message of Love. This is not your personal message. It is how the message of Love is allowed to flow through you.

You practice self-emptying so you can fulfil Love’s purpose. This is your joy. You pour forth the blessings that are poured your way from the One who is the eternal Giftgiver. Your cup overfloweth with goodness and mercy. This is a goodness beyond moralistic judgment. This is not simply doing good but Being Good. You do not have to work out what is needed. You work at getting out of the way.

This is a different focus from that taught by The Law of Attraction where your focus is on manipulating the Cosmos for your own ends. The Cauldron of Plenty is the truly attractive experience. It is beauty pouring from the Unmanifest into the world as Love in action. It feels natural. You do not drive this Law of Attraction through willpower. You draw it to you from the Field of Infinity. You willingly receive what Creation intends to give through you.

You willingly align with the dance of Love. In this way, in the words of W. B. Yeats you, “Come dance with me in Ireland, the Holy Land of Ireland.” You feel whole. You feel holy but this holiness is not a script you live from but an experience you allow to live through you and as you. This flow moves through the body. You embody this plenitude that flows through you. It is not moving from your personal agenda. You give no thought unless you need to facilitate Love in action. You are intentionally attentive to the way you follow your inner guidance.

The Universe knows what it’s doing. So don’t develop a big ego, and don’t be afraid. ~ Benjamin Hoff

This is the invitation from the first commandment. This works when you learn to feel in Love with who you are created to express. You go out of your personal over-thinking mind and enter the silence that is the nearest NO-THING to God. You begin to know the Love you are. This journey of Love begins with encouragement and moves through different levels of vibration until you live as Essence. The less there is of you as the personal “I, me and mine,” the more there is of the Infinite. There is no loss here. There is you feeling in tune with the Infinite.

You know that to lose your life as the personal sense of self is to gain the Knowing of you as an expression of eternity. You still live in time but you are the Timeless having the real time of your life. You are pouring forth the fullness of who you are from the willingness of an empty mind and open heart available to Love’s Message.

In the Beginning

the spiritual journey begins

Spiritual awakening is the experience of revelation. This revealing of the True Self will allow you to KNOW that you are part but not apart from something much larger than yourself.

The intention is to present a weekly audio presentation of around twenty minutes that you will have available to listen too and reflect on. Included with that reflection will be one or more practical exercises that cultivate the practice of unfoldment.

As of writing this presentation (April 2020) the opening outline will begin with exploring:-

What is spirituality and why it matters?

  1. What is Spirituality?
  2. What is the difference between spirituality and religion?
  3. Spiritual Challenges.
  4. The Spiritual Journey
  5. Why Spirituality Matters?

Presentation Format

I plan to record this presentation as if it were an experience of Satsang. That means the intention is to speak from the heart rather than read a script.

I will be assisted by imagining I am speaking to you in the way I do so with my God daughters. This will I hope give you a more intimate experience rather than listening to a script.

This audio recording will be available for free download here.


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