Awakening to Life Purpose begins with the Power of Purpose. To begin the endless journey into Love I will be sharing:-

  • Ten Powers of Awakening to Love
  • Ten Signs of Awakening to Love
  • Ten Practice of Awakening to Love

Recording of Awakening to Life Purpose

The Power of Purpose

Your purpose is to serve Love’s Purpose –

The first of these powers for awakening the heart is the Power of Purpose. Many people struggle to find meaning and purpose in the world because their life is driven solely from the sense of the personal self.

This is especially true for those aged thirty five years or more. Before the age of thirty five there is the focus on becoming established in this world of time and space. Their focus is on career, family, relationships and the development of a recognized sense of the personal self.

Later there comes some form of crises that leads the individual to ask deeper questions of existence such as, “Who am?” or “Why am I here?” The question can be more despondent such as “Why me?” or “Is this all there is?”

Who am I?
by Carl Sandburg

My head knocks against the stars.

My feet are on the hilltops.

My finger-tips are in the valleys and shores of
universal life.

Down in the sounding foam of primal things I
reach my hands and play with pebbles of

I have been to hell and back many times.

I know all about heaven, for I have talked with God.

I dabble in the blood and guts of the terrible.

I know the passionate seizure of beauty
And the marvelous rebellion of man at all signs
reading “Keep Off.”

My name is Truth and I am the most elusive captive
in the universe.

What is my Life Purpose?

When you begin the Awakening to Love the purpose of life and the purpose of your life becomes clearer.

The question “What is my life purpose?”can be stated in a very simple way.

Your life purpose is to serve the purpose of Love.

This is your primary purpose. Your secondary purpose is the way in which that primary purpose is made manifest within this world of time. In this way you come into alignment with the One Life and the One Love.

what is my life purpose

Enter the stillness within that allows you to answer the question “What is my life purpose?”

Awakening to Love is Feeling Fine

There is a primary way in which to know whether or not you are in alignment with awakening the purpose of life. It is to become aware of what it feels like in the body to experience a sense of expansiveness.

This is a feeling experience and not a mental experience. It is not something you think your way into. It is an experience of the return to the body and the development of the awareness of the subtle body or energy body.

The body never lies – Martha Graham

While the mind can lie the body cannot. If you feel a sense of contraction then this is a signal that you are out of alignment or in resistance to the way that Love’s Message is expressing through you. Rather than have a definition of Love’s Purpose you commit to learning how to feel energetically open to receiving the abundance that the Universe created you to gift through you.

The Power of Purpose is Beyond Belief

Loves purpose is not a fixed belief. It is an energetic movement experienced in the present moment. You do not define it in words. It is not a personal mission statement. Metaphorically speaking it is more like a river. The river eventually comes to the Ocean which is the infinite Ocean of Love.

This is who you are. This is the meaning of your existence. It is to allow and to be the flow of Love within form. The form through which this experience flows is the body. Your life will have a sense of absence or of having something missing if this knowing is not your experience at least once in your life.

The purpose of your life, especially in your later years (after fifty years) is to let go and trust in the unknown but not the unknowable. This is the real practice of faith. You no longer have such a fixed personal agenda other than to deepen your awareness and feeling connection to the Universal Presence of Love.

Falling in love you remain a child; rising in love you mature. By and by love becomes not a relationship, it becomes a state of your being. Not that you are in love – now you are love.


In awakening you life purpose you surrender your personal will in order that the Will to Love be done through you. In this way you become a unique channel for the knowing of Heaven on Earth.

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Awakening to the Will to Love

You no longer try to save your life by becoming more and more secure by dictating to existence what life should be for you. You are willingly surrendered to the Will to Love rather than being driven from the will to personal power.

In deepening this willingness there is a deeper sense of security. You feel the Universe has your back. You learn that you will be given what is needed in any situation and you practice just a little faith in the process and you move mountains of doubt and fear.

This Power of Purpose is not something you define. It is a cultivated ability to being energetically open to the present moment that is then able to move through you. This is a feeling experience. It is a refined feeling experience.

You learn how to feel fine through a focus on the movement of the breath. This keeps you centred in the present moment. You are not thus driven by the voice in your head but drawn to the centre through conscious awareness of breathing in and out.

awakening to life purpose

Awakening to YOUR life purpose is a journey into allowing Love’s Purpose

Allowing the Awakening to Life Purpose

Love’s Purpose, your primary life purpose, is invited  by your giving permission to arise in you. Your personal will becomesfocused on allowing it to play out naturally. There is no need for dictating to the myriad desires that arising within your outer and from the inner world. You are focused on your Sankalpa which it your true hearts desire.

This is to be in union and to know and experience what it feels like to live in and as the unified field of Love. You know what it feels like to be embraced by the Universe.

Awakening to your Life Purpose means you learn to be empty of your personal agenda so that Loves Purpose can fulfill you. This is why you are created. This is your primary purpose. Out of this feeling of expansiveness you act.

This is the movement of Love in Action.  Now Life is done through you and this is your joy. It’s not about driving, but drawing. This is the real operation of the Law of Attraction. You and Love become attracted to each other.

Awakening to Love – The Further Invitation

This concludes the sharing of the first power for Awakening to Love that is The Power of Purpose. The second power that I will outline in the next sharing will be the Power of Intention.  

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Until we meet again via the web or the ether or in person I wish you well. May you willingly commit to awakening to love and being an open channel for the Message of Love as uniquely designed to express and flow through you.

Let it be so for you.

Let it be so for all.

This is Tony Cuckson of signing off for now and thank you so much for either reading this far or taking time to listen to the audio presentation.