The chakra responsible for money, prosperity, and abundance is the root chakra. Healing the root chakra is the journey of healing, the experience of never enough. Heal this root chakra dynamic and your relationship to the energy of money changes from acquisition to flow.

Healing the root chakra is the focus of living from Being rather than forever doing more and more. You tune into the rhythm of life that is do-be-do-be-do.  Flow happens from Being but is expressed in doing.

This is not Busyolism. It is living as a happening and flow of Love’s purpose. This is opening to real prosperity and abundance.

The chakra responsible for money and your relationship to money is the root chakra. For many people, a major issue of security is related to money and the energy of money.  Money represents security. The foundational energy of the root chakra is centered around security.

Laxmi – Goddess of Prosperity

One sign that you have an open root chakra is that you love money. This is not a love of money for its own sake, which is more a relationship to lack and insecurity and a blocked chakra.

Love of money is a relationship with money whereby you feel and KNOW how to allow it to flow and be used in the expansion of the greater good.

It is a currency. It is a great facilitator of creativity and solutions to problems of all kinds.

Your energetic relationship to the root chakra mirrors your energetic relationship to money.  Heal your root chakra energetic and in my view and my experience you transform your relationship with money and with life.

Most people’s focus around the issue of money is that there is never enough.

As someone who worked as an accountant in their own practice, I have witnessed the dynamic of money in the lives of many people. The people who tended to be the unhappiest where those who were wealthy but who had an unhealthy relationship to the wealth they created.

I had one client who earned around £250K for three months work each year. He wanted to buy himself and his finance a house. When he did so he invited me to visit.  Sitting in the living room of the house we looked out on the traffic that flowed down the M1 motorway.

He bought the house by the motorway because it was on the same street that his father lived.

Flow of Abundance

Now, in my eighth decade, I have come to where I am in love with money.  I do not pursue money.  It seems to be forever in flow. I am constantly surprised by how it arrives.

My view is that that is because I have done the work of removing the blocks to the flow of abundance. It doesn’t mean I have focused on practicing the art of magical thinking that is the Law of Attraction, but more on the Law of Allowing and forgiveness.

My energy is expansive and creative.

The focus is not on achieving but on receiving.  Out of this receiving from Source which is the ultimate security because of chakra alignment, I pour forth into the world.

The least of this pouring fourth has to do with money but money is part of it.

This pouring fourth is the fruits of the harvest of the 2nd half of a life well-lived and well-loved  It is recognizing the power of money for the gift it is.

In the 1st half of life, the power of money has you. In the 2nd half of a life well lived the power of money is just another one of those gifts that flow from your alignment with Love’s purpose.

Chakra Responsible for Money

money chakra symbol

Chinese symbol for Prosperity

To develop a healthy and responsive ability to the creative power of money requires you to become rooted in a healthy foundation. It is to return to the archetype of the innocent merged with the archetype of the Orphan.

These are the archetypes related to the root chakra (prosperity or money chakra). The Orphan (and psychologically, we are all orphans) feels abandoned. The Orphan feels never enough and thus mirrors this dynamic within their life circumstance.

Becoming orphaned is the primary fear we all have.  To compensate, we try to create a sense of safety.  Most of us are educated to equate safety with money. We create a foundation based on access to money rather than become grounded in prosperity consciousness.

There is truth around this idea but we can only find the deeper security within our energetic relationship, not to money, but to Source energy. In this way, you become truly RE-SOURCE-FUL.

Source is the ultimate energy.

Money is one manifestation of the flow of this infinite “supply.”  Tune into this and the real currency will flow.  To do this is to become rooted in matter and learn to allow Spirit to express through matter.

In this way, you feel you truly matter—which you do.


The Importance of the Lower Chakras

what chakra is responsible for money

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

When you feel you truly matter, you live as a response to Love’s purpose, which is your primary purpose. You become a happening.  You become a flow of inspiration. The Universe has your back.

You live with the inner KNOWING.

This requires trust, but that trust begins in exploring your relationship to your foundational sense of the personal self as defined by your lower chakra balance and alignment.

It is this exploration of your relationship to your sense of enoughness. When you open to the dynamic of enoughness this is you returning to the archetype of the Innocent. In the Bible, we represent this return in the story of the Return of the Prodigal Son.

The word ‘son’ in this story is not gender specific.  We are all prodigal sons who as one who lives the archetype of the Orphan squanderers our energetic inheritance in trying to do our life.  In this way, we get ourselves in the do-do.

This, however, is a necessary 1st stage of life. It’s not to be condemned or judged. It’s to be recognized that it’s not the entire journey into wholeness.

The Alchemy of Love is a poem that reminds you of the true source of all abundance.  Money is a representation of this energy.  The best way to cultivate a healthy relationship with money is to cultivate a healthy relationship with the Boundlessness within you.

Here is one of my favorite videos that includes the bounty of splendid music, imagery, and heart-opening words.

Prosperity is Serving Love’s Purpose

chakra of prosperity

Unblocking the money chakra and the lower chakras opens you to the flow of prosperity originating from Source. This is where your delight is in Following Loves Purpose.

Without unblocking and healing the root chakra that is the chakra associated with money, your response to money will be around fear of losing it.  Even when you get it you cannot expand it. This is the experience of almost everyone who has ever won big on the lottery.

More than this many people make money the measure of who you think you are, when in truth it can never be a measure of who you truly are.

Love is a boundless ocean
in which
heavens are but foam.


Without healing the money chakra dynamic, you may be drawn into magical thinking such as the application of the Law of Attraction.

You will be invited to explore the Secret, but you may never know that the Secret of true abundance is not what you get but what you allow to be given through you—including the energy of money.

In this way, you will miss the Secret of Secrets by opening the root chakra related to money and prosperity.

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