One of my favorite symbols is The Flower of Life symbol.  I have this yoga symbol on a keyring.  Each time I reach into my pocket for my car keys I get to touch the design.  I love the feel of this design and each time inside I am dancing.

The Flower of Life symbol is a sacred geometry symbol.  I would like that you and I explore this symbol of power and meaning.  With this in view I propose that we journey through this exploration in the following way.

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I hope in this way to invite you to explore this flower of life symbol that will bring you a deeper appreciation of life and your place within it.

Are you ready to discover one of the beautiful symbols that invite your experience of union and yoga?

What is the Flower of Life Symbol?

what is the flower of life symbol

The meaning of the Flower of Life symbol represents the journey of creation from NO-THING to Everything.

This is the journey you are here to realize. This is the journey from the experience of time (personal) to the experience of the TIMELESS (Soul)

It is the journey of flowering the fulness of who you are created to become. The result is the Flower of Life.

A traditional explanation is that the Flower of Life symbol developed in the following way.

  • First, there was NO-THING-NESS.
  • Then there saw SOMETHING – a dot.
  • This dot formed into a circle.
  • The Circle repeated itself.
  • The Circle was then placed within a boundary of two circles.

Thus, you have the complete journey of the One into the Many and the Many within the One.

We come whirling out of NO-THING-NESS, scattering stars like dust.

The Stars made a circle and in the middle, we dance – Rumi

Thus, you have a symbol that represents the journey of Yoga, which the Father of Yoga states is as follows: –

Yoga is the journey of the self into the Self through the self – Patanjali – Father of Yoga.

The ‘self’ represents the sense of the personal you.

In the Flower of Life symbol, your personal self is represented as one of the smaller circles.  You are both a whole circle and part of a larger circle which Patanjali refers to as the ‘Self’ – with a capital ‘S.’

Notice, however, that in the Flower of Life symbol there is no real separation.  The personal and the universal are One.  This is what this symbol reminds you of.

For this writer it is no co-incidence that many crop circles have aspect of the Flower of Life within them.

Flower of Life Sacred Geometry

higher life purpose knowing

The Flower of Life symbol is recognized as sacred geometry.

Sacred geometry is the secret and sacred language of the universe.  It is a language beyond words. It is a language that satisfies both sides of the brain.

  • Logical and analytical and
  • Holistic and intuitive.

Personal transformation does not, and never has been experienced by way of words and logic. This is why the mystic poet Rumi advises: –

Give up logic for bewilderment – Rumi

Most of us are threatened to some degree by the idea of bewilderment. It is the invitation into the experience of the unknown.

Yet this is the way into the direct experience of KNOWING.  This is holistic thinking. It is where you are thought through.  This is the beginning of wisdom. It is the beginning of INNER KNOWING.

The Flower of Life symbolizes this way of KNOWING and being KNOWN through. You are both part and whole and holy.

Discover the Flower of Life Symbol Benefits

power of life benefits

Here are some of the benefits of exploring the Flower of Life symbol.

  • Reminder of Unity
  • Supports Sacred Space
  • Meditation Tool

Flower of Life Symbol Benefit 1 – Reminder of Unity

There is probably no greater symbol of unity than the Flower of Life symbol.  It is reflected in the way that creation manifests itself. It has no beginning and no end, unlike other symbols.

The Journey of Yoga is a journey of sacred unity. In reality, this sacred unity is never broken.

The reality, however, is that we all go away from this sense of unity, and we fall under the spell of forgetting.  Think of any well-known fairytale such as Sleeping Beauty.  This is a tale of our forgetting the beauty of the soul.

This is the meaning of the story of the Prodigal Son or Daughter who leaves home.  He/She forgets who and why they are but the Father (the Source) there is no forgetting. The connection is forever.

The Flower of Life, for this writer, is a premier Yoga symbol because it is a symbol of unity.  It comprises a circle within a circle without beginning or end.

The circle is the symbol of completeness.

Flower of Life Benefit 2 – Supports Sacred Space

This Flower of Life symbol is a great symbol to support your creation of sacred space. You can do different things with it such as hang a decal or a poster on a wall of your room.

More than at any time in history you need to consciously create inner and outer space that promotes the integrity of body mind and soul.

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again – Joseph Campbell

flower of life benefits

Create space so that what is intended to be flowered through you is brought into manifestation. Creating sacred space is part of inviting the fruition of your full potential.

With the intention allow this Flower of Life symbol remind you of the importance of spending time in quietude and silence.  Let these unified circles remind you that you are forever part of the unified circle of Love.

Come out of the circle of Time into the Circle of Love – Rumi.

The Circle of Love is YOUR primary reality. The paradox is that you have to create time for the Timeless to be allowed to be KNOWN through you.

Such is the nature of sacred space.

Flower of Life Symbol Meditation

flower of life meditation

The way in which you might explore a Flower of Life meditation is similar to the way in which you use the flame of a candle to focus your attention.

You could explore gazing at a Flower of Life decal on the wall of a room.  As with many meditation practices the technique is similar.

  • Set aside time when you will not be disturbed. Switch off all mobile devices. This is time for communion rather than communication.
  • Take a few deep breathes and relax. Allow the breath to come and go as it will.
  • Set your intention for this practice. Make this an intention to be available to the way in which the Divine communes with you.
  • Gaze at the Flower of Life symbol, but not at a fixed point. Relax.
  • You will be distracted by your overthinking mind. Simply witness this and come back to gazing at the Flower of Life symbol.
  • Be willing to receive what is destined to be expressed through you.

My view is that this meditation will be most effective for those who are drawn to the flower of life symbol and love its beauty.

This is a meditation that wonderfully invites the coming out of the Circle of Time into the Circle of Love (Rumi)

While researching for information on the flower of life symbol I discovered that there is a Tibetan Flower of Life Singing Bowl.  This beautiful object could be used as a way of centering and grounding.

Another way to meditate on the flower of life symbol is to draw it.  More on this below on how to use the flower of life symbol.

Flower of Life Chakra

flower of life chakra

You will find people searching Google for the term “Flower of Life Chakra.” No search that Google shares will give the answer to that search term.

There is no chakra that can be correlated to the flower of life symbol. What can be correlated is the 7 major Chakra System.

My view is that the flower of life symbol is inviting the journey related to the 7 major chakras.  This is the flowering of human consciousness.

The image above is to my mind a beautiful combination of the unity of the 7 chakra system and the flower of life symbol.

7 Major Chakra Levels of Awakening

Lower Chakras – Personal Development
1Root ChakraI am Safe
2Sacral ChakraI am Creative
3Solar Plexus ChakraI am Empowered
Transitional Chakra
4Heart ChakraI am Loved
Higher Chakras – Transpersonal Revelation
5Throat ChakraI Speak
6Brow ChakraI KNOW
7Crown ChakraI AM

There is another chakra that most people do not reference and this is called The Higher Heart Chakra.

Is the Flower of Life Evil?

higher purpose living practice 3 - silence

In researching the term “Flower of Life symbol” I find a related question which is, “Is the Flower of Life Evil?”

This question suggests that the person searching under this term has an interest in the Flower of Life symbol but has reservations about exploring it.

I suspect this is because it conflicts with some other teaching and some other authority that they have given their power too in matters of religious and spiritual advancement.

When you read the answers to the search term “Is the Flower of Life Evil,” you will find none of the related searches return an answer to that question.

The real answer to the question “Is the Flower of Life Evil” depends on what you understand by the word ‘Evil.’

The word ‘evil’ relates to the idea of duality. It relates to the word “Devil” derived from the root word “Diabolus” meaning dual or opposite.

The symbol of the Flower of Life is a symbol of unity, so it invites revelation beyond duality. This does not mean that you won’t project your personal belief system unto it.

Whether or not the symbol is evil depends on your projection which arises from your belief system. If you are open to the possibility, then you can explore its potential.

If you have a rigid belief system that you are attached to then its probably better not to venture into the experience of sacred unity that will take you beyond duality and into Oneness.

If you are prepared to accept your own authority and trust the Still Small Voice within then let this be your guide.

How to Use the Flower of Life

how to use the flower of life symbol

Here are some of the ways in which you might have fun exploring the unifying energy of the Flower of Life symbol.

This may not transform your life, but it will bring you into an essential remembrance. This is to remember that you are here to Flower the Life you are given to express in the world.

Symbols are powerful because they are the visible signs of invisible realities. – Saint Augustine

Use 1 – Create a Place of Unity

One key way of using the Flower of Life symbol is to use it to enhance the meaning of the room or spaces that you live in.

This is especially the case for a room where you spend a time for the practice or practices of yoga, prayer, meditation, or contemplation.

When I write about prayer, I am not inviting the normal understanding of prayer as understood by most people.

Prayer as I teach and how it is taught by mystics it is the practice of listening to the Still Small Voice Within. It is waiting in silence for the communion with the Divine that will come through you.

But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. Matthew 6:6 – King James Version (KJV)

Don’t take this instruction literally.

“Enter into thy closet” means to enter within yourself. Shutting the door is shutting the door/s of the five senses. Prayer is silent allowing and waiting.

How to Draw the Flower of Life

how to draw the flower of life

Drawing the Flower of Life is an exercise in centredness and remembrance of the connection of all life.

In exploring the practice of drawing the Flower of Life you begin to develop the following energic recognition.

Here is a video that shares with you the tools you need and the way in which you can draw the Flower of Life.

There are shorter videos. However, the presenter touches on the topics as listed above in relation to the energies that this practice draws to you and from you.

Create a Flower of Life Object

flower of life creation

One of my favorite things is my car key ring. This is a wooden circle on which I have stuck a small Flower of Life decal.

Now each time I reach into my coat pocket for my car keys I feel this raised decal on the wooden key ring.

It always makes me smile.  I take a moment.  I take a breath. I remember for a moment to be still and receptive to the KNOWING of the Still Small Voice within.

Create a work of heart.

Buy yourself a small or large decal and stick it to something that you carry with you.  This might be a keyring. It might be your mobile phone or laptop. It might be a notebook.

Then each time to pick up this keyring, mobile phone, or laptop you get to remember to connect to and remember your connection with that which symbolizes the reality of your completeness.

We cannot have enough of these precious and holy moments of remembering.

These are sacred moments where we still the overthinking personal mind and allow the Stillness that Speaks to guide us in the ways of unity, harmony, and yoga.

All artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of inner stillness, a peace of mind – Stillness Speaks – Eckhart Tolle.

Wear the Flower of Life Symbol

flower of life ring

I invite you to attire yourself in clothing and jewelry that reminds you of the journey that you are here to live.  This is the journey of sacred unity.

You can buy and wear a tee-shirt, a hooded blanket, a bracelet, a necklace, or a pendant that has as part of the design the Flower of Life symbol.

This signals to your subconscious mind that this experience of sacred unity is important to you.

At least once each day you have the opportunity to be reminded that you are here to live as one who lives from the Circle of Love.

This is more than a fashion statement. It is a statement of intention. This is the intention that you are willing to live in alignment and harmony with the One Life and the One Love.

Yoga Symbols Meaning

yoga symbols meaning

This Flower of Life symbol is No 2 in a series of blogs that I intend to write related to yoga symbols and their meaning and how you can use them for inviting the flowering of your full potential.

As of late May 2021, here is the list of Yoga symbols that I intend to explore in detail. There will be a link to each as they are written and posted.

  • No 1 – The Staff of Caduceus
  • No 2 – The Flower of Life.
  • No 3 – The Symbol Om.
  • No 4 – The Symbol of Infinite.
  • No 5 – The Lotus Symbol.
  • More to come.

I hope you found value in this article related to the Flower of Life.

If you did, I encourage you to share this with others on social media. In this way, you help build a community of others who value the call to the revelation to unity that is the meaning of the Flower of Life.

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