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Heart Chakra Color – 21 Day Challenge – Day 2

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In Day 2 of the Heart chakra awakening 21 Day Challenge, we explore the heart chakra color and its meaning. In this article which is an extension of the Chapter 2 of my book Awakening the Heart – 21 Ways to Follow Love’s Message we will unfold the green chakra meaning. Green Chakra Meaning Menu. • The Green Chakra Personality. • The Greening of the Heart. • The Will to Communion.

Heart Chakra Symbol Meaning – 21 Day Challenge – Day 1

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The heart chakra symbol meaning is the symbol of the six-pointed star. This is the symbol of sacred unity. This is the symbol representing the unification of who you are as a unique expression of Divine intention. This heart chakra symbol represents unity in the following ways. • Personal with the Transpersonal. • Masculine with the Feminine. • Time with the Timeless. • Form with the Formless. Many people spend an inordinate amount of time getting the body in shape.

21 Importance of Silence Quotes

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The importance of silence cannot be overstated. It is the forgotten paradoxical power. All wisdom teachings and all wisdom teachers point to its ever-increasing importance along the spiritual journey of unfolding your magnificence and companioning your Greatness. Here in this article on the importance of silence I will share with you images, quotes, books, poetry, song, and video from many different teachers modern and old and from all traditions.

Levels of Prayer – Day 7 – 10 Day Prayer Challenge

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Central to this 10 Day Journey of Prayer Challenge is the introduction to what I call Levels of Prayer. These can also be considered stages of prayer. If you search for the term “levels of prayer” you will find different writers sharing different levels. In this Journey of Prayer, I share the following 3 levels of prayer. 1. The Ordinary Level. 2. The Metaphysical Level. 3. The Mystical Level. Whatever level of prayer you are at or even if this is simply an exploration of the possibility of taking the journey it helps to be aware of the whole map of the journey.

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