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Writer on Yoga and the process of Spiritual Awakening. Author of Awakening the Heart – 21 Ways to Follow Loves Message and Awakening to Love - Powers Signs and Practices for Living Your Authentic Life.

Chakras and Emotions – Gateway to Higher Feelings

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I wonder what the intention behind a search such as “chakras and emotions” is? I suspect there is the wish to explore what it means to heal emotionally. When I explore the seven chakra system I do so for the purpose of healing. I follow the view of the writer Colin Tipping – Radical Forgiveness - when he says, Quotation You can't heal what you don't feel – Colin Tipping – Radical Forgiveness. The writer spiritual teacher and mystic Carolyn Myss who has long been an authority on chakra healing says the reason people don't heal is because they block their emotional energy systems to a degree of up to 80%. Here is how I define the subject of “chakra and emotions.”

Yoga for the Heart Chakra – 12 Steps to Freedom

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I wonder what people are searching for when they search for the term “Yoga for the heart chakra?” What can be understood by the intention of such a search. As a writer on the heart chakra (Awakening the Heart – 21 Ways to Follow Love’s Message) I want to share with you what I understand by this “Yoga for the heart chakra” enquiry. There are different ways to look at this enquiry.

Karma Yoga Examples – A Expansive Way of Living

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Karma Yoga examples are demonstrated most clearly in the way you live your life. The person practicing authentic karma yoga is focused on a different way of living. They begin their day with a clear and heart felt intention. In this blog post I will share with you a quote from a poem that I love, and which forms the foundation for the path of Karma yoga which I step out onto each day.

Bhakti Yoga for Beginners – The Path of the Heart

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In writing about the subject of Bhakti Yoga for beginners I am interested in exploring Bhakti Yoga practices or series of practices that are not simply imported from an Eastern tradition. Bhakti as the Yoga path of Love is not Eastern. It is universal. There is much to be recommended from the teachings of the Bhakti Vedanta tradition without the need to study the teachings of the Upanishads.

How to Become a Spiritual Teacher

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How to become a spiritual teacher is a question that I see some people searching for on the internet. There are also those who search for the term “How to make money as a spiritual teacher?” I remember the spiritual teacher Leon Russell founder of the University of Metaphysics saying, “The last person who should become a politician is the person who wants to be a politician.”

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