At the heart of any Christian Yoga Practice is the deep spiritual and practical instruction, “Be still and KNOW I AM God.

Even if you do not practice Yoga in the way in which it is taught in the West (postures and asanas) or profess to be a Christian practicing this spiritual invitation is foundational to living a life of purpose, peace and prosperity for yourself and others.

If this were the only spiritual practice that you explore then according to the modern mystic Joel Goldsmith (Man was not meant to Cry) expect to reduce your unnecessary suffering by around 80%.

The rest of such unnecessary suffering can then be supportive of the awakening of your soul.

The purpose of man is to show forth the nature of God,” says Joel Goldsmith in Man Was Not Born to Cry. “Man is the great glory of God. Man was not meant to cry, and all his tears are shed only because of a sense of limitation. Man was not born to cry!” With that provocative statement, Goldsmith takes the reader on a journey that reveals the way to rise out of this sense of limitation. “You know you have a body, and you know you have a mind, but you have not come to know the You that has the body and the mind. This is the You that is the adventure of life, and the adventure of life is the awakening of this You.” As if giving private instruction to the reader, Goldsmith lays out the spiritual principles and practices that lead to liberation. He begins with the fundamental truth that God constitutes individual being and explains that living in the conscious awareness of this truth can move us out of the personal sense of life that is the root of our problems into the spiritual consciousness where we live in glorious freedom under grace. Building on that foundation, Goldsmith details the other major principles of the Infinite Way. Emphasizing the role of prayer, he reminds us that prayer is not asking or pleading with God, but a resting in silence and a listening for the “still, small voice.” All along the way, he helps the reader empty out old theories, concepts, and beliefs and make way for the “new wine” of Spirit. Never one to give students an unrealistic view of what it takes to have such a profound spiritual realization, Goldsmith emphasizes that this transformation in consciousness requires commitment, dedication, and continual practice of the principles. “When we come to the place of praying without ceasing, abiding in the Word and letting the Word abide in us, dwelling in the secret place of the most High, living and moving and having our being in the consciousness of truth,” he says, “then we can look forward to harmony. “With its clear revelation of the beautiful possibilities available to the sincere student as well as its practical instruction on the means of attainment, Man Was Not Born to Cry will prove a treasured volume that inspires and encourages the spiritual seeker.

To get the benefit from this this premier Biblical instruction I share with you the deeper understanding of this invitation.  This instruction summarises the whole of the journey of awakening to the glory of who you are created to be.

Being versus Doing

christian yoga practice being versus doing

Doing is never enough if you neglect Being –  Eckhart Tolle

The first word of this premier spiritual instruction is the word “Be.” Most people in the world have not considered in any depth the meaning of the word “be.” Within hierarchical religion the invitation to the experience of “Being” is discouraged.

To be or not to be that is the question. –   From Hamlet – William Shakespeare

The reason for such discouragement is because if you learn to abide within the experience of Being you no longer need religious hierarchy. If religion were to teach you alignment with “being” they would do themselves out of a job and more importantly do themselves out of the power to direct your religious life.

You are a human being. “Human” relates to your time based self. “Being” relates to your Timeless Self.

However, you have forgotten what it is to simply “Be.”  You have become a doer of your life. Doing has become the key focus of the Western world and increasingly so within the world as a whole.

As a result, we as a human collective now find ourselves in the do-do. We have lost the balanced rhythm of life that is a combination of being and doing. The invitation and practice of Christian Yoga is the movement from Being into Doing.

This is the movement from the personal sense of self (the doer) to the revelation of the Universal Self (Being). This is the experience of living as Love in action.  In Chinese philosophy this is called Wu Wei which means “doing from non-doing.”

It’s hard to define the experience of “being” in words. It would be like trying to explain to a fish the nature of water.

The New Thought teacher Ralph Waldo Trine described the journey into the KNOWING of the Divine as “Infinite Being.” You are Infinite Being having an experience of finite being within the limitation of time and space.

The reality of most people’s lives is that they have lost contact with Infinite Being. The reason is because you have covered up your Beingness with words and concepts rather than living from a state of Presence beyond words and concepts.

When you learn not to cover up the world with words, concepts, labels then a sense of wonder returns to your life that was lost a long time ago.

This loss of connection with Being began when humanity, instead of using thoughts in the way intended as a function of creativity became possessed by thought. The rot really set in when the French philosopher Rene Descartes (1596 – 1650) declared “I think therefore I AM.”

All mystics will assure you that Descartes got it wrong.  They declare and live the wonder that is, “I AM, and I allow myself to be thought through.”

This disconnect from being then led to a deeper separation resulting in the focus on doing your life that leads to getting in the do-do both individually and collectively.

Aspects of Being include

  • Flow,
  • Allowing,
  • Receiving,
  • Creativity,
  • Purpose,
  • Beauty,
  • Peace, and
  • Real prosperity.

It is only from the state of Being that you can declare, “I am blessed and can bless – Vacillation – W. B. Yeats”

Christian Yoga Practice – Be Still

christian yoga practice of stillness

Nothing in all Creation is so like God as Stillness – Miester Eckhart – Christian Mystic (1260 – 1328)

Abiding within the experience of the Divine cannot be experienced by way of thought or through study or concepts. Bible study may point the way (if not taken literally) but cannot bring you revelation.

The Divine is incomprehensible to the human personal mind. 

This does not mean that you cannot connect to this unified whole that you are a part of but never apart from, but you won’t do it by way of  “logic chopping,” or “teacup talk of God”

The pointer toward the KNOWING of God is summed up by the German Christian mystic Meister Eckhart when he declared, “The nearest thing to God is silence.”

This is the understanding of the psalmist who wrote this premier spiritual instruction that begins “Be still.”

The practice of being still begins with stilling the overthinking personal mind that is the cause of most unnecessary suffering in this world of time and space.

Without stilling the personal mind there is no availability to the guidance from that Still Small Voice Within.

With the practice of stillness goes hand in hand the practice of silence. This is silence beyond the absence of noise. This is the silence out of which all creation happens. The KNOWING of Divine Intention is found in the depths of stillness and silence.

If you learn nothing more from exploring this program of Christian Yoga let this be the KEY takeaway. Make an essential part of your yoga practice the practice of stillness and silence.

Become receptive. Become allowing.

This is the meaning of the Biblical phrase, “He who shall be first shall be last and he who would be last shall be first.” In this phrase “he” is not gender specific.”

When you practice stillness and silence you are putting Divine Intention first. You are dropping your personal agenda for the willingness to become a channel of Grace for the highest good of all.

and KNOW

christian yoga practice and knowing

We must come into a transformed knowing, and we must come into a transformed knowing, an unknowing which comes not from ignorance but from knowledge. — Meister Eckhart

Here is the core of this Christian Yoga program. This is the invitation to the experience of KNOWING that I refer to as Divine Intention.

This is the way in which the Christ Intelligence is to be expressed through you and as you.

The early teachings of Christianity as practiced by the Desert Fathers are an invitation to revelatory experience.

When the Christian religion was later decreed the established religion of the Roman Empire under the the Emperor Constantine (272-337) the focus was only on the need to believe.

Later the revelatory experience of KNOWING was replaced by the Age of Reason.

Thus developed the age of science and the many benefits and challenges that lead to the many comforts we now experience.

The Age of Reason however has come to its zenith.

Reason and logic do not take you into the experience of unity but often into division.

  • Stage 1 – Knowledge – Belief – Egypt.
  • Stage 2 – Not Knowing – Faith – The dessert.
  • Stage 3 – KNOWING – Revelation – The Promised Land.

This stage of bewilderment beyond logic I refer to as “authentic faith.” It is the second awakening of faith.

It is not to be confused with belief in God which tends to be a conceptual idea accepted as a personal statement of faith possibly supported by a creed that begins with the words, “I believe in God the Father Almighty.”

Before you can be graced the revelation of KNOWING you have to be willing to feel and live the experience of NOT KNOWING.

You must be willing to honestly declare that you don’t KNOW what the experience of God is.  This is the beginning of the second stage of faith beyond conceptual belief.

Most people of any religious or spiritual persuasion do not want to go into this stage of spiritual unfoldment.  Neither do established religious hierarchies want their believers trade the logic of belief for the bewilderment of the unknown.

The believer who is willing to explore the experience of KNOWING is that individual spoken of as the lost sheep who strays into the wilderness.

You have to be willing to enter the wilderness of the unknown beyond the never ending thoughts, beliefs and concepts acquired by the personal mind.

This is because most of those who are leaders of such religious establishments have never traded logic for bewilderment. They become teachers of theology – the logic of God.

They become tied to dogma and established thought patterns rather than the experience of the ever new.

When you hold rigidly to a belief system you cannot go beyond belief.

You remain stuck in the attachment to words.  You remain one who is a signpost clinger. You cling to the signposts of words and concepts rather than take the adventure into KNOWING that is beyond words and concepts.

When you are graced the KNOWING of Divine Intention you are no longer a believer.  Should you ever be asked, “Do you believe in God?” you will answer, “Why believe when you KNOW.”

If you have any doubt whether you KNOW, then you can be certain that you don’t. KNOWING is certain.

The question and the quest for those who would become Christian Yogi’s is whether you are willing to take the adventure into KNOWING that is beyond belief.

Belief is not revelation.  KNOWING and revelation are one.

I AM God

christian yoga practice i am

Think without thinking – Francis De Osuna – Franciscan Friar 1492 – 1540

KNOWING begins with one question that everyone can be certain off and is able to answer in the affirmative.

This is not something you are required to believe in.  No one can deny that they KNOW the answer to this question.

Let me ask you this question that you can say you KNOW for certain.  No one had to teach you the answer to this question. You didn’t have to ask an expert. You don’t have to be religious or spiritual to answer this existential question.

The question that you can answer for certain is, “How do you KNOW you exist?” The answer is beyond logic. The answer is beyond belief.

Most of you will likely answer “Because I KNOW.” If I ask you “How do you KNOW?” you will likely answer “I just KNOW.”

This experience of existence you refer to as “I am.”

One thing you will notice about this experience is that it always was.  It remains the same no matter what age you are. It remains the same whatever job or career you follow.

This awareness of “I am” was there before you adopted all the ideas and beliefs you have acquired down the time you have lived.

If you gave up all those ideas and beliefs this is the one thing that would still remain. The KNOWING that you are.

This KNOWING overthrows the mantra of the Age of Reason as declared by the French philosopher Rene Descartes who declared, “I think therefore I am.”  There is no need for you to think about your very existence. It simply is and you KNOW it.

This KNOWING aligns with the deeper reality experienced by any KNOWER of God that is, “I am and am available to BE THOUGHT THROUGH.

This is the KNOWING that “I am.” You didn’t create this KNOWING of I am.  This sense of “I am ness” has always been. It is you as an emanation of the Divine “I AM” that ever was and ever will be.

This “I am” is the equivalent of the sunbeam that shines from the Eternal Sun of Divine Intention.

The whole of the spiritual journey is the journey from the experience of the separate sense of the personal “I am” to the unity experience of the Universal I AM.

It is where the revelation of Divine Intention KNOWS itself through you.

The KNOWING of Christ Intelligence flowing from the Universal I AM through the sense of the personal “I am” is the journey of Yoga or Union.

The Christian Yoga practitioner is the individual who is intent on seeking the Kingdom of God by way of KNOWING the experience beyond belief that is union with I AM.

To begin with this will most likely only be a longing rather than a KNOWING.

However, this is where the journey of KNOWING begins. It is the willingness to abide in union with the Divine rather than simply live a life believing in the possibility of going to Heaven when you die.

After all, in the Lord’s Prayer the request is allow the will of Heaven to be done on earth. God is a God of the living and not the dead.  You are the form through which the will of Divine Intention is to be made manifest within the limitation of time.  You are created to be the dance of I AM (Universal) within the limitation of “I am.” (personal). This unity is experienced through what I will call Christ Intelligence.

The practice and teaching of Christian Yoga is the practice and teaching of the experience of revelation that is unity of form and the formless; unity of time with eternity; unity of the personal with the transpersonal.

The role of belief within this journey is the role of believing that this potential is within you.

However, it is your responsibility to then take the journey into the KNOWING and living as the revelation of this potential.

You take the journey into the KNOWING that I AM God.

One thing to be aware of is that this realisation does not mean you are God. It gives you the realisation that you and God are not separate, have never been separate and never will be separate.

You are the wave on the ocean. You are the sunbeam shining from the Long Time Sun.

The question and the quest to begin is to commit to Being; commit to stillness and silence and commit to KNOWING the experience that is I AM.

This is the stepping out on the path of Christian Yoga that I call The Way of I AM.

Christian Yoga Practice Unfolds

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This  I consider Level I of the Christian Yoga training program.

  • Day 1 – The Key Intention.
  • Day 2 – Be Still and KNOW.
  • Day 3 – Give No Thought.
  • Day 4 – Thy Will Be Done.
  • Day 5 – Enter the Closet (Practice)
  • Day 6 – I AM the Way – Part I
  • Day 7 – I AM the Way – Part II
  • Day 8 – Sin No More.
  • Day 9 – Believe in Me.
  • Day 10 – Be as a Little Child (Practice)

This is not the whole outline of the proposed book or audio recording, but it gives you (and gives me) an outline that I can follow and which I will allow to unfold in the way it is intended to go.