I invite you on a quest that involves creating a sacred space. Creating this sacred space allows you to find the treasure within you that you are here to gift to the world.

This is the space in which you learn to Companion YOUR Greatness and to live the life you love. This is living life from your authentic Self. In this way, your energy flows. In this way, you live the Y-E-S that is your one wild and precious life—(The Summer Day – Mary Oliver)

A quest is an exploration. It is a journey into the unknown but not the unknowable. It is not setting goals. It is setting an intention. The quest requires:

  • Commitment
  • Patience
  • Discipline

These are the three essentials of learning to say Y-E-S to Companioning your magnificence. These are the three essentials outlined in the international best-selling book The Art of Loving by Eric Fromm.

Chakra Healing Journey

effortless yoga

The Journey Begins – Cameron Grey – AmericaFineArt.com

The Way of Chakra Healing guides you on the Quest-I-On but as Rumi the spiritual teacher says:

It’s your road, and yours alone.

others may walk it with you,

but no one can walk it for you.”

― Rumi

The others who walk it with you can only go with you until that point where your guide becomes the Still Small Voice Within. This is your inner guru which is your authentic voice. However, do not think that the Still Small Voice Within is a voice. It is more of a sense of Presence.

Far too often people give their authority to those who they think KNOW more than they do. This is especially the case in matters of spiritual authority. I have seen this more times than enough with sincere spiritual seekers who follow wolves in sheep’s clothing. Such was the case with my sister Mary.

Some people know more than you in spiritual matters, but if this is authentic KNOWING they do not dissuade you from exploring and realizing the inner revelation, you are also to KNOW. They KNOW the joy of discovering the SELF. They KNOW the joy of entering the mystery. They invite you to KNOW the mystery as it is intended to come through you and not mirror the way it expresses through them.

Such is the tragedy of religious authority.

They want this for you, but they will not insist that their way is your way or the only way.

The challenge for you, and for most of us is to take our own journey. From the time we are small children we are educated and filled up with other people’s ideas of who we should be.

Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of fire – W. B. Yeats.

To say Y-E-S to being a Companion of Greatness you must have at least a spark of interest that you will then tend. You tend that spark with patience and through taking action.

Chakra Healing and Sacred Intention

chakra healing path

Light Fountain – Sumapano – Society6

The Way of Chakra Healing is an invitation to a magical way of living within this world of time and space. It is an invitation to the ultimate Magical Mystery Tour. It must, however, be a practical way of living and this involves commitment and taking action.

The action you take is to support your intention. In traditional cultures, this Quest, which is a sacred quest takes you into the KNOWING of Love from which all is given. This is how I invite you to view this guide to Y-E-S—the healing of Your Energy System.

View this course on energy healing as a sacred endeavour because that is what it is, and this is where it will take you. Exploring the journey of becoming a channel for healing means you are entering holy ground.

The sacred arises from the centre of who you are. This arising from the centre is true education. I call this kind of education Universe-ity education.  It is where your life is versed from the intention that the universe has for you and why it created you.

To be versed (educated) in universal intention is a magical way of living. It is a holistic way of living.

You can continue with this course and energy healing in one of two ways. This is the way of information or the way of transformation. One way (information) is secular the other (transformation) is sacred.

The way I guide you on this quest for wholeness, for Y-E-S, is the way of the sacred. Do not confuse the word ‘sacred’ with the word ‘religious.’ More often than not they are not the same. One is more theology and the other is in the words of Rumi.

Trade logic for bewilderment – Rumi

Creating A Sacred Space

creating sacred space within

Yoga Nidra as a Way of Entering Sacred Space

Another way of describing the ‘sacred’ is to say that you enter “liminal space.”

This is a different way of learning. It is a way of tending the spark inside you. It is the way of becoming an expression of Divine inspiration.

There are different ways of creating a sacred space or liminal space and as part of your journey, it is for you to develop your own practices and explore what this does for you and, more importantly, what it does through you.

I will share with you key aspects of the process for entering liminal space.

Do not be afraid if you do not know what to do. Much of what you need to do in order to access subtle healing energy is to learn to trust in non-doing. You are invited into that sacred state of awareness where Love’s purpose is KNOWN through you.

In this way, you become whole. You get to know what the universe intends to have wholly expressed through you. Note that the words, ‘heal,’ ‘whole’ and ‘holy’ all derive from the same etymological root.

Key Intention for Healing

chakra healing key

A New Song—Joshua Smith—FineArtAmerica.com

If you are interested in exploring the quest to be an energy healer or to heal your own energy system, then you begin with one clear intention.

Nothing happens without intention. It is what drives energy.

As a guide to energy healing let me start you on your quest with his key sacred intention.

 I enter sacred space, and I am available for Love’s purpose.

You can state this in whatever way it feels right for you. If you take this key intention for energy healing as I give here it, I think it will set your feet on the right path.

Whatever intention you explore it has to be in alignment with Truth.  This is the truth of your relationship to the Divine. The truth is that you are never, have never and will never be separate from the Love of Creation.

It is the image that you are made in.  The non-truth is the belief in separation and that you have in some way to earn your acceptance by Divine Presence.

Rumi says it this way.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. – Rumi.

The major barrier to the flow of the higher Love into the lower is your identification with the personality rather than the feel of the Presence within you. This is where you “lose your life” (the personal) “save your Life” (transpersonal).

Entering Sacred Space

chakra healing and sacred space

When the Night Falls on Sacred Land III – Christian Bahr – Saatchi Art

My view is that there is no healing without the learned ability to enter sacred space and be available to the energy that is holy within you. This is not mere belief. This is experiential. It is like learning to use a muscle but the learning is not about acquisition. It is about letting go and letting Love.

You have to be willing to give up belief for KNOWING and for that which is beyond words and concepts.  Words are only fingers pointing at the moon. The modern mystic Eckhart Tolle states in his international bestseller The Power of NOW that people cling to words like signposts but never take the journey.

There is no value in setting an intention if we do not ground it in the everyday world of time and space. Otherwise, the intention is merely wishful thinking or magical thinking.

Here are the ingredients for entry to that dimension of the liminal or the dimension of sacred space.

  • Time.
  • Silence.
  • Embodied Allowing.
  • Action

These are the attributes you required to commit to developing on the quest that is Companioning your Greatness

For those of you who want to take further steps on this quest-I – on let me outline a dynamic for creating sacred space in more detail.

Time for the Timeless

chakra healing and time

Formless and Timeless – Agnieszka Kukawska – Saatchi Art

If you are sincere about following the quest to align with your energy system – your essential self – then you give it time. This is time for the Timeless. It is from the Timeless that all authentic healing happens.

Your primary task as one who would be an energy healer, or healing your own energy system, is cultivating your ability to allow the Timeless to flow through you for the highest good which is not for you to determine.

Entering the Timeless is a sacred endeavor. You can learn lots of information about energy healing but what will make you a healer is when you allow the holy Presence to express and radiate through you.

You become a channel for the One Light that is a field of Power but it’s not yours and you are not the healer.

The Master Healer Jesus Christ affirmed this when he declared.

I can of my own self do nothing—John 5:20 KJV

Entering the Kingdom of Silence

chakra healing and silence

The Kingdom of Silence 2 Painting by Wilfrid Moizan – Saatchi Art.

As a long-time, explorer of chakra healing for over 50 years I recognize the power of silence. This is a paradoxical healing power that you enter.

The key is to cultivate the silence of the mind through the practice of stilling the body. This is following the challenging wisdom teaching of the master Jesus who advises.

Therefore, I say unto you take no thought for the morrow – Matthew 6:25

You commit to stilling the never-ending overthinking personal mind so that the Still Small Voice that is your true guide can express through you.

What will heal you more than anything else from a subtle perspective is when you can stop thinking? To my mind, this is the greatest healing technique that you can explore. Most of your unnecessary suffering comes from the never-ending voice in your head that you think yourself to be.

This is called “Legion” in the Bible. With this never-ending voice, that is like a badly tuned radio that you never switch off there is no peace of mind. You then have nothing really to offer anyone but a better way of dealing with the static.

No one should begin healing without the foundational understanding of the suffering caused by attachment to the separate sense of the personal self.  Without this understanding, you are the blind leading the blind.  This is the history of religious and metaphysical thought.

chakra healing body temple

Body Temple Series (Single Left) – Rahas Mantra – Artpal.com

Subtle energy healing comes through the body and not away from the body. Healing is where the healing energy of the higher chakras flows into the lower chakras. This is the flow of Divine energy into the lower aspect of the human personality.

Entering sacred space is entering the Timeless silence within the body temple.

This is the premier spiritual instruction given by the Master Jesus when he instructed his disciples in the art of prayer which is also the art of meditation.

But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. – Matthew 6:6

This is the authentic practice of prayer whereby you close the door of the overthinking personal mind and allow the Divine to gift you what it knows you need. It’s not earned. It’s just available. You don’t dictate. You allow the silence and the stillness to speak through you but not in words.

I recommend you explore this sacred space is through the practice of Yoga nidra.

You can also explore the yoga asana called Savasana or corpse pose.

Again, the journey is your journey, but you need to make a commitment to a particular practice to which you feel a connexion.

Love in Action

chakra healing and love

Overflowing Love – Roshan Barnes – Saatchi Art

With time given towards sacred space and embodied allowing you get intimations regarding the actions you should follow.

Be aware that your rational mind will override such intimations because it means you are opening to the change it creates you to be and express. Following these subtle invitations requires courage.

Taking action gives you no guarantees, but it shows to your INNER KNOWING state that you’re willing to explore the unknown.

This is the practice of authentic faith which differs from belief and blind faith.

Authentic faith is where you enter the unknown to a direct experience of being known through. This is an experience beyond belief.

Develops the practice of deepening and exploring your key intention through the practice of journaling.

When you trust the UNKNOWN there comes the dawning revelation that you are so much more than you could ever think you are. It connects you to the One Mind that creates beyond thought.

You enter the silence that the Christian mystic Meister Eckhart speaks of.

Silence is the Nearest thing to God – Meister Eckhart. Christian mystic.

This is also the nearest NO-THING to God. If the word ‘God’ is problematic use another word that opens your heart. I love the word Presence. Entering sacred space through silence is the genuine experience of conversion.

Enter the inner temple of your body.

Make it your energy healing intention is to be a channel for Divine intention. This heals you. From that KNOWING you have nothing to do but to encourage others to be available to this deep inner healing Presence.

Such is The Way of Chakra Healing.

The Way of Plenty

chakra healing and plenty

Be Plentiful (2008)—Rattan Kamaar—Saatchi Art

Whatever energy healing intention you decide to create for yourself there is no greater intention than, “Thy will be done.”

To invite this intention takes your focus of the personal. It takes you into the sacred space that is the emptiness that is forever full.

In Irish mythology, this is where you realize the fourth Treasure of Ireland that is The Cauldron of Plenty. This is where you live as a magical experience of emptiness that is forever full.

The logical mind, the overthinking mind, can’t take you there.  Only the willingness to be a servant of Love’s Purpose which is your true purpose will allow you to enter the revelation.

This takes you into the adventure of placing your trust in the intelligence of the Universe. It aligns you with the Greatness inside you that is forever whole and holy.  This is what you are here to Companion and realize as your authentic self.

If you trust the UNKNOWING there comes the dawning of the revelation that you are so much more than you could ever think you are.  You connect to the One Mind that creates from beyond thought. You enter the silence that is the nearest NO-THING to Divine Presence.

This entering sacred space is the real conversion. It is entering the inner Temple of your body where your energy healing intention is to be a channel for Divine Intention. This heals you and from that KNOWING you have nothing to do but to encourage others to be available to this deep inner healing Presence.

Such is The Way of Chakra Healing. Such is the power of energy healing intention aligned with the commitment to create sacred space.


You might read this article. However, if you do not act and turn within to align your intention with a willingness to be still and KNOW the experience of Divine intention, then it’s just more information.

It’s just one more signpost along the way that you read and never followed. No authentic spiritual teacher wants this for you. The next lesson in this course asks, “What is healing?”