Karma Yoga Examples – A Expansive Way of Living

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Karma Yoga examples are demonstrated most clearly in the way you live your life. The person practicing authentic karma yoga is focused on a different way of living. They begin their day with a clear and heart felt intention. In this blog post I will share with you a quote from a poem that I love, and which forms the foundation for the path of Karma yoga which I step out onto each day.

Bhakti Yoga for Beginners – The Path of the Heart

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In writing about the subject of Bhakti Yoga for beginners I am interested in exploring Bhakti Yoga practices or series of practices that are not simply imported from an Eastern tradition. Bhakti as the Yoga path of Love is not Eastern. It is universal. There is much to be recommended from the teachings of the Bhakti Vedanta tradition without the need to study the teachings of the Upanishads.

Essence of Yoga – Discover the Truth – Can it Be Taught?

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What is the essence of Yoga? Is it a brand of clothing? Is it a perfume? Is there anyone teaching the Essence of Yoga as it was discovered thousands of years ago. As a writer on the subject the Yoga I contend that very few people are teaching the Essence of Yoga despite the fact that your are 10,000 Yoga teachers in the UK alone.

Christ Centred Yoga – Day 3 – Give No Thought

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We continue this Christ centred yoga training program with the spiritual instruction, “Give No Thought.” For most Westerners who consider themselves Christians and for most humans this is an instruction from the Master Jesus that they have never really considered and certainly never embraced in any practical and meaningful way.

4 Levels of Yoga – Your Magnificent Journey Home

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People search the internet to explore the term “levels of yoga.” I suspect that they may be exploring what it means to be a beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. I suspect that the levels of yoga relate to the degree of difficulty related to the asanas or poses. In this article I would like to explore the levels of yoga from a different perspective. These are four levels that are the real journey of yoga that take you into living a life of purpose, passion, peace, and prosperity.

Christian Yoga Practice – Day 2 – Be Still and KNOW

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At the heart of any Christian Yoga Practice is the deep spiritual and practical instruction, “Be still and KNOW I AM God. Even if you do not practice Yoga in the way in which it is taught in the West (postures and asanas) or profess to be a Christian practicing this spiritual invitation is foundational to living a life of purpose, peace and prosperity for yourself and others. If this were the only spiritual practice that you explore then according to the modern mystic Joel Goldsmith (Man was not meant to Cry) expect to reduce your unnecessary suffering by around 80%. The rest of such unnecessary suffering can then be supportive of the awakening of your soul.

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