Let me outline the free online spiritual courses and classes available now and in the coming months. These spiritual courses will include the following titles:-

  • Beginner’s Guide to the Spiritual Journey.
  • Beginner’s Guide to Spiritual Yoga.
  • 10 Day Spiritual Awakening Challenge.
  • A Guide to the Practice of Authentic Prayer.
  • Awakening the Soul through Story, Poetry and Song.

These free online spiritual courses will include material that you can download

  • .Audio recordings of lessons.
  • Related Guided meditations and stories.
  • PDF downloads for later reading.
  • Questions and Quizzes.

I will share the material on these free online spiritual development courses on my Facebook Group entitled Spiritual Process of Awakening.

This outlines the posed development of this material. I recommend that you subscribe so you can have available to you to these free online spiritual courses.

Let me share with you the material available from the initial free online spiritual course entitled Beginner’s Guide to the Spiritual Journey.

This is the outline for the 1st free online spiritual growth and development course that I am developing.

Module 1Overview of A Beginners Guide to the Spiritual Journey
Lesson 1What is a Spiritual Journey  - Preview
Lesson 2What is Spiritual Awakening  - Preview
Lesson 3Discovering the Importance of Spirituality  - Preview
Module 2How to Begin the Spiritual Journey
Lesson 1Pillar 1 - Trust Your Inner Knowing  - Preview
Lesson 2Pillar 2 - The Power of Intention  - Preview
Module 3The Language for the Journey
Lesson 1The Power of Spiritual Stories  - Preview
Lesson 2The Language of Spiritual Poetry  - Preview
Module 4The Benefits of the Spiritual Journey
There are no units in this module.
Module 5The Challenges of the Spiritual Journey
Lesson 1The Challenge of Spiritual Authority  - Preview
Module 6Where do You Go from Here
There are no units in this module.
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The modules and lessons for this free online spiritual course are being written daily from late June 2020.

Other Free Online Spiritual Courses

spiritual courses online

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

As I discover other free online spiritual courses that I think will be of value I will list them here.

Let me begin with a free online spiritual course from a favorite wisdom teacher who is Jean Houston. She wrote a book I love entitled The Wizard of Us – Transformational Lessons from Oz.

Here is the opening invitation from this free online spiritual course by the wonderful Jean Houston.

You long to live a life of purpose. There’s no time to waste, and you feel a deep sense of urgency around giving your greatest gifts to the world.

Yet you find yourself struggling, passionately searching for exactly how to make a meaningful difference and finally live the life you were meant to live.

And you’re not alone. In fact, at this very moment, millions of people like you are searching for ways to align themselves with a higher calling and a deeper purpose.

Some say it’s a global awakening on a scale we’ve never seen.

Your struggles to gain traction are not your fault. We were simply never trained on how to infuse our daily lives with meaning and purpose.

Fortunately, there are proven methods to help activate your full potential and to live a life that is as deeply fulfilling as it is meaningful.

And you’re about to discover the foremost system in the world for bringing your highest calling into the reality of your daily life.

As a storyteller I love the language of myth and magic. Here is a free online spiritual development course centred around the book The Wizard of Us by Jean Houston and taken from the spiritual movie The Wizard of Oz.

Here is a free online spiritual course that has several YouTube videos taking you on a journey of transformational lessons from Oz.