What are the chakras and their meanings and does such meaning have significance for how you live your life? There are probably many ways to answer this “What do the 7 chakras mean?” question.  I describe the chakras as 7 magic keys.  These are the 7 keys that unlock your full potential and give meaning to your wild and precious life (Mary Oliver).

Here is one way in which I share the meaning of the chakras

Lower Level Chakras

  1. Prosperity
  2. Passion
  3. Power


  1. Peace

Higher Level Chakras

  1. Poetry
  2. Prophesy
  3. Presence

What Do the 7 Chakras Mean

7 chakra meaning

7 Chakras Painting by Herendra Swarup – Saachiart.com

The meaning of the chakras is both individual and holistic. We can view a chakra as a holon meaning that it is part of a larger whole in the same way that an organ is a part of a body.

The 7 chakras are an energetic journey that you invite to realize your full potential as a human being on this planet. The lower three chakras relate to the development and integration of your human personality.

  • Root Chakra–Embodiment—I am.
  • Sacral Chakra–Relationship—I feel.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra–Personal Power—I can.

This integration of the three lower chakras becomes the foundation for the opening of the heart chakra (4th chakra) which is really the beginning of the spiritual journey.

When the heart chakra is open the energies of the higher chakras flow into the lower chakras. The Christian mystic Meister Eckhart might well have been describing what the 7 chakras mean when he declared.

When the higher flows into the lower the higher transforms the lower—Meister Eckhart—Christian Mystic (12xx

Chakras and their Meanings

chakras and their meanings are about flow

Flow Painting by Hristina Milanova – Saatchiart.com

The 7-chakra system is really a map of meaning. There are so many people living a life devoid of any sense of meaning. Many who have meaning in their lives live only from a meaning driven by the desire of the personality.

The meaning of living a human life is to live in alignment with Divine purpose which is also to say that meaning of your life is to live in alignment with Love’s Purpose. I call this living Love’s Message.

The chakra map takes you into the realization of the meaning of existence and the part that you play within it. It takes you into the revelation of true purpose, passion for life, and real prosperity in free flow with Presence.

There is no greater meaning than living from the free flow of the higher chakras, through the open-heart chakra expressing through the lower chakras that represent your personal sense of self.

Living this alignment of the #chakras is the meaning and true #purpose of Yoga as declared by the Indian Sage Patanjali. Click To Tweet

This allows you to experience INNER KNOWING. This is KNOWING that you are blessed and that you can bless others in a true and meaningful way.

Understanding the Chakras

meaning of the chakras

Widening Circles That Reach Out Across the World – James Huntley – Fine Art America

Understanding and meaning go hand in glove. Understanding the meaning of the chakras is not just more information. Chakra’s meaning is experiential. You can learn a lot ‘about’ the chakras but their meaning is more a revelation than the acquisition of information.

The meaning of the chakras is a journey of deepening trust, allowing, surrender, and authentic faith. It is the journey of allowing the Still Small Voice to guide you from within. This is your true guide to finding meaning for living a life of purpose, prosperity, peace, and power.

This is not personal power moving from the will to power (solar plexus lower 3rd chakra) but power flowing from the Will to Love that leads to heart chakra opening (4th chakra).

I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world. I may not ever complete the last one, but I give myself to it – Rainer Maria Rilke – Book of Hours – Love Poems to God. Click To Tweet

The widening circle’s line as quoted from the spiritual poem by Rilke could be viewed as the opening of the chakras that expand into infinity and beyond time. This gives meaning to your life provided you give yourself to the task.

The chakras and their meaning are only fully understood by the individual who is the mystic. The mystic is the one who is graced the direct experience of unity and integration of the human and Divine within themselves. The mystic is not a believer.

The mystic is a KNOWER of the heart.

Giving Meaning to the Chakras

7 chakras meaning

Colours of Soul Painting by Emelie Jegerings – Saachiart.com

The meaning of the chakras comes through you and expresses through you.  In the words of a Cindi Lawford song, the meaning of the chakras is where you “See your true colours shining through.” The colours of the chakra are also the colours of the rainbow.

The symbol of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is the symbol for finding your true Self.  This is the gold you pour forth from the KNOWING of who and why you are. The finding of your TRUE SELF is the revelation of an awakened chakra system.

You give meaning to the chakra system through your conscious power of intention. You intentionally allow the revelation you are here to be allowed to flow through you from the higher through the heart chakra and express through the personality (the lower chakras).

This requires trust in the potential of your enoughness.  It requires that you commit to what the Irish poet W. B. Yeats referred to as “Companioning Your Greatness.” This is a greatness that is beyond your idea of your personal self but that is your essential Self.

In this way, the meaning of your life is lived from your energetic connection to Presence rather than the limitation of personality. You live the mantra, “Thy will be done.” You live as a flow of Divine Love expressing as it is always intended to express through you.

What is the Meaning of the Chakras?

what is the meaning of the chakras

The Creation of Consciousness – Tanner Bogard Art – Artpal.com

The meaning of life is more than the acquisition of money and looking beautiful that people declare they want when asked what will bring them happiness. Studies have proved these are not the source for finding meaningful happiness.

Life’s meaning and satisfaction is experienced when your energy is in creative free flow and available to have Life gift its bounty through you.

This is where you pour into the world the gifts that are always intended to be given through you. In this way, the gifts are returned to you tenfold, but that’s not why you gift them.

This really is the Law of Attraction in operation, but you are not trying to manipulate this law for personal gain.

Those who find such fulfillment live from an open chakra energy system. They live their lives in ever-widening circles of gift-giving. They are not giving to get. They are giving and gifting because they can do no other.

They live from a magical paradox that is the surrender of personal desire so they become a living expression of Love’s desire. In this way, you do not have to find your purpose in life because your primary purpose is to remain in an energetic connection to Love’s purpose.

Rilke again.

Into your hands of your heart, I place these fragments, my life, and you God—spend them however you want—Rainer Maria Rilke—Book of Hours—Love Poems to God. Click To Tweet

The chakras and their meaning are experienced when you live in alignment with how your energy system flows. You feel in alignment with how Love’s Purpose is moving through you.

This is the real invitation from the chakras and their meaning.